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Uni Watch News Ticker for August 18, 2023

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In today’s Ticker, we’ve got a minor league team’s fan-designed uniforms, bizarre military appreciation unis in Taiwan, and more!



  • I wonder what’s up with these strange-colored seats in the upper deck of the Astrodome. Reader Jeff Stark noticed that while watching the new documentary Facing Nolan.
  • Dubious honor for the Giants, as they become the first team with different versions of their ad patch on different uniforms. The ad patch on the City Connect uni is a stripped-down version of the usual one, probably because of the prominent design elements on the City Connect jersey sleeve. (From Bradley Stamell)


  • The Sugar Land Space Cowboys, Triple-A affiliates of the Astros, will wear fan-designed unis this weekend. (From Ignacio Salazar)


  • The CPBL’s Rakuten Monkeys wore some rather bizarre military appreciation uniforms recently, complete with American football-style numbers on the front. (From Jeremy Brahm)


  • We are now entering season four of the Patriots’ current uni set, and the team is apparently still recycling pants from the previous uni set. The pants QB Bailey Zappe is wearing in this photo feature a thicker blue stripe and thinner red stripes, consistent with the Brady-era uni set, but not what the team currently wears on the rare occasion they pull out the silver pants. (From @SmokinJimmy)
  • Lions QB Teddy Bridgewater is evidently negotiating to get his preferred No. 5, currently in the possession of RB David Montgomery. (From Brandon Weir)
  • The Commanders have announced their home jersey schedule. (From multiple readers)
  • A blogger has picked the best and worst uniforms for each NFL team. (Thanks, Phil)
  • New Jets RB Dalvin Cook will wear No. 33. (Thanks, Phil)




  • Here’s every one-off jersey that the SPHL’s Peoria Rivermen will be wearing this season. (Thanks, Phil)


  • Atlanta United MF Thiago Almada has switched from No. 23 to No. 10 following the departure of previous No. 10, Luiz Araújo. (From Michael Rich)
  • Ohio women’s soccer has some new home kits. (From John Flory)


  • Italy: AC Milan have unveiled their new third shirt.
  • Germany: A fan has charted Union Berlin’s journey from the 2. Bundesliga all the way to the Champions League via jersey sleeve patches.


  • A guy dressed like a soccer referee is handing out yellow and red cards to Toronto’s worst drivers. (Thanks, Phil)
Comments (22)

    I love that Toronto artist’s “crosswalk referee” performance! The whole yellow card, red card thing is such a great metaphor; I hope in time it becomes more mainstream among American idioms.

    I dislike these hype videos so much that I think they’re starting to bias my opinion before I even see the uniforms.

    Anyone else bothered by PJ Fleck adding his own personal brand to his team’s uniforms? ‘row the boat’ is his personal slogan, nothing to do with Minnesota but he puts it on everything and to me it screams narcissism. Ruins the Gophers great colors IMO.

    Technically, at least the Red and Tigers have preceded the Giants, by having different colored ad patches for different jerseys. Cincy was first when they rolled out their blackout City Connect unis, which had a black ad patch (the home and road unis have a white one), and the Tigers a couple weeks later unveiled their ad patches, which are white for the home whites and navy for the road grays.

    Granted, the overall structure of those ad patches are the same; nothing’s been taken away, as on the Giants’ CC ad patch. Though in SF’s case, I’d call that a case of they thought they were being clever, but ended up just looking stupid.

    Two memorials, an advertisement and a goddam bridge on their sleeves. And this is only the beginning of visual clutter.

    The kicker for me with the giants ad patch is that it’s still a pretty big patch. It certainly isn’t small enough to not render the bridge design essentially meaningless. So the effort was really for nothing.

    I think the intent was to make it look like the car is driving on the bridge. So if anything it enhances the bridge motif. I think its kinda cute in a Google Doodle type of way. I’d still rather is not be there but at least they worked with the constraints of the jersey

    The Patriots’ uniforms have definitely been an inconsistent mess the past few years, but are we really expecting them to all be wearing the same striping in (*Allen Iverson voice*) practice?

    Teams issue old/unused game gear for use in practice all over the league (and in college, too). Plus, some guys just have old pairs of pants they like from previous years and keep using them.

    Inconsistent, but still a huge improvement over what they wore during their dynasty years.
    This is the best they’ve looked since the mid 90s.

    Thought they looked really good last year when they wore the silver pants. I think that should be their primary set. They actually looked like the Patriots for once. This mono-blue crap has got to go.

    How does Phil get credit for leaving the same link I left in comments yesterday for Dalvin Cook going back to 33 with the Jets?

    Question for Patriots fans. As we’re entering season 4 of the current set, I believe that means they only have 1 more season after this one before, per NFL rules, they could change their uniforms if they desire. What do you think the odds are they go full Pat the Patriot era in 2025?

    Unlikely. I think this set is sticking around for a while, except for the possibility of switching to silver pants as the primary.

    I strongly disagree with the blog’s opinion that the Titans navy over white home uniforms from 1999 to 2016 were their worst look. That would be either the light blue over navy pants or the all light blue.

    I’ve seen the Titans play in Navy/White, Navy/Navy, Light Blue/Navy and Light Blue/Light Blue. Navy over White looked great. They played the Favre led Jets wearing the Navy/Navy and it looked horrible. But, not as bad as the Light Blue/Navy. It looked horrible in person.

    Your opening statement “I strongly disagree with the blog’s opinion” pretty much says it all for me.

    You’re referring to the blog listed in the ticker, yes?


    Because personally I thought the Titans navy blue over white was their second best look. Their best was the white/white/light blue.

    Best: link

    2nd best: link

    *I should clarify that: their best look in the 1999-2016 uniforms.

    Their overall best look would be their perfectly matching helmet/jersey/pant/socks looks:




    A moment of silence, please, for the equipment staff of the Peoria Rivermen. Twenty different jerseys? SMFH.

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