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Uni Watch News Ticker for April 8, 2023

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In today’s ticker, we’ve got another unique NHL Pride jersey, another Mets ad patch development, and more!



  • For the second straight year, manufacturing issues have delayed the Cardinals’ powder blue unis. (From Erik Spoonmore and Jay Wright)
  • The Mets are already altering their obnoxious ad patch, but not in the way anyone wants. (From multiple readers)
  • The Toronto Blue Jays have unveiled their finished renovations to their stadium. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Here’s a history of the Rockies’ uniforms since their inception 30 years ago, “unsurprisingly accomplished in just 9 photos,” says Kary Klismet. The piece also neglects any mention of the Rockies’ 2000-2011 pinstriped road set.
  • Here’s a cool piece of memorabilia — a ticket to the final game at Tiger Stadium, and the sleeve it came in. (From Alex Dewitt)
  • Yankees OF Aaron Judge wore No. 42 batting gloves during yesterday’s game at Camden Yards, possibly breaking in the gloves for Jackie Robinson Day. (From Jorge Cruz)
  • Here’s a good look at the memorial patch the Guardians were wearing for superfan John Adams.
  • Sticking in Cleveland, we are now in year two of the Guardians identity, and the club is still yet to update the logos on the Jacobs Field dugout-level seats. (From Dom Verdell)




  • This article asks, “which city’s fanbase – Houston or Tennessee – has the best claim to the Oilers’ visual identity?” I would guess the city known for being the center of the oil and gas industry, but that’s just me. (From Kary Klismet)




  • The Canadiens celebrated their Pride Night on Wednesday night, and the team wore some pretty unique Pride jerseys. F Denis Gurianov, who is Russian, did not participate in warm-ups, declining to the wear the jersey for “family reasons.” Head coach Martin St. Louis pretty heavily implied it was due to concern for the continued wellbeing of his family back in Russia. (From


  • The Regina Pats wore Humboldt Broncos decals during last night’s WHL playoff game, the fifth anniversary of the Humboldt Broncos bus crash.


Grab Bag
  • Old U.S. Army uniform regulations played a crucial role in the development of the first McDonald’s drive-thru. (From Kary Klismet)
Comments (18)

    I’m embarrassed for the Mets. Having to wear that ridiculously huge ad patch. Uncle Stevie could have scored major points by keeping the Mets uniforms ad-free. But I guess you don’t become a billionaire by turning down a dollar. Get ready for cap and helmet ads…they’re coming next.

    Helmet ads are already coming (announced). We’ve seen them in international play and the WBC. Teams will most likely have them for the playoffs this year.

    Cap ads? Probably down the road, but not this season.

    Jesus, Mary, and Kathleen, those patches are an eyesore. Phillies colors would be an improvement, all things being awful.

    It’s like dont care what it looks like just stick a stupid red patch on the uniform for a couple dollars.

    Kolkata also owns the Los Angeles franchise in the U.S. Major League Cricket league, which will play in July. I wonder if the new costumed mascot will be on hand for Los Angeles Knight Riders games?

    Isn’t the Guardians’ drum patch a bit of Native American imagery? I’m assuming he was only beating a tom-tom because his favorite team was the Indians.

    The ad patches that are perfect 4×4 squares are the worst. Rounded-off ones blend in better, which of course is not the ad’s purpose.

    Thanks for submitting that article on the Oilers identity, Kary! It’s spot on.
    I think the number of fans living in Houston who would like the branding back is small yet vocal. And there’s talk that the Texas are also exploring changes to their uniforms, so…in time…they will have a throwback option.

    Thanks for the kind works, Chris! I totally think the Oilers’ identity belong in Houston. I’ve rarely seen a team move bungled as badly as Bud Adams messed up his team’s move from Houston to Tennessee. At one point, he had managed to alienate the fanbases of three cities – Houston, Memphis, and Nashville. I hope his family does the right thing and allows the fanbase that deserves it to see some of the most gorgeous uniforms in NFL history again.

    No big deal, but I believe you missed my name under the NHL ticker item.

    Also, regarding the Blue Jays’ stadium renovation, what grabbed people’s attention the most this week was not the stadium, but a food item they’ll serve there.


    Let me go on a non-uni topic here for a bit… Being from Quebec, where poutine is from, I’m a bit disappointed. Not that they combined both meals. but the ingredients used. The curd cheese clearly isn’t fresh (you can tell from the picture) and they’re using ‘breakfast’ potatoes and not french fries. The best poutines are even made with fresh fries and not frozen ones, but convenience has made that practice rarer and rarer…

    Actually, if you’ve had a poutine anywhere besides Quebec, you’re kind of missing out, the difference is huge. I’d say it’s like having Taco Bell as opposed to actual Mexican food.

    Thank you for that soapbox moment! Might seem intense, but besides maple products, that’s pretty much all Quebec has, as far as culinary specialties go…

    Us French -Canadians here in Michigan still do it properly. Gotta have those squeaky fresh curds!

    “Actually, if you’ve had a poutine anywhere besides Quebec, you’re kind of missing out”.

    I will tip my hat to Quebec creating poutine, but have to say I think I’ve had some pretty great poutine outside of Quebec. One must remember, many restauranteurs who may be from Quebec have moved to other parts of Canada. Can go to a restaurant in my city that has a sole purpose of making authentic Quebecois cuisine.

    As an American who grew up with family in Montréal, I agree that poutine from Québec is great. But my wife had family in Peterborough, Ontario, and I have found quality poutine outside Québec. But I feel equally protective of the foods we do best in Philadelphia.

    The beet digger logo thing had me go down a rabbit hole. Personally, to me, the logo looks like the cougar is deep throating the U, and I can’t unsee it. Minus that part, it’s a decent logo. However, it led me to a message board where I seen this…

    “ Beet Digger Origin Story
    About 10 years ago I approached my boss at the time (John Lewis) asking to reinstate this logo to our line of vintage logos. He asked “which one…the one that looks like the cougar is digging beets?” I laughed and referred to it as the Beet Digger logo. It stuck with retail buyers and licensees that produce the merchandise, and it was unofficially called that ever since. Cue Paul Harvey…”

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