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Uni Watch News Ticker for August 12, 2022

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In today’s ticker, we’ve got new GFGS unis for Louisville football, an NFL head coach angry at the league’s sideline cap rules, and an odd place for a hockey support decal.



  • Niners head coach Kyle Shanahan is angry at the NFL’s rules sideline hat rules, which don’t allow him to wear a previous season’s hat. Because the famous “Shanahat“, which Shanahan stopped wearing after a disappointing 2020 season, is from a prior season, he evidently can’t bring it back for 2022.
  • Reader Alex Barfield was digging through some old football cards when he noticed that the Packers’ mid-1970s TV numbers were spaced so oddly that different numerals could be completely obscured in action shots.
  • While watching a YouTube video of an old Oilers game, reader Brad Eenhuis noticed that Archie Manning’s number outline was quite a bit thicker than it was normally.
  • The Patriots have revealed their rookie uni number assignments.
  • Yesterday we ticker-linked to the Bills’ pin designs for the 2022 season, which seemed to reveal a throwback game in December against the Dolphins. Today, the Bills released T-shirt designs for each game, and revealed that they will also be wearing their throwbacks on Thanksgiving in Detroit. (From Jason Faulkenberg)


  • Louisville has new GFGS alternates. That huge “The Ville” wordmark is even worse than the drab color. (From @Sleepwelljoshy)
  • New alternate “ice white” helmets for Troy. It might be the lighting, but I think it looks closer to a cream color than anything. (From @TrojanWallF5 and Ben Whitehead)
  • Ohio State players are wearing visors on their helmets. And not like a Ricky Williams visor, like a Bob Stoops visor. I’ve never seen that done before — is this common? (From Jason Hillyer)




  • Members of the Swedish World Juniors team are adding a No. 21 decal to their sticks in honor of Börje Salming, who was recently diagnosed with ALS. Salming played in the NHL from 1973 to 1990, and is considered a trailblazer for European players in North America. (From Mike Styczen)
  • The San Jose Barracuda, AHL affiliates of the Sharks, have unveiled a new white alternate sweater.



  • Here’s a really cool video of Notre Dame staff resurfacing the Purcell Pavilion’s floor, which also reveals a new floor design for the Irish. (From Phil Santos)


  • England: Everton have launched a new logo and website for their proposed stadium on the Liverpool’s waterfront.
  • England: Tottenham Hotspur have unveiled their third kit.
Auto Racing
  • The NHRA has a video game coming out, but the developers apparently weren’t able to get the licenses to use the actual cars; they just have accurate liveries slapped on generic cars. (From David Firestone)
Grab Bag
  • New logo for Southern New Hampshire University. (From John Flory)
  • A number of Tennessee teams will be introducing “Summit Blue” uniforms, in honor of legendary Lady Vols coach Pat Summitt, who retired from coaching due to Alzheimer’s disease in 10 years ago. (From TR Herzog)
Comments (20)

    “Niners head coach Kyle Shanahan is angry at the NFL’s rules sideline hat rules…” too many rules, lol.

    Does the league enforce this rule as well as they enforce the players’ socks and pants rules?

    While some of the sideline caps over the years have looked good,
    1) they shouldn’t be mandatory and
    2) coaches should be allowed to wear a Landry-style fedora if they so desire.

    They don’t HAVE to wear a hat/visor but if they chose to it has to be from whatever collection of merch the NFL is selling this year. If not exactly that, it is pretty much the gist of the rules. Presumably if they wanted to wear a non-baseball style cap or visor, they could get with the NFL and try to come up with a solution.
    But Shanahan simply doesn’t like the hats he can choose from. I won’t disagree as pretty much the only hats I’ll wear are basic ’47 brand franchise style with a simple logo on the front. But it is not like Shanahan wants a “standard” hat which I would consider what I described above, he is looking for a style hat, that matches his style. Based on his custom Niners cap it seems his preferred style is more similar to the non-sports lifestyle brand caps people wear.

    I think they do. When mike Nolan coached the niners he wanted to wear a suit to honor the era that his dad coached and wearing a suit is what coaches did.

    The NFL said you absolutely cannot wear a suit because you can only wear Reebok gear on the sidelines and Reebok doesn’t make suits, and the solution was that he called Reebok and had them make him some suits.

    So they do enforce the rules, but given that they are only for licensing deals, there are ways around them.

    For real, did they just run out of things to regulate but wanted to keep a productive streak alive at the rules and regs meeting?

    I get that this I most likely handed down by contract stipulations with merch licensing and whatnot, but damn. If you want to regulate sideline attire for any good reason, how about telling Belichick to try not to look like a hobo who slept face down on the street the night before the game?

    But yeah, it’s not about image, it’s about merch.

    Simple solution, I presume (because the article states that it’s about him not repeating a previous year’s hat): if Shanahan was allowed to design his own hat before, let him design one this year. First it solves Shanahan’s issue, second, it creates a unique piece of merch that is designed by the coach in a style that other teams won’t have in their merch collection, and fans will dig that. He could basically make it the same hat. I mean every year there’s a hat for every team that can be described as “team color baseball style hat with primary team logo on front”, it just happens to be “this year’s version” for marketing purposes. Let Shanny do that with his surfer bro trucker hat that he likes.

    The Blue Bombers alternate would look a LOT better with a big number and small W on the front of the jersey. I hate the hockey look on football jerseys.

    Louisville continues to be a solid &1 contender. Woof.

    OSU players in (I’m Calling Them Steve Spurrier) visors? Cool.

    I miss my old visors, but I don’t have enough hair on top to justify keeping them.

    I’m biased as I listen regularly, but it’s great how Pat Hughes paints a picture in his descriptions at the start of a broadcast. He describes the uniforms like that every game (and often adds notes about the blue sky or the green ivy at Wrigley), and for a time it was notable enough that a paint company bought the sponsorship of his daily uniform descriptions so he had to befoul his natural-sounding call by saying some crap like “uniform descriptions brought to you by…”

    One of Auburn’s punt returners wore a visor like that back in the 80s. And he actually wore it in games, not just practice

    Interesting in the Pats Twit post on rookie numbers. If the number had a combination of 3’s, 6’s or 9’s, they put a line underneath it.

    Wow. I never knew the story of how the University of Tennessee picked up light blue as an accent color for a number of its teams. Apparently, whoever outfitted men’s teams at Knoxville couldn’t do any women’s sportswear.

    It was interesting to read Tennessee in the 60’s had the shade of blue incorporated. Today, any team will use any color and they have back story made up.

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