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Uni Watch News Ticker for April 9, 2023

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In today’s Ticker, we’ve got lots of MLB news, a possible new white helmet for the Broncos, and much more!



  • Interesting observation from Daniel Benjamin Miller, who attended the New York Mets home opener on Friday, who notes Mets and Miami Marlins seem to have their advertisements on the opposite sleeves — even though the players “handedness” is the same. Mets: RHP with ad on left sleeve; Marlins RHP with ad on right sleeve.
  • Meet the young Los Angeles Dodgers fan who dreams of being an MLB umpire one day.
  • During Friday’s game, the San Francisco Giants honored Gaylord Perry by putting his number on the mound. (Thanks, Paul)
  • The Arizona Diamondbacks’ Drey Jameson wore Scooby Doo themed cleats during Friday’s game. (From Valencia Joe)
  • This article asks, and attempts to answer, “How did the ‘Old English D’ go from Tigers logo to a symbol of Detroit pride?” (From Brandon Weir)
  • No matter what you think of the Minnesota Twins uniforms, you gotta admit their sleeve patch is pretty top notch. (From The Traditional Badger)
  • The promotional item for the Milwaukee Brewers yesterday was a crossover “Brew Crew”/Giannis Antetokounmpo jersey. (From Rob Edigital)
  • The following five (5!) are from Kary Klismet: 1) The Rockies renewed their annual tradition of painting a purple stripe down the middle of Blake Street in Denver to celebrate Opening Day.
  • 2) Speaking of the Rockies, Coors Field’s Rooftop bar (a somewhat controversial stadium renovation that reduced seating capacity by 7,000 in order to create one of the hippest hangout spots in Denver) is commemorating its 10th year of existence this season.
  • 3) Sticking with the Rockies, here’s a history of their costumed mascot, Dinger.
  • 4) And one more on the Rockies (or should I say “on the rocks”?): here’s a list of purple cocktails in the bars around Coors Field to celebrate Opening Day. (It also might be worth keeping this story handy for some beverage ideas when Purple Amnesty Day rolls aorund in a few weeks).
  • 5) The new lights at Dodger Stadium change colors for home runs, pitching changes, and other key moments in the game. (Thanks, Kary!!!)
  • The Los Angeles Angels have a new home run celebration, which includes a Samurai warrior helmet called a kabuto. It was Shohei Ohtani’s idea.
  • Have we ever mentioned how shitty the kerning is on the Seattle Mariners’ navy jerseys? (From Conor Glassey)
  • Great spot by Bill Haelig, who noticed the New York Yankees’ Aaron Judge wore his custom “99” belt upside down.
  • The Philadelphia Phillies haven’t worn their powder blue throwbacks this season. Are they a victim of the “4 + 1” rule, or have supply chain issues delayed their debut? (From Fire Glen Rivers and Daryl Morey)




  • WBC: The Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame has already added Shohei Ohtani’s WBC uniform (plus a few other items) to their collection.
  • Japan: The author of this tweet feels that, “Considering how rich SoftBank is, you’d think they could afford to design a new logo that wasn’t created using the WordArt Tool from Microsoft Word 97.” (From Jeremy Brahm)


  • New numbers for some of the Arizona Cardinals’ newcomers.
  • The Denver Broncos will be getting an alternate helmet this season, with all signs pointing to white. Twitter decided to take a few cracks at how that might look.
  • If you’re into such things, here’s yet another ranking of NFL jerseys.
  • We’ve featured this video of the Dallas Cowboys “new” blue uniforms (introduced in 1981) on UW before, but one more time can’t hurt. (From Funhouse)



  • West Orange (N.J.) High School’s football team has received rings for winning last fall’s state championship. (From Kary Klismet)







  • Monterey Bay FC, who play in the USL, have unveiled new uniforms.
  • Here’s one you don’t see often: The Philadelphia Union kitted up their GK with a different advertiser than their outfielders. Submitter Sunny Day Real Aesthete adds, “Seems likely they only prepare one set of sponsors for GK whereas the current away shirt features a secondary sponsor from a Bimbo subsidiary.”
  • The logos of the ACC member schools made a strange appearance at last night’s NYC FC vs Atlanta United match at Yankee Stadium. There was a banner with each ACC school’s logo on the field. Submitter Michael Rich adds, “Perhaps the banner was a holdover from the Pinstripe Bowl?”
  • Cool thread here with “a notebook full of fictitious soccer teams I made up when I was in junior high.” (From Bryant)


