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Uni Watch News Ticker for August 16, 2023

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Today on the Ticker: Lots of football news, a real throwback baseball team, and more.



  • You can get a painting of Elmo wearing your club’s jersey. (From S. Preston)


  • The New Hampshire Fisher Cats, affiliate of the Blue Jays, will wear hockey-themed sweaters later this month. (From Chris Shepard)
  • The Sugar Land Space Cowboys, affiliate of the Astros, wore a “DJ4” patch last night to honor special advisor Deacon Jones, former 1B for the White Sox and Sugar Land resident. Jones died in May at 89. (From Ignacio Salazar)


  • A Maine baseball team really throws it back and plays the sport how it was originally played — without gloves. (From Paul Dillon)
  • The Yokohama Bay Stars of Nippon Professional Baseball have a win counter in their dugout. (From Jeremy Brahm)


  • Now that the league has allowed players to wear No. 0, here are a few zeroes on why they chose to wear the number. (From our own Phil Hecken)
  • Patriots RB Ezekiel Elliott will wear No. 15 with the team. (Also from Phil)
  • Here’s a collection of rankings documenting the Cardinals’ new uniforms. (One more from Phil)
  • Newly-signed Lions QB Teddy Bridgewater jokingly said he will wear No. 50 with the club; in fact, that’s the number he currently has on the Lions’ roster. (From Brandon Weir)
  • Unless you’re Marshawn Lynch’s kid, here’s a pair of Seahawks and Raiders infant Frankenpants that no one asked for. (From Ted Taylor)
  • Saints LB Rickey Jackson had a caricature of then-coach Bum Phillips on his hand towel in a 1983 away game against the Eagles. (From Christopher Hickey)
  • Also from Christopher: There’s lots going on in this photo of Bills QB Joe Ferguson: tape on the ear hole, sleeve numbers are off, sleeve stripes are cut off, and Ferguson looks like he’s wearing a jacket as a base layer. Christopher isn’t a big fan of the blue pants either.


  • At least one sportswriter is disappointed by Nebraska’s new unis.
  • Maryland football released its “Theme Days” for the upcoming 2023 season. (Thanks, Phil)
  • New tweaks for Texas State, with changes found mainly in the sleeve stripes. The school looks like it’s using the new Adidas template too. Here’s the old uni for reference. (From @talltexan89)


  • If you scroll down in this article about the Boston Bruins Centennial, you’ll note there is a section about new uniforms. (From Brandon Weir)


  • New Uniforms for Hydro Fehervar (Hungary), Ice League. (From Robert Vigneault)
Comments (9)

    I remember a different photo of Rickey Jackson wearing a towel with “Bum” on it from Zander Hollander’s Complete Handbook of Pro Football. Maybe 1985? There might be an opportunity for a psot there.

    Christopher isn’t a big fan of the blue pants either.

    Of course not…
    I loved them, especially when the Bills played a snow game. The blue really popped amidst the flakes.
    I’m even a fan of them now with the blue jerseys. The white helmet pops with the otherwise mono-blue uni.

    If I were the athletic director for Maryland, every game would have the same theme:
    “We’re playing football today. Come out and watch us!”
    What more do you need?

    I would be surprised if the Bruins actually made significant changes to their home and road uniforms, beyond swapping the front crest for the retro-themed logo and wearing the anniversary patch (and given that the latter is based on their existing shoulder patches, I’d likely wager the anny patch replaces one of the shoulder patches).

    I’m so excited for the Bruins Centennial uniform. I know the plan is for them to be a 1 season thing, my hope is that they keep the Centennial version of the spoked B, which is basically just the modern B but with the old color scheme, permanently. The 80s/90s versions of the Bruins uniforms are my favorite, in part because of that logo. Also love how they flip the crest colors between the white and black uniforms. I really hope the uniforms are just a version of that with the updated crest and the Centennial shoulder patch. Then next season replace the Centennial patch with Meth Bear and make them permanent.

    I have been a fan of the gold B since I first saw it on a black and white TV. They never should done away with it as part of the ill-advised uni change in 1995.

    Those FisherCats jereseys dont appear to be hockey themed. Those pictures make it look like long-sleeved hockey sweaters. I cant see the team wearing long-sleeves on a baseball field in August

    In re: Maine, I’ve played Vintage Base Ball – founded a team in the DC area about twenty years ago – and for me, part of the fun was doing historical research to try to create period-accurate uniforms. In the case of the club we founded, it was a regional team, not a direct revival of any particular local team, so we tried to design effectively “fauxback” uniform with the maximum degree of verisimilitude.

    As a player, I found it a quick teacher as to why the rules and customs of the game changed so radically between 1859 and 1876. The 1859 version most Vintage Base Ball teams/leagues play is more like a dumb-cricket version of beer-league softball; just a few rules changes and evolving player customs made it a modern sport that stands on its own. Though cricket itself was undergoing a similar evolution at the time – in both sports at about the same time, overhand pitching/bowling went from a shocking form of cheating to standard practice – so it was also more like a dumb-cricket version of itself.

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