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Uni Watch News Ticker for April 4, 2023

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In today’s Ticker: New uniforms for the USMNT, more NHL/Pride developments, and more.




  • The Ohio U baseball team sent out a uniform-themed April Fools’ tweet on Saturday — though true Bobcats fans, like yours truly, weren’t fooled, as they’ve recycled this prank a few times. The good news is that the Bobcats took the opportunity to unveil gorgeous new throwback jerseys paying homage to the 1970 squad that reached the College World Series (From Kary Klismet)
  • Staying in the MAC, Kent State debuted light blue uniforms on Sunday. (From Bill Walker)


  • Bills RB James Cook is switching his number to No. 4 to match his brother, Vikings RB Dalvin Cook.
  • New scoreboard in the works for the Packers. (From Bryan Martin Firvida)


  • Members of the South Florence High School (South Carolina) football team have received their state championship rings. (From Kary Klismet)



  • The AHL’s Calgary Wranglers have a new mascot. (From Kary Klismet)





  • New kits for the USMNT — the same template as the kits that the USWNT will wear during their World Cup run this year. (Thanks to all who shared)
  • The NWSL is getting a new Bay Area team next year. Its name hasn’t yet been announced. (From our own Jamie Rathjen)


  • Scotland: To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the club’s 1983 European Cup Winners’ Cup championship, Aberdeen has reproduced the winners’ medals and will give them to three team members who never received one (as they were only ever granted to the team’s starting lineup and substitutes): Midfielder Dougie Bell (who was injured on the day of the match), manager Alex Ferguson and assistant manager Archie Knox. The families of three other team officials will also receive a medal. (From our own Jamie Rathjen)
  • Footy Headlines has published a story that examines logo poaching in the soccer world. (From Kary Klismet)
Auto Racing
  • Yesterday we Ticked an item about NASCAR driver Josh Berry’s race suit. Berry, who’s temporarily standing in for an injured Chase Elliott, was wearing a race suit with embroidered ads, even though most drivers wear suits with screen-printed graphics. Per racing expert David Firestone, most drivers now wear screen-printed suits because the embroidered suits can be quite heavy, and screen-printing technology has evolved to where the visual differences are negligible.
Grab Bag
  • Fans of Ebbets Field Flannels will enjoy this profile of the brand’s founder and friend of the site, Jerry Cohen. (From Kary Klismet)
  • New athletics logos for the College of Wooster Fighting Scots and the Southern Illinois – Edwardsville Cougars. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Companies that want to signal their entry into the fast-growing AI industry have been branding themselves with “swirling hexagon” logos.
  • The International Cricket Council has unveiled the logo for the upcoming 2023 men’s World Cup in India.
  • The U.S. Space Force has completed “fit-testing” its new uniforms, which had previously been criticized for their loose-fitting pants.
  • If you use the desktop browser version of Twitter, you may have noticed yesterday that the bird logo at the top of the screen was replaced by the “Doge” meme — i.e., the image of a Shiba Inu dog, which has become the face cryptocurrency Dogecoin. Twitter CEO Elon Musk, who once juiced the Dogecoin’s value by mentioning it on Saturday Night Live, had previously joked that he would replace the Twitter logo with Doge. In response to the update, Dogecoin jumped in price by 20%.
Comments (26)

    That sucks that the Cubs are ditching the National League patch. That was one of my favorite parts of the uniform.

    Glad I bought my blue Cubs jersey years ago. I agree the National League logo was a really great addition. Especially since no other teams did it.

    “Cubs broadcasters noted during last night’s game that the team’s blue jersey will no longer include National League sleeve patch, and we all know what that means.”

    Manfred is replacing National and American Leagues with Western and Eastern Conferences.

    The fact that this is a better outcome than the real answer is telling.

    I can’t say I’m excited for the Uni Watch “I Miss the National League” t-shirt

    “Cubs broadcasters noted during last night’s game that the team’s blue jersey will no longer include National League sleeve patch, and we all know what that means.”

    – The Cubs are moving to the American League?

    “most drivers now wear screen-printed suits because the embroidered suits can be quite heavy, and screen-printing technology has evolved to wear the visual differences are negligible.”

    – where, not wear

    It’s annoying and desperate that the patches have to swap sleeves based on “handedness.” But I hate that teams are ditching single patches instead of just swapping them. Cubs’ NL and Phillies’ numbers are better on mismatched sleeves than no sleeves at all!

    Love military flyovers! Have seen a bunch at Camp Randall Stadium and few at Lambeau Field too. That one at Miller Park looked really cool I bet the tailgaters loved it, even though fans inside couldn’t see with the dome closed for the day.

    When I saw Josh Berry’s fire suit, I instantly thought that it was an older model, possibly borrowed…as is sometimes done with interim drivers…from a crew member, Elliott, or maybe even Dale Jr.(he drives for JR Motorsports in the lower-tier series, and has quite I collection IIRC).
    But I came across a video that shows Berry’s name on the waistband:
    I would not be surprised if the advertisers ‘suggested’ a new fire suit be issued, rather than Berry just wearing a generic off-the-rack one.

    Can’t wait for team naming rights too! It will be great to watch the Boston MassMutualTM Red Sox play the Chicago DraftKingsTM Cubs in the Eastern Conference Finals! Wow! What a great fan experience–so great, I’d be willing to pay 150% more for tickets! (sarcasm obvs) These teams and their advertisers are just clueless. When have I ever bought anything that was marketed to me? Maybe it’s my older millennial nature or my Gen-X older siblings, but didn’t “selling out” used to be at least frowned upon? We had generations that rejected advertising replaced by generations that believe in branding over all else. Just look at music criticism. You’ll hear all about the backstory, fashion, and how “revolutionary” the artist is for reason X, Y, Z, but the actual music and musicality never gets accurately described and is mostly presented as just a boring detail. Then you actually listen to the music and most of the time it fucking blows. Really sad.

    Same reason I love it! Looks very much like those 1908 (or whatever year) dark unis with the “bear in C”.

    My favorite Astros uniform from their misbegotten pinstripes period was the white alt with no pinstripes or lettering, just a red star on the chest.

    Would you like it more if worn exclusively on the road with white pants and the all-blue cap?
    I would.

    Ha, that bit on the Phillies scoreboard, if true, pretty much confirms what myself and others here have speculated, the added scoreboard space will just be used to animate ad space that was previously static.
    Though I was unaware that the giant Phillies wordmark on top of the scoreboard was coming down. Curious as to what they did with it.

    The national soccer teams gave Nike a mulligan to do better than the crap they made the teams wear during the last iteration. And they did no better. The NOB font I saw for the women’s kits are at least unique if not better. But the triangles at the color, the design, everything is just horrible. You would think Nike would have done more for their homeland…

    Predicted to a T that the new video boards are a farce. All of the new digital space is just used for digital ads. Rarely, if ever are the new video boards used at their full capacity to project one huge video.

    Nice to see SIU-Edwardsville replacing that beaver head logo that they’ve been declaring a cougar for the last decade.

    Was not aware of the old logo…

    OMG! How could a designer think it was a good idea to call this a ‘cougar’????
    Thanks for pointing that out!

    For the record, I believe that Footy Headlines piece about badges (we don’t really say “logos” in soccer – shame on FH for continuing the mistake) was itself poached from a Twitter headline that originally appeared here on the Ticker.

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