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Uni Watch News Ticker for Aug. 1, 2022

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Today in the Ticker: An already-iconic soccer photo has a Uni Watch angle, a CFL player’s gloves reference a novel, and more.



  • Nationals C Tres Barrera apparently doesn’t wear a base layer or undershirt. “TV announcer Kevin Frandzen thinks Barrera would get more hits if he’d button one more button,” says Max Weintraub.
  • Reader Johnny Garfield sent us a clip from a 1989 Brewers/Athletics NBC broadcast with brief commentary on two-in-one socks.



  • Athletes Unlimited P Odicci Alexander changed her number and NOB in memory of former James Madison college teammate Lauren Bernett, a catcher who died by suicide earlier this year.



  • BC Lions CB Loucheiz Purifoy has new gloves based on Pennywise the Dancing Clown from Stephen King’s novel It. (From Wade Heidt)


  • Chicago HS football teams have a helmet shortage this summer. Several schools sent their helmets to the manufacturer (Schutt) for reconditioning but they’ve yet to be shipped back. (From Mike Chamernik)


  • Cross-posted from the soccer section: Celtics SG Jaylen Brown visited FC Barcelona and got a shirt with his NOB and No. 7. (Thanks, Anthony)


  • Capitals winger T.J. Oshie is to have the No. 19 he wore at Warroad (Minn.) HS retired by the school.
  • This preview clip of a documentary on the California Golden Seals includes uni-related material. (From Jerry Wolper)


  • The PHF has been breaking down its teams’ stats from last season by jersey color. For example, if you wanted to know what the Toronto Six’s penalty kill percentage while wearing white was, they’ve got you covered.


  • The NWSL’s Angel City retired No. 22 at their game on Saturday. It wasn’t for any particular player because it’s their first season, but instead it’s basically a marketing reference to the number of players in a game as well as the 2022 first season.
  • Also in the NWSL, the North Carolina Courage wore pride warm-up shirts and rainbow numbers on Friday.
  • Courage fullback Jaelene Daniels didn’t play because she’s refused to participate in pride promotions dating back at least to turning down a 2017 USWNT callup to avoid wearing their rainbow numbers. Because of how many LGBTQ players and fans are around the NWSL, Daniels gets a lot of often bitter criticism for not participating and so do the Courage for the way they’ve handled the situation, to the point that they publicly apologized for signing her last offseason but also kept her on the team.
  • Rochester (Minn.) FC joined USL League Two and the USL W League and revealed a new crest.


  • England: New third shirts for Arsenal and Leicester City.
  • England: Multiple clubs with Women’s Super League teams, including Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester City, are scheduling WSL games at their men’s teams’ stadiums next season, primarily those against rivals.
  • England: There’s a Uni Watch angle to the already-iconic celebration from England striker Chloe Kelly after she scored the Euro 2022-winning goal yesterday. While Kelly was waving her shirt around above her head, an Agence France-Presse photographer managed to catch her NOB entirely visible for a brief moment.
  • Germany: New third shirt for Hertha BSC. (From Ed Żelaski)
  • Germany: St. Pauli have a new shirt for men’s cup games.
  • Germany: New second shirt for Würzburger Kickers.
  • Scotland: New third shirt for Hibernian.
  • Spain: Celtics SG Jaylen Brown visited FC Barcelona and got a shirt with his NOB and No. 7. (Thanks, Anthony)
Grab Bag
  • The kits for Malawi’s netball team were delayed in arriving at the ongoing Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England. Since one of their players, Joyce Mvula, played for the UK Netball Superleague’s Manchester Thunder until the end of last season, she got a former teammate and one of the Thunder’s directors who happen to work for an equipment supplier to help secure temporary black and red kits.
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    The lack of undershirt has become a trend in the low minors. Just follow the Savannah Bananas on social media and you will see the majority of the team goes bare under jerseys. We see it in the FSL so the trend probably will continue as these players move through the system.

    I don’t appreciate the Hasselhoff factor. Soon, somebody is going to go full Engleberg. Bring back the pullovers, I say.

    After an entire lifetime of undershirts in baseball it is definitely off-putting when I see a player without one. Insert old man yells at cloud meme here.

    “BC Lions CB Loucheiz Purifoy has new gloves based on Pennywise the Dancing Clown..”

    It is no secret Purifoy is a big fan of Pennywise. An obsession of sorts? During his time with the Saskatchewan Roughriders he would walk around with a Pennywise doll:


    Running out of the tunnel with Pennywise mask on:



    Chloe Kelly’s NOB entirely visible…

    Was it because her hair was always covering it? The reason isn’t that obvious for some of us.

    Twitter link says “Chloe Kelly’s entire name is visible…”

    Again, unless I am missing something I only see her last name.

    It’s just that she was twirling the shirt over her head like a helicopter blade, and it’s amazing that her entire last name, like a name tag, is visible in the photo above her head.

    Yes we do. It is more common to refer to an individual as a “right-back” or “left-back”, but when differentiation isn’t important or the player plays both positions, “fullback” is absolutely acceptable and normal.

    Regarding the “the already-iconic celebration from England striker Chloe Kelly after she scored the Euro 2022-winning goal yesterday.” I am not a soccer fan, so I admit to some ignorance here, but how is a one-day-old celebration already iconic? Is it perhaps the outcome itself that should be called iconic? I just want to understand what I am missing.

    Besides that pictures of it have been all over the place today, it’s been compared to a picture of Brandi Chastain celebrating after the U.S. women’s team won the 1999 World Cup, which also was on the cover of pretty much everything. That was a watershed moment for women’s soccer in the U.S. and yesterday probably will also be one for England, so the similarities between the two photos and their contexts weren’t lost on a lot of people watching yesterday.

    As I was watching my sports shows this evening, unfortunately most of the coverage was about Deshawn Watson. I did notice something odd about the QB’s and their jerseys at training camp. On the back, on each shoulder blade was a round, padded looking patch. Anyone know what these might be for?

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