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Uni Watch News Ticker for April 26, 2023

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Today in the Ticker: Some MLB news, a major soccer club might have had their new shirt leaked, and more.




  • New (not green) jerseys for Tulane. (From Curtis Akey)
  • Virginia baseball added a memorial patch for Les Disharoon, one of the namesakes of their stadium. Disharoon died last week at the age of 90. (From our own Jamie Rathjen)
  • Following up on an item from yesterday on the Japanese Central League: Here’s a closer look at the Yokohama DeNA BayStars Pikachu-themed batting helmets. (From @artofscorebug)


  • Some of the latest 3-D wall art creations from reader Kevin Cearfoss are Jets-related.




  • During Sunday’s Game 4 between the Hurricanes and Islanders, Hurricanes G Antti Raanta split his breezers while stretching to make a save. (From Gabe Cornwall)


  • New shirt for Orange County SC of the USL Championship. (From Chuck Eldridge)


  • England: Manchester United’s new shirt may have leaked. (From our own Anthony Emerson)
  • A trophy called the Anzac Soccer Ashes, which used to be contested by Australia and New Zealand’s men’s teams, was recently rediscovered after being thought lost since 1954. The countries are hoping to bring it back into active use, especially since they’re cohosting the women’s World Cup this year. (From our own Jamie Rathjen)
  • Canada: New third shirt for Atlético Ottawa of the Canadian Premier League. (From Moe Khan)
Grab Bag
  • New logo for Blue Plate Mayo.
  • New logo for the Washington County Agricultural Fair in Pennsylvania. (From John Cerone)
  • New belt for the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship.
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    Safe to say the Rams smoke tease wasn’t uniform related? Appears it was just to announce the RV as their draft HQ?

    Curious about this too. I played hockey all through my childhood/youth and I’ve watched my whole life, but this site is the only place I’ve ever seen/heard that term used. They’re just hockey pants for skaters or goal pants for the goalie.

    Likewise – I know the term is associated with hockey pants but I have never used it myself and never heard anyone on my teams use that term. Sounds like an Equipment Naming Wrong!

    Nah, Equipment Naming Wrongs would be if they had advertising on them. The term ‘breezers’ seems to be (to me, that is) more of a Western Canada thing. Generally it’s just pants, or the occasional ‘breeches’.

    Breezer is more of a Northern U.S. term for it I believe. It is not a Western Canada thing. I grew up in Saskatchewan. Lived and breathed hockey as a player growing up. I would have asked WTF is a breezer. Didn’t really know about the term for hockey pants being called that until following uniform websites.

    I just accept “breezers” as an article of faith, since the people on this site appear to understand it, and most tailoring terms are odd to begin with.

    I’m from Minnesota and that is all i have ever heard them referred to as. Even when watching NHL games locally and national coverage i’ve always heard them being called breezers.

    I love a good rivalry trophy and the Anzac Ashes is one that’s as good as most college football trophies!

    Tampa Bay Rays. Do they mean the fish, do they mean a beam of sunshine? I don’t know, and neither do they!

    Much like their expansion brothers out west, maybe Tampa Bay should just consider re-adopting a modernized version of their original look and going back to the Devil Rays name? White home, black alternate and purple (gasp) yes purple alternate. Keep the baby blue alt with the ray of sunshine as a city connect.

    Will concede though, the Rays current look is leaps and bounds better than the Diamondbacks current look so the need to revert back to the late 90s look is far less.

    The name doesn’t bother me. It’s not all that different from the Cardinals, who are named after the color of their socks, but also they’ve adopted the bird as a visual namesake. Which is it? It can be both! Besides, people called the Devil Rays the Rays most of the time anyway. But heck yeah the team should go back in time for a uniform refresh. I’d favor either making one of their several excellent fauxback looks their real look, or modernizing the blue-and-green look of their middle years, maybe with a dash of yellow thrown in. That’s a color scheme relatively unique in all sports, certainly in MLB, and it suits the region better than their current “The Yankees, but lighter” scheme.

    To me, it’s not quite the same. It’s not absolutely confirmed, but the common understanding is that the colour and the bird both take their name from the shade of red worn by Catholic cardinals.

    I actually assumed the color was named after the bird, and the clergy were called as such for wearing that color. i didn’t realize the clergy are the prime cardinal there and the other 2 meanings came after.

    Scratch that, both uses of the term ray are thought to come from radius, so it really is the same by my logic!

    Also I like the white throwback they currently wear and would just make black and purple versions of that. I get the sense MLB is beginning to try and phase out grey away (testing the waters with these few teams this season) so I won’t even attempt to imagine a grey version and I forget what it looked like back in 1998.

    I do think that they had a grey version that version that said “Tampa Bay” instead of “Devil Rays”

    Fascinating that the ANZAC soccer ashes trophy is literally cigar ashes in a box. The test cricket rivalry between England and Australia is named “The Ashes” because a newspaper in the 1880s responded to Australia’s victory by saying that English cricket had been killed and cremated, so metaphorical, not literal, ashes.

    Despite the prominent WWE logos on the belt, the new World Heavyweight Championship belt is probably the best-looking belt they have now, far better than their standard championship designs. It does help that it’s clearly inspired by the classic Big Gold Belt, which was used in the NWA, WCW, and WWF/E between 1986 and 2013 (the original, unbranded belt that originated in the NWA was retired in 2003 in favor of a WWE-branded version, which was formally retired in 2014).

    Correction for the grab bag. It isn’t that it’s a new belt for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship – the championship itself is net new.

    Understood that, as you said, it’s a new championship. I put “new WWE World Heavyweight Championship” to signify that the championship is new (as in it didn’t exist until Monday). So it’s a new belt for a newly-created championship

    A better belt than the WWE and Universal belts. But how many world title belts does a wrestling company need? There are now 3 world title belts there. Undisputed WWE Universal champ holding 2 of the belts.

    A good wrestling company only needs 1 world champion. Otherwise, it tarnishes the prestige of being the “world” champion.

    Not to mention it’s absolutely confusing. At least for me anyway lol. Reigns keeps both the Universal and the WWE Men’s Championship (which, according to what it literally says on the belt, is already the “Heavyweight Championship”), and then the opposite brand gets another Heavyweight Championship? So are there three top championships on two brands? Wasn’t the point of the Universal Championship to be *only* a SmackDown belt? Is this new championship supposed to be contested by both brands?

    RE: the first entry, per White Sox uni tracker Jay Cuda, Chicago has only worn their home whites once too (excluding Jackie Robinson day, which he classifies as a separate uniform).

    It cracks me up to see these annual stories about so-and-so’s soccer club’s “new” shirts being leaked like it’s such a big deal. None of the major international football clubs make any significant changes to their kits from year to year except for minor tweaks, perhaps, and new alternates.

    The jerseys that the Yokohama Baystars are wearing looks to be based on the old St. Louis Browns design, with stripes down the placket – a style that, AFAIK, hasn’t been copied for nearly 80 years!

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