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Uni Watch News Ticker for August 11, 2023

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In today’s Ticker, we’ve got an NFL NOB error, an iconic soccer stadium saved from destruction, and more!



  • Blue Jays P Chris Bassitt says he likes the team’s red unis, but thinks they should be worn only on Canada Day rather than their current usage as a regular alternate. (Thanks, Phil)
  • On Wednesday night at Fenway, Royals OF Kyle Isbel hit a fly ball that smashed through one of the “out” lights on the Green Monster’s scoreboard. The best part of this is Red Sox LF Masataka Yoshida’s confused reaction.
  • DC is tilted about 90⁰ to the right on this Nationals sticker. The designer probably wasn’t a DC resident. (From William F. Yurasko)


  • The Rakuten Monkeys of the CPBL have new uniforms for theme nights based around a brand of iced tea. (From Jeremy Brahm)


  • Texans FB Andrew Beck had a pretty brutal NOB glitch during last night’s preseason game in Foxborough. Hey, it’s preseason for the equipment guys too. (From Danny Goldberg)
  • NFL executive Jeff Miller thinks that guardian caps will eventually be worn in-game. (Thanks, Phil)
  • The Patriots have assigned their rookie numbers.
  • Insider has ranked the new uniforms across the NFL for this coming season. (Thanks, Phil)


  • This article about potential ACC expansion features an SMU player as the lead photo, but the player’s helmet decal is backwards — the mustang is supposed to be pointing forward, not backward. Reader Sammy Barbour tracked the photo down to a 2021 SMU game at Abilene Christian.
  • Centenary College is bringing back its football program. Here are their inaugural uniforms. (From Noah Crouch)
  • Here’s a ranking of the Big 10’s helmets. (Thanks, Phil)




  • Here’s a mockup of what Auburn men’s unis could look like based on current rumors.




  • England: Paul, avert your eyes. Liverpool’s new third shirt is a rather sickly-looking purple.
  • England: Third-tier club Bolton Wanderers are letting fans pick their kit designs for the 2024-25 season. (From Max Weintraub)
  • England: AFC Bournemouth have announced their uni number assignments for the forthcoming Premier League season.
  • Italy: The San Siro, home of both AC Milan and Inter Milan, will not be torn down after all. Lombardy’s Superintendent of Cultural Heritage has given the stadium “protected” status, preserving it even after both clubs leave for newer facilities.
Grab Bag
  • Check out the memorabilia Illinois communications director Kent Brown accumulated in his office over the years. (From Tod Meisner)
  • Louisville has updated their athletics wordmark. (From @ACC_Tracker)
  • Here’s a ranking of the Premier Lacrosse League’s fauxback jerseys. (Thanks, Phil)
  • The Galt Herald from California’s Central Valley notes that several local high school teams have gone BFBS. (Thanks, Phil)
Comments (14)

    After seeing how Nike has designed the Vapor F.U.S.E. template for Texans and the Patriots, I’m wondering by they even decided to do that crazy “V” cut on teams, that don’t have shoulder stripes, and pushes any word marking way down?

    I was under the impression the red jerseys were only worn on Canada Day. Shows how much attention I pay to the Toronto Blue Jays. Even the tiniest bit of red entitles you to go balls-out red, I guess.

    Hope the Cubs don’t do it. But I’ve noticed red spikes and compression sleeves on them. That’s Cardinals shit.

    Yeah that’s crazy, it’s almost like red is one of the Cubs’ official colours…………………

    Align the shape of the District properly, and that sticker shows a curly 3 that’s way better than the Nats’ actual number font.

    Did the Blue Jays ditch the grey Toronto road uniforms, are they ignoring the 4+1 rule, or is the Canada Day uni considered their City Connect? I can’t recall seeing he greys at all this season.

    Even San Diego Wave would sell a black kit if it could become “urbanwear.” #BFBS — with the emphasis on #BS.

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