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Uni Watch News Ticker for April 18, 2023

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In today’s Ticker: Green pants are sticking around in Colorado, the Red Sox stay hot in their City Connect unis, and the Browns are promising to release a new alternate logo.



  • The Rockies have been wearing white pants with their City Connect jerseys this season. However the team says green pants will be back, but only for night games. The white pants will continue to be worn for CC day games.
  • The Red Sox are 17-4 all time in their yellow City Connect uniforms, and fans are taking notice. (From Phil)
  • Twins 3B José Miranda is a cousin of world-famous playwright, composer, and performer Lin-Manuel Miranda, and the two cousins met up on the field when the Twins visited the Yankees over the weekend. A family member wore a T-shirt that incorporated José into the Hamilton logo. (From Mike Menner)
  • Signal call: Jaime Sanchez Acosta is in possession of a 1962 Roberto Clemente bobblehead without the head, and is looking for someone who can re-sculpt the head from scratch and restore the rest of the doll.





  • Iowa State will unveil throwback uniforms on Saturday to commemorate Jack Trice, a Black Cyclones player who died from injuries sustained during a game in 1923. The uniforms will be worn on Oct. 7, a day before the 100th anniversary of Trice’s death. (From @derekRL24 and Chad Lehman)
  • Colorado coach Deion Sanders has instituted a new policy whereby players are granted the right to pick their preferred uniform number with outstanding play during spring practices. So far, 11 players have “earned” their numbers.


  • An XFL player for the Houston Roughnecks was wearing CFL gloves during the team’s game over the weekend. (From Jeff Ingalls)


  • The Michigan Panthers of the USFL have added a uniform ad patch. (From Jim Vilk)
  • Appalachian State’s men’s club team has unveiled new away jerseys they’ll begin wearing next season. (From John Muir)


Auto Racing
  • The World Rally Championship has retired No. 42 for the rest of the season to honor driver Craig Breen, who died in a crash during testing last week. His team, Hyundai, will also carry a livery honoring Breen at an upcoming race. (From our own Jamie Rathjen)
Grab Bag
  • Nebraska has unveiled an updated version of its Herbie Husker mascot cartoon character and announced that an updated live mascot will be unveiled at the football team’s spring game on Saturday. The new cartoon version no longer makes the “OK” hand signal, which has been linked to white supremacist groups. (From @HardyWallbanger and Jordan Pascale)
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    Joe Marasco may be the man to contact to re-sculpt the head and restore the rest of the Roberto Clemente bobblehead. Here’s his website:


    Or, you could contact Chris Callan, who was featured on this page a while back.


    Iowa State will unveil throwback uniforms on Saturday to commemorate Jack Trice, a Black Cyclones player who died from injuries sustained during a game in 1923. The uniforms will be worn on Oct. 7, a day before the 100th anniversary of Trice’s death.

    Jack Trice wasn’t just a Black player for the Cyclones, he was the football team’s first Black player and the first Black athlete in any sport at Iowa State. It was widely reported that he took a savage beating in that game in 1923 because of his race. Minnesota’s players effectively stomped him to death. link

    The Panthers had perhaps the best uniforms in the USFL2.0, until Sunday.
    Jersey ads plus a sock free-for-all…how ‘big league’ of them.

    Saturday (and last year):
    JV: Not an exact copy of the original uni, and just as easy on the eyes. I honestly don’t know which version I like better.

    JV: Serious downgrade from 1983-84. What a bush league move from a league that I thought was doing all the right things.

    Well, now that the Panthers are swimming in ad money, they don’t need me to buy any of their stuff.

    The Browns-created Dawg stuff has never caught on with the fans. Not the dog-head logos nor the Chomps mascot.

    The whole Dawg identity was organic. It was a spontaneous thing that Hanford Dixon started in the 1980s, and the fans took it and ran with it. It’s a fan thing, not a corporate thing.

    To their credit, the Browns organization did embrace it, and good on them for that. But we really don’t need their contributions. They just seem so forced and uninspired. The guys