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Uni Watch News Ticker for August 10, 2022

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Today on the ticker: I still call it Paul Brown Stadium, a one-off shirt in the Premier League, and sure it costs money, but the Army is doing the right thing.





  • The Saints will wear their alternate black helmets on Oct. 2 in London. (From our own Phil Hecken)
  • New corporate name for the Bengals’ stadium. (From Mike Chamernik)
  • Here’s the Commanders’ jersey schedule for home games next season. It includes the one preseason game so in the regular season it’s burgundy four times, white three times, and black twice. (From our own Jamie Rathjen)
  • Here’s the Falcons’ uni schedule. (From Jack Daley)
  • “Check out this Brady jersey I just spotted in the wild at a concert in West Michigan,” says RJ Nordlund. “It’s the old Bucs alarm clock jersey but with current jersey number font.  I wonder if that set would have lasted longer had they actually used this font on the uniform.”




  • Here’s what could happen when the NHL and Adidas part ways. (From our own Phil Hecken)
  • Avalanch D Cale Makar took the Stanley Cup on a boat ride yesterday. Makar was wearing a Fanatics-made sweater instead of an Adidas sweater and had pre-2021 lettering for his NOB. (From Antonio C.)




  • England: Newcastle United’s men’s team is wearing a one-off shirt for their Premier League game next weekend against Brighton and Hove Albion because all three of their shirts would clash with Brighton. (From multiple readers)
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    So it’s okay to express your opinion by kneeling for the anthem, but it’s not okay to express your opinion by refusing the pride stuff. Got it.

    It’s not bigoted to hold to traditional and Biblical beliefs. That article is far more bigoted against Christians than Christians are against anyone else, and it warps Christian belief to make its point.

    It also side steps an important point – you can be totally for having gay athletes but against pride uniforms. There is a lot of baggage that comes with that imagery. Wearing it at least gives the appearance that you support the cause whole-cloth, and that might not be the case.

    yeah, it is bigoted to hold fundamentalist christian beliefs. if you think other human beings are inferior or immoral because of who they are, and not anything they’ve done, than you’ve pretty much checked all the boxes for bigotry. people who oppose this stance, what you would call “anti-christians,” do so because of the bigoted actions of people who think they’re doing christ’s work. that’s not bigotry. that’s a an opinion formed by experience and reason.

    What about all the Christians who DON’T disapprove of homosexuals? Are they “oppressing” fundamentalists by the act of proving that they don’t represent the fundamental truth of Christ? Because at that point it’s all exposed as just a matter of opinion in a marketplace of prejudices that one chooses.

    There is a huge difference between accepting homosexuality and promoting it.

    To each their own, but it shouldn’t be forced on anyone.

    I put this same comment on the Rays blog.

    Delaware needs to get adidas back to the design table and do something about that godawful number/word mark font. This is what happens when every school wants a bespoke font: at a certain point, trying to be unique translates into something unattractive and less functional. And unfortunately, Delaware isn’t going to be a trendsetter when it comes to what captures the fancy of the market.

    If that’s what yours looks like, you should go to the urologist. There’s an extra “lump” in there.

    Not only did Makar’s jersey have pre-2021 numbering, the NOB is radially arched! That’s weak sauce.

    I am not sure why sports and sexual orientation has to mix. It’s like if you don’t want to wear that you’re automatically a bigot or hateful or anti gay. Why can’t people in sports just play sports and not have to dress up in whatever cause the sport is pushing not for actual diversity and inclusion but for money?

    That article is just so 2022 in that “if you don’t want to wear X, you must hate this that the other”.

    I hope you’ll be as understanding when an athlete from a country that’s been bombed or invaded by the US refuses to wear G.I. Joe uniforms.

    Oh, but that’s the right-wing cause that all teams have promoted without it being seen as partisan.

    They won’t be allowed to not wear the GI Joes. But of course athletes are allowed to not wear the Pride uniforms, because that makes perfect sense.

    Can’t believe it’s OK to wear a uniform celebrating gay pride but not one honoring the US military. I’ll pick the so-called GI Joke one anytime and wear that one with PRIDE.

    Very surprising to me the reaction to the article and the writer’s opinion about not wearing a pride themed uniform. It all makes perfect sense to me: pride themed jerseys are just to support and show the gay community they are welcomed by the teams that are wearing them. If you choose not to wear them, you are saying that you personally do not welcome them. To me, that is ignorant and just plain mean. It is their choice if they want to wear them, but they also have to deal with the repercussions, which in this case is the reality that they are anti-gay. Anybody who is bigoted against someone based on their sexual orientation, race, disability, or anything else that they cannot change, is never going to be on the right side of morality or history.

    The fact that there are people in the comments here and on the article saying that the author is in the wrong for being prejudiced against the players not wearing them are overly sensitive and seem quick to judge themselves, calling the author themselves bigoted. I’m sure if anybody refused to wear the ugly camo military uniforms that are worn so many times throughout the year the outcry would be far worse than the blog post they have a problem with. But to me there is a big difference between refusing to wear a pride themed uniform because of beliefs based on not accepting a group of people and refusing to wear military of America themed jerseys based on political beliefs. One is a refusal out of protest and the other is a refusal out of hate.

    To be fair to Newcastle the Premier League decided all 3 shirts would clash not the club, so they’re using a repurposed training shirt – it’s not an entirely new piece of kit

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