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Uni Watch News Ticker for April 5, 2023

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In today’s Ticker: Some women’s soccer news, a big MLB spelling mistake, and more.



  • As part of tomorrow’s Opening Day festivities, the Mets will honor former broadcaster Bob Murphy with a stadium marker. It will go alongside the existing marker for fellow broadcaster Ralph Kiner.
  • The Royals also seem to be prepping for a jersey ad. (From Jon, who didn’t give his last name)
  • Speaking of jersey ads, a follow-up on an item from yesterday: Here’s what the Cubs’ jerseys look like without the National League logo patch, which has been removed for ad space. (From John Stark)
  • But you won’t find sleeve ads here (at least I hope not): Here’s what is purported to be the earliest known footage of a baseball game. It was filmed by Thomas Edison in 1898. (From Jeff Wilk)
  • More Cubs news: The club has released a version of their schedule in the style of a Chicago Transit Authority Red Line train map. Each series is depicted as a Red Line stop, and road series are shown as if they were transfers to other lines. (From T.J. Brennan)
  • Diamondbacks P Drey Jameson wore Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine-themed cleats yesterday. (From David A. Wishinsky)
  • Oops: MLB released a Giants fashion cap that misspelled “San Francisco.” (From Ethan Kassel)
  • Players of the Milwaukee Admirals, an American Hockey League team affiliated with the NHL’s Nashville Predators, wore hoodies with an Admirals/Brewers mashup logo. (From Casey, who didn’t give his last name)
  • Yankee Stadium is still using the Phillies’ old primary logo. (From Michael Paolucci)
  • Reader Andrew Cosentino found a non-Orioles-like character on an Orioles-themed shirt. Andrew asked the shirt maker and was told that the character is “just a little doodle character we made.”
  • For the second time in five days, Brewers IF Brice Turang, who wears No. 0, faced a fellow No. 0 yesterday in an at-bat. (From Michael James)
  • TBS is still using the Twins’ old logo. (From Kyle Baker)


  • New uniforms for the Hillsboro Hops, affiliate of the Diamondbacks.
  • The Nashville Sounds, affiliate of the Brewers, will become the Nashville Hot Chickens for a weekend in July. (From Casey, who didn’t give his last name)
  • P Nick Avila, who plays for the Sacramento River Cats, has a very weird-looking NOB. Looks like maybe they initially had a second “L” and then removed it when they realized that’s not how Avila spells his surname. (From Jean Lefebvre)



  • New numbers for some Clemson Tigers.
  • Virginia Tech fans have been encouraged to wear orange for a Sept. 9 home game and white for a Sept. 30 home game. (From Andrew Cosentino)



  • Cross-listed from the baseball section: The AHL’s Milwaukee Admirals wore hoodies with an Admirals/Milwaukee Brewers mashup logo. (From Casey, who didn’t give his last name)


  • Gross: The name of the Heat’s arena, which was previously an ad for a now-disgraced cryptocurrency exchange, is now an ad for a software company.


  • The England and New Zealand women’s national teams are both eliminating white shorts due to menstrual concerns. (From our own Jamie Rathjen)
  • Switzerland will host the Women’s Euro 2025. The announcement was made with the same logo as the last edition (or maybe that’s just a placeholder), which of course doesn’t happen with the men’s tournament. (Also from Jamie)
  • Leon and Violette faced off in a men’s CONCACAF Champions League match yesterday and went teal vs. blue. (From Daniel, who didn’t give his last name)
  • The Wests Tigers — an Australian rugby league team — have apologized after releasing a jersey for Anzac Day (essentially the Aussie/New Zealand version of Memorial Day) that depicted American soldiers instead of Aussie/Kiwi soldiers. (From Doug Bonham)
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Comments (22)

    I think Yankee Stadium didn’t update all their graphics with the new Phillies logo — I was there on Monday night and they definitely had the current primary logo on the video board for the lineup presentation and in-game presentation.

    Also the Predators had the logo for the Covenant School on their shoulder last night but unsure if they had already been wearing it after the shooting there.

    Each series is depicted as a Red Line stop, and road series are shown as if they were transfers to other lines.

    The amusing thing is that Guaranteed Rate Field, the home of the White Sox, is itself on the Red Line, with it’s own named station (Sox-35th).

    How long does an arena/stadium name have to exist before it qualifies for an “I’m Still Calling It” Naming Wrongs T-shirt? By my count Miami-Dade Arena was around for slightly less than 3 months.

    Fair play on the Preds for following through on their commitment. A civics lesson the whole league would do well to imitate. But to be fair, I’m proud of the Leafs, too, for not promising more than they could deliver.

    Cubs website is showing the Cubs blue jerseys without the National League patch and some with the National League patch.

    I love uni-watch bemoaning ad patches when you can hardly read the content through all of the ads on the site. I get it, you have to monetize the site, and I’m all for that. Just seems a bit hypocritical.

    Uni-Watch isn’t a multi-billion dollar company.

    I don’t love the obsession with ads but I’m not going to try to paint Paul as a hypocrite for his views. That’s apples to oranges.

    The story about the Masters logo was good but it contained an even better story about someone in Baltimore owning a Green Jacket. Recommended reading!

    About the Leon vs Violette game: Club Leon’s uniform is green, not teal: link

    In fact, one of their oldest nicknames is “Panzas Verdes” (“Green Bellies”)

    Looks like teal to my eyes. But if the team calls it green, then that’s how we should refer to it.

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