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Uni Watch News Ticker for April 22, 2023

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In today’s Ticker, we have a whole bunch of soccer items, and a new uniform cut for the last holdout of Reebok’s uniform template.



  • If you thought something was off on the Marlins’ throwbacks, you’re not alone: it turns out that the logo sleeve patches appear to be somewhat offkilter. It should look like this. (From Mike Engle)
  • The new MLB craze of ostentatious dugout celebrations for home run hitters is being covered in this Washington Post piece. (Thanks, Phil)
  • D-backs P Zac Gallen wore what appeared to be a custom-engraved belt designed to match the D-backs’ City Connect unis during last night’s game. (From Artie Ojeda)


  • The Kalamazoo Growlers of the Northwoods League have unveiled their July 4th uniforms. (From @viceforever88)


  • One sportswriter has wasted no time updating his team uniform rankings with the Cardinals’ release of their new look. (From Kary Klismet)
  • At long last, the Colts are finally dropping Reebok’s uniform template and moving to Nike’s.


  • Switzerland: Once upon a time, Grasshopper Club Zürich had perhaps the least convincing anti-drug slogan as their main shirt advertisement. (From Steve Kriske)
  • Argentina: New third kits for Racing Club of the Primera División. (This and every succeeding item is from Kary Klismet)
  • Brazil: New kits for Chapecoense of Brasileirão Serie B.
  • Chile: Universidad de Chile of the Primera División has added a black third kit with a memorial inscription for club legend Leonel Sánchez, who died in April of last year.
  • Cuba: New kits for the men’s and women’s national teams. (Also from Mario Flores)
  • France: New one-off kits for FC Nantes to celebrate the club’s 80th anniversary.
  • Germany: 2. Bundesliga side Arminia Bielefeld will wear one-off kits this weekend to commemorate the 100th anniversary of their 1923 Western German football championship.
  • Sweden: New away kits for Djurgårdens IF of the top-tier Allsvenskan.
  • Sweden: Fourth-tier club Gerdskens BK has unveiled new uniforms for the upcoming season meant to evoke the kit worn by Danish national team goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel during Denmark’s surprise run to the 1992 Euro championship.
Grab Bag
  • Here are the ANZAC Day designs for AFL teams Richmond, Melbourne, Collingwood and Essendon have be released. The former two will play the night before ANZAC Day, and the latter two will play ANZAC Day afternoon. (Thanks, Jamie)
Comments (21)

    Correct; the Colts were one of 2 teams who stuck with the original Nike template – but they did finally delete the flywire from it in 2020.

    The Ravens also are using the original Nike template for the primary purple, white and black jerseys (they deleted the flywire when they dropped the horse collars back in 2013), but their purple color rush had the vapor collar. So we’ll have to see if they change any of their jerseys to the new template.

    And I expect the Packers are going to keep the RBK template.

    Once again, everything Nike does has a negative effect somewhere. The Bills collar is bringing back Flywire vibes. How hard is it to just make a jersey that has an intact collar with no gimmicks.

    How else would everyone know it’s a Nike jersey without something on it that screams, “Nike?”

    Only a moron would hate the Browns classy, traditional uni. Welcome to the club, Nate. Let’s hear some more about that great Seahawks set. Idiot.

    I’ll never understand why people want to poo poo on the Browns uniforms. Classic and iconic. They looked good in the 40s. They looked good in the 70s. They look good now. What do people want? Unique color scheme. Honestly. Browns are a top 3 NFL uniform.

    Agreed. When he said the Commies’ black set was their best then pissed on the Browns, I was done caring what he thought and just scrolled to where he had my team. Surprisingly high.

    It’s been less than 48 hours since the Cardinals debuted their atrocity. And to my shame it’s rented far too much space in my head. How can a franchise miss so badly? Especially when a fan base and mere uniform enthusiasts have made mock ups for years? Spoken clearly about what they’d like to see? Is this just a side effect of being the worst run franchise in professional sports? Is it merely a reflection of the changing preferences? Who knows?

    It’s just untenable to me that ownership/front office/uniform design teams can’t gather a pulse of what people want to see and in turn deliver. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching them get dragged on every social media platform since Thursday night.

    this “new craze of dugout celebrations” really feels like rob manfred sat down with the owners and in his best bill lumbergh voice said “hey, geez, guys. the fellas on the top floor sure got some flak for cracking down on in-game celebrations, didn’t we? ahh… well… we want the world to know that we’ve ahhh… turned over a new leaf. aaaannnnd we’re gonna go ahead and put the fun back in fundamentals this season! so starting this year, we encourage all teams to come up with a signature celebration. don’t be afraid to get creative with it! ahhhh… maybe bring some props, or uhhh act out a little scene! the wackier the better! just remember to keep it family friendly, and most of all, have fun!”

    if you want players to wear 37 pieces of flair, then make the minimum 37 pieces of flair, mr. manfred!

    “When you hit a home run, act like you’ve done it before.”

    -Vince Lombardi coaching baseball, probably

    watching the Marlins for the first time today (Marlins/Guardians) and that ad patch on the Marlins sleeve is way too big. Dumb question: Do teams get more money if the ads are at the biggest allowed size?

    “At last” – Regarding the Colts. I have to politely disagree with that sentiment. That college template that Nike is now recycling in the NFL is atrocious. I long for the days of the modest uniform suppliers. Ugh. :(

    I thought the Colts were using an old Nike uniform template for years, the ones with the flywire collar and panels (Ravens too).

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