  • England: Star Wars Celebration is going on in London this week-end. In celebration, a jersey has been released. Submitter Jonathan Goupil notes that if you click on that link you get a “404” Error Message, but here’s a look at the jersey.
  • This graphic shows all the different Nike Premier League balls “Sonny” (Son Heung-min) scored with getting to his 100th. (From Benji)
  • Coralville, Iowa, has unveiled a logo as a host of this year’s RAGBRAI that commemorates both the city’s 150th and the cycling tour’s 50th anniversary. (From Kary Klismet)
Grab Bag
  • Ads are everywhere, including uniforms, but this might be a new one: a beach in India now features digital ads. (From our own Lloyd Alaban)
  • Here’s a fun history of Bucky the Buccaneer, East Tennessee State University’s costumed mascot. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Stony Brook University’s Wolfie has been crowned the State Univeristy of New York system’s most popular mascot for the second straight year in the annual “Mascot Madness” tournament. (Also from Kary)
  • This collection of historic photos from Connecticut includes an excellent one of Handsome Dan I, Yale’s original live bulldog mascot. (One last one from Kary)
Comments (18)

    The Phillies only wear the powder blue throwbacks on Thursdays, so we won’t know for sure until the first Thursday home game, which is April 20th. They would have not worn them anyway for the scheduled home opener, they always wear the traditional home unis for that. It would be a shame to lose those, as they are a big part of the Phillies visual identity.

    Agreed. I grew up in the powder blue/maroon era and as much as I prefer the primary look, I like the throwbacks (even if the NOB is radial-arched, not vertically-arched). I also like the cream alts. If somebody has to go, I vote for the red BP tops.

    Love the powder throwbacks, but those are road unis. Just ditch the grays and wear home, cream alt, powders and maybe wear the occasional red jersey as a road alt.

    Maybe bust this out a couple times a season: link

    As a Philadelphia native and huge Phils fan, I would love to see us do as TB and SEA did this year: ditch the grays, wear the reds as primary road, the Home Pinstripes, the Cream alternates and then the Powder Blues as secondary alts. I believe it’s the way the league will be moving anyway do why not get ahead of the curve. Also this way they can keep all three caps in rotation (all Red with blue squatchee, Blue with Red Brim/Squatchee and Maroon throwback.

    The fact that Mr. Baldwin rates the Browns classic jersey as an “utter disaster” indicates that he suffers from severe anocranial anastomosis.

    The Broncos should just go back to their old “Orange Crush” unis. I loved the contrast of the old blue helmets, which were such a unique shade of blue. Somewhere in between royal blue and baby blue. Hated when they went with the dark navy look.

    Was hoping the Broncos would have gone with the orange ‘crazy horse’ ones (and the gone too soon unis worn with them).

    Literally their color rush jerseys, which were like a modernized version of the 80s/90s set with navy instead of royal blue, are perfect. Just make an inverse of those in white. Could even do a navy alt as well.

    If you want to keep the current logo you can too, as it still works with that set since there isn’t any kind of logo on it.

    Agreed. Here’s what they should do (although I don’t like the mono-orange or mono-blue, but mixed and matched those could look good): link

    And they *could* mix in a white hat for a mono-white set that I could grow to love: link

    I also don’t hate this white/orange/white look: link

    Maroon caps are still being sold as alt-2 caps (or something like that) indicating that they’re still in the on-field rotation. I’d be shocked if they ditched the powder blue, but as others have noted, they would not have even worn it by now anyway.

    They need to ditch the pointless red softball top.

    I just assume that the Detroit D became a symbol of Detroit pride the way many athletic logos that use a simple city initial do. It’s a super simple (easy to replicate, easy to read) readymade logo for the city. Kind of like New York (Yankees NY), Los Angeles (dodgers LA), San Francisco (giants SF)…

    The USA has Detroit, Dallas, and Denver, a rare trifecta of “Big D’s”. To distinguish between them, Detroit handily has its old English “D”. I associate Dallas with a Block “D”, leaving Denver somewhat behind the eightball.

    Colorado is more of a full state pride thing. They rep the circle C with the yellow dot from the state flag.

    The ACC team logos, along with the Big Ten teams, are permanent displays at Yankee Stadium due to Pinstripe Bowl. Wasn’t just a holdover.

    The Phillies just wore their throwbacks in the World Series. There is no way they’re getting rid of them. They just didn’t want to wear them for their home opener this past Thursday.

    “Stony Brook University’s Wolfie has been crowned the State Univeristy of New York”

    – University

    No matter what happens with the Bronco helmet, can we just get BOTH teams to wear throwbacks together in the same game?
    This one team throwback-other team modern is annoying….
    That first throwback year in 95 (I think) was amazing….

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