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Uni Watch News Ticker for August 11, 2022

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In today’s ticker, we have a 20-year sponsorship deal for an HBCU, a Wire-inspired entrance song in Baltimore, and a pants conundrum in Foxborough.



  • Orioles closer Félix Bautista’s new entrance song includes Omar Little’s signature whistle from the acclaimed TV series The Wire, which was set in Baltimore. (From Andrew Cosentino)
  • A foul ball cracked a pane of glass in the Padres’ press box on Tuesday night.
  • Retro Reds and Cubs logos have been cut into the corn outside of the Field of Dreams ahead of tonight’s Field of Dreams Game. (Thanks, Phil)


  • Lions rookie WR Jameson Williams will wear No. 9 this season, after receiving permission from Rams QB — and longtime Lions No. 9 — Matthew Stafford.
  • The Bills have unveiled a pin series for each home game. The design of the Dolphins pin implies the Bills will be wearing throwbacks for that game. (From Eric Mrugacz)
  • The Ravens are giving fans in attendance a poster for today’s preseason game. “It’s said to be part of a series,” says Andrew Cosentino.
  • The Patriots have been wearing silver pants during camp, despite the team only using navy pants in-game since they adopted their new uni set in 2020. The Patriots have not announced the addition of silver pants to their set, but it appears the lineman closest to the camera in the linked picture has pants striping more similar to the Pats’ current set than the old set. Hmm. (From Michael McNulty)
  • Reader Shawn Hairston notes that the Commanders’ sleeve stripes match a US Navy Lieutenant Commander’s service stripes more than a Commander’s service stripes. Lieutenant Commanders is actually a kind of cool name, too!


  • A Michael Jordan jersey from the 1998 NBA Finals is expected to fetch at least $5 million at auction. (Thanks, Phil)
  • The Wizards have teased a throwback uni to the Gilbert Arenas-era unis, to be revealed today. They’ve also changed their social media avatars to the throwback logo and colors. This upcoming season marks the 25th anniversary of the Wizards adopting their current name. (Thanks, Phil)


  • USL Championship: Detroit City FC have some excellent alternate kits in support of the Special Olympics. Retail sales will benefit the Special Olympics as well.


  • England: Manchester United’s men’s team have worn a different combo for every game so far this season (including preseason), but never the intended first or second combo. (Thanks, Jamie)
  • Portugal: Benfica will not issue the No. 10 jersey this season, in honor of the legendary Fernando Chalana, who wore No. 10 during his tenure with the club and who died yesterday at 63.
  • Fila has unveiled the uniforms for ballpersons, staff and volunteers for the upcoming Western & Southern Open. (Thanks, Brinke)
Grab Bag
  • Howard University and Jordan Brand have announced a 20 year sponsorship agreement, with Jordan Brand providing unis for all sports teams except for golf, which has a separate agreement with Stephen Curry’s brand. (Thanks, Phil)
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    Boy, those Commie unis are ugly. If they wanted to identify with he Navy, which would be pretty cool, they should have just used the Navy’s color scheme and a more traditional font. I know what they’re trying to do with the rounded stencil font, but it just doesn’t pass muster.

    How is it possible that Washington’s uniforms get worse every time I see them. I can’t believe that they, along with Nike took years doing research and planning and that’s what they landed on. It still feels like a joke. The fact that all three uniforms could be totally different teams blows my mind. Just a complete joke.

    I didn’t see a different style of silver pants in the Patriots link (though the note says there is a linked photo and I only see a video). However, here is a good look at two players wearing two styles of silver pants.


    When I read “a Wire-inspired entrance song in Baltimore” I was hoping for “Outdoor Miner” or maybe “12XU”.

    Oh well.

    Washington obviously does not care about such uniform details, Shut up and just buy these jerseys is their motto. Come to think of it (but I cannot be the first) a great motto for Nike: Just Buy It.

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