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Uni Watch News Ticker for April 7, 2023

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A short Ticker today, but we do have a football frankenjersey in the Hall of Fame, a fun MLB/NFL crossover jersey, and more!



  • Also posted in the hockey section: The NHL’s Detroit Red Wings wore Tigers warm-up jerseys last night to celebrate the Tigers’ home opener. (From multiple readers)
  • According to a new study, MLB home run rates have been affected by climate change.


  • The Eagles/Chiefs frankenjersey worn by Travis and Jason Kelce’s mother Donna wore during the Super Bowl is now on display at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. (From @Wilds_Lee)


  • Cross-listed from the baseball section: The Red Wings wore Detroit Tigers warm-up jerseys last night to celebrate the Tigers’ home opener. (From multiple readers)


  • USL League One side One Knoxville SC have a really nice new kit they’re calling the “Sunrise Kit.” (From Ed Zelaski)


  • Canada: Here are all eight Canadian Premier League clubs’ primary jerseys for the new season. (From Moe Khan)


  • EA Sports has revealed the logo for its new soccer game, EA Sports FC. (Thanks, Jamie)
  • Women’s national teams are to continue wearing purple wristbands, which Canada started earlier this year as a symbol of their equal pay fight. (Thanks, Jamie)
Grab Bag
  • George Washington University has narrowed down a list of new team names to four finalists: Ambassadors, Revolutionaries, Sentinels, and Blue Fog. (From Bryan Martin Firvida)
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    I tip my hat to Macron for the job they are doing outfitting the Canadian Premier League teams. A really good job with the interesting sublimation. Not any boring templates.

    I do get a kick out of the new expansion team being called Vancouver FC. Feels really like a misnomer. The club plays way out in the burbs in Langley. I live in Vancouver proper just south of the downtown peninsula. Vancouver FC plays their home games 40 km (about 25 miles) away from where I live. Doesn’t feel like “Vancouver” FC at all.

    Los Angeles Angels, New York Giants and Jets, Dallas Cowboys, just to name a few. At least the Cardinals changed their name from Phoenix to Arizona before moving to Glendale. But seriously, is this still a thing worrying about a team playing in the burgs? You really think they should change their name to the Langley FC?

    Not really a serious problem to me. Just an observation.

    The CPL is a tier 2 league below MLS. There is MLS team in Vancouver proper. CPL teams have been known to pick official team names not including name of city. Feel could have been more creative than Vancouver FC. Truly the region around Vancouver will support this team more. Even Fraser Valley FC could have worked in this Canadian league if they wanted geographical name with less creativity than other league members.

    As for WHL Vancouver Giants though, thinking Langley Giants actually would work well in the junior hockey league.

    And people in Chicago are getting all worked up about the Bears planning to move out of the city to suburban Arlington Heights, and say they should change their name, as if this is a new thing.

    Learning how Arlingtonians feel about Dallas, I get a major kick out of Jerry World being located there.

    Why would GW use “Ambassadors”, when the person for whom the school was named was never an ambassador? I would go with Blue Fog because it is distinctive, and would be great if they played Tulane or Tulsa.

    Blue Fog is just so incredibly good and better than the other three by a mile. It would be a major missed opportunity if they went with something else so vanilla a la Commanders

    The CPL is the league MLS should have been. Of course they had the benefit of waiting another couple decades for soccer to grow in North America. But really, the kits being better is just the tip of the iceberg. They apparently have plans to expand to 16, stop, and build out a proper division 2 with pro/rel eventually.

    MLS is basically a pyramid scheme right now. They only way it makes any money is via expansion fees. Once they hit 32 teams, and we all know they’ll go to 32, I have no idea what they’re gonna do.

    MLS should expand to 40 teams, play a year or two, then split into two 20 team leagues. Do promotion/relegation between the two.

    It’ll never happen, but it’s an idea that could be explored.

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