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Uni Watch News Ticker for August 10, 2023

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In today’s Ticker, we’ve got a missing soccer jersey ad on a young player, some logo-heavy cowboy boots, and more!



  • Phillies P Michael Lorenzen not only threw a no-hitter last night, he looked damn good while doing it in a pair of white Vans. (From multiple readers)
  • To celebrate 10 years of service time, the Astros gave P Ryan Pressly custom boots with both the Astros and Twins logos on the front, along with All-Star Game logos and a World Series Champions logo on the back. (From Ignacio Salazar)
  • The Red Sox traded Kiké Hernández a few weeks ago, but they still went through with his bobblehead night last night. The bobbleheads came with a note from Hernández, thanking Red Sox fans for their support.


  • Twins IF Royce Lewis is on a rehab assignment with the Triple-A St. Paul Saints. Usually, major leaguers who are in the minors on a rehab assignment bring their MLB pants with them, and Lewis was no exception. (From @NKroegs and @Natron44)


  • Here’s a look at the jerseys the four Baseball United teams will be wearing in their inaugural season. I must say, I actually really dig that red pinstriped Dubai jersey. (From Marcus Hall)


  • For a time yesterday evening, it appeared the Chicago Bears had changed their primary logo from the wishbone C to the bear head. Fortunately, that’s not the case and da Bears cleared that up. (Thanks, Phil)
  • According to AdAge, the Buccaneers are not calling the return of the creamsicles a “throwback,” but a “sub-brand.” I read the article three times and I’m not sure how a “sub-brand” is any different from a throwback. (Thanks, Phil)
  • New turf at the Titans’ stadium. (From @Wilds_Lee)
  • Philly Voice has ranked all 32 NFL uniforms. (Thanks, Phil)
  • Here’s the Bengals’ uni schedule for the new season. (Thanks, Phil)


  • Old Dominion will be wearing a throwback helmet logo for their homecoming game. (Thanks, Phil)
  • 247 Sports has reviewed some of college football’s new looks. (Thanks, Phil)


  • The Suns will retire Shawn Marion’s No. 31 and Amar’e Stoudemire’s No. 32 next season. I’m looking for confirmation, but the joint announcement makes it seem like it will be a joint number retirement ceremony. (From Mike Chamernik)




  • England: ESPN has ranked the released kits for all 20 Premier League clubs. (Thanks, Phil)
  • England: 16-year-old Finn Cartwright made his debut for Middlesborough in a jersey without the club’s shirt advertiser, a betting company. Not sure if this was a glitch or a decision taken by Boro themselves, as the English Football League does not prohibit minor players in senior professional matches from wearing betting advertisements, as 16-year-old Chris Rigg does for Sunderland. (From James Welham)
  • Georgia has unveiled their kits for the forthcoming Rugby World Cup. I love, love, love the sublimated borjgali symbol. (From Ed Zelaski)
Grab Bag
  • Jeff Ingalls made this really cool Notre Dame buoy for a friend. “It could be a first, South Bend doesn’t have a whole bunch of good lobster fishing,” Jeff wrote.
Comments (12)

    Regarding the Suns note, the uniform number retirement for Marion and Stoudemire is secondary to their being inducted into the team’s ring of honor. Upon their induction, the ring will include 12 players (all with retired numbers) and 5 non-players.

    From the release, “Marion and Stoudemire will each have their own night of celebration at a Suns home game.” Dates are TBA.

    And an item to keep an eye on: “The organization will unveil a reimagined Ring of Honor this season. Further details will be announced later this month [August].”

    Marion and Stoudemire to have their number retired? Why? I don’t remember the Sun’s winning a championship with them. They didn’t spend their entire career in Phoenix. It doesn’t make sense. Also, if you start retiring the numbers of marginal players, what happens if Phoenix goes on a Celtics like championship down the road? Somebody who helped win multiple championships may not get their number retired because someone who was just there did.

    Agreed but it is their house, and their rafters and their rules. I am afraid the honor is being watered down to include “popular guys who were here for a while”, which doesn’t seem like good justification to take a number out of circulation forever. Do they hold any major team records (points, rebounds, ASG)?

    I agree with you. Marion and Amare were great players for the Suns, but they are not worthy having a number retirement. The bar to get a number retirement is so low these days, it’s ridiculous. I’d argue the Suns shouldn’t have any retired numbers. Even though they’ve had a number of really good to great players in their history, none of them reach the bar either due to a limited time with the team or just being a “very good” player, but not an all time great.

    To me, a number retirement are for guys like KAJ, Bird, Magic, Jordan, Russell, Wilt, Oscar, Lebron, West, Kobe, Shaq, etc. They should be guys who are all time greats who are known even by the casual fan. When guys like Tony Allen, Zach Randolph, Vlade Divac, Sean Elliott, etc are getting their numbers retired, you know we’ve reached the point of ridiculousness.

    I love the Bears’ bear head logo. I’d enjoy seeing it in more places, and not just the wishbone C all the time.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing it at midfield, or (someday) as part of a Super Bowl end zone. And you’ll probably see it on more apparel. The “C” should remain on the helmet, though.

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