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Uni Watch News Ticker for August 17, 2023

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In today’s ticker, we’ve got a father-and-son uni number connection, a Ryder Cup uni launch, and more!



  • Yankees P Randy Vásquez had an upside-down 8 on his road jersey during last night’s game against the Braves. (From @Batbeat2)
  • Is there a chalk shortage in LA? The coach’s box at Dodger Stadium is really more of a coach’s line. (From Matt Ryburn)
  • Also posted in the hockey section: New Red Wings defenseman Jeff Petry will wear No. 46, just like his dad Dan Petry did on the 1984 Tigers. (From multiple readers)
  • It appears the Mariners may be soft-launching an ad patch. (From Matt Mearns)




  • Teddy Bridgewater, the Lions QB who has selected uniform #50 (due to all of the other traditional quarterback numbers being occupied or retired), may get uniform #5 after all. (Thanks, Phil)


  • Louisville’s new athletics wordmark has made its way onto the school’s football unis. (From @ACC_Tracker)
  • An Oklahoma blog has ranked all fourteen Big 12 helmets ahead of the new season. (Thanks, Phil)


  • Cross-posted from the baseball section: New Red Wings defenseman Jeff Petry will wear No. 46, just like his dad Dan Petry did on the 1984 Tigers. (From multiple readers)
  • Here’s a nice animation showing the evolution of the Flyers’ unis.
  • It appears that Fanatics getting the NHL license is not good for fan apparel.


  • South Carolina women will retire Tiffany Mitchell’s No. 25 this season. (Thanks, Phil)


  • ESPN has ranked this season’s best kits among the top European leagues. (Thanks, Phil)
  • Japan: Urawa Red Diamonds will wear four stars of equal size above their crest this season. Previously, they wore larger stars to commemorate their Asian Champions League titles, and the smaller star for the J1 League title. (From Jeremy Brahm)
  • Team USA’s Ryder Cup unis have been released. I think they’re really sharp. (Thanks, Phil)
Grab Bag
  • Entenmann’s has unveiled a 125th anniversary logo. (From John Cerone)
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    For all this time I assumed the Yankees and Braves used that same number font (based on a numbering style Wilson used) but I think the Braves made tweaks to theirs this season(?) where it looks slightly different yet still mostly identical. Noticed it with the “9” where the top half is slightly smaller whereas the Yankees “9” seems slightly larger on its upper half (kind of how the upside down 8 looks in the picture of Randy Vasquez above).

    Perhaps I have been uni-watching too intensely.…

    I read that ESPN soccer kit ranking and was extremely confused.

    The description for #19 describes the home kit as “garish” and goes on to say “However, that pales in comparison to the away shirt, which appears to have been designed by a committee whose members never met or indeed communicated in any way while piecing it together. Featuring blue and red quadrants with a nauseating wave effect does not make for easy viewing.”

    And that’s the 19th best kit (set) in European football this year? Wtf?

    It doesn’t stop there. For Dortmund’s kit at #16 they say “the winner was this dull sketch of the Signal Iduna Park roof joists that, to the untrained eye, looks a bit like a funnel of the Titanic sinking beneath the waves.”

    Very obvious that ESPN has a very untrained eye when it comes to soccer kits. To put the lazy efforts for ajax at number 2 just shows they are really clueless. Also: no Premier League clubs? Must be because competitor Sky has the broadcasting rights.

    The EPL rankings were done last week, and were mentioned at the top of the article, but they only linked to the league’s page on ESPN, not the article itself. And I had to go through the infinite scroll on an article to find it because they only have links to the last few days’ worth of articles and videos up on their EPL page, so here’s the link to that list: link

    Fanatics has made the locker room/fan apparel for the NHL for several years. That merch has been bad, nothing new to see until the authentic jerseys come out.

    Fanatics own brand is a disaster in aesthetics and quality. They will do the same bad thing for their brands Ebbets Field, Majestic and Mitchell&Ness. Their philosophy is: just slap the team logo on and peole will buy it, no matter how hideous the design and how poor the overall quality is. A page out of the Nike textbook, except the quality of Nike’s monsters (and those made by UA) is slightly better. They forced a garishly looking polyester Negro Leagues hat collection on the once great brand Ebbets Field and it is all on the clearout. They are a perfect example of an expanding company throwing principles about good quality and nice aesthetics in the wind for the sole sake of profit.

    Authentic as in on ice quality or very close to?

    Or the “authentic” that certain company manufacturers have bastardized in recent years; to now make the term meaningless. It has become some corporate speak marketing term that now means about as much as slapping “pro model” does on a kid’s plastic baseball glove or on bottom tier hockey skate.

    Possibly, although I have found that it seems like that is actually the normal “9” used now.

    This has been something that I have been thinking of, whether there is supposed to be separate 6s and 9s or if the 6s are just used and are turned upside down for use as a 9.

    I really wish the NFL would just let Teddy Bridgewater wear # 50.
    That would make more sense than the Big “12” having 14 teams.

    The outgoing wordmark wasn’t any better, really. Lateral move, from ugly to ugly.

    The shoulder “wings” are pretty butt-ugly too, though maybe they won’t look as bad stretched out over shoulder pads – ah, who am I kidding?

    But you know what’s *not* bad about those jerseys? They have *normal freaking collars*. No triangle, no pentagon, no weird-shaped panels, no “strings”, just regular, classic V-necks!

    One of things I rrreeaallly hate about Fanatics is that the utilize different brands for the same items which means really inconsistent sizing. I ordered a Golden Knights tee and when I got it was too small, but also a brand I like so I knew if I returned it and got a size up, it’d be perfect. Weeellllll, when I got the new shirt, it WAS A DIFFERENT BRAND that I needed the smaller size in!! Fucking hell. Use different brands, but at least keep each design on the same tee brand!

    So, like the difference between, say, Gildan and Hanes T-shirts?
    (I don’t know for sure if there’s any significant sizing differences between those two; they just happen to be two companies off the top of my head that make T-shirts.)

    Georgia Tech sold naming rights for football field t Hyundai.. I’m still going to call it Grant Field. Truth is I never really took to calling it Bobby Dodd Stadium.

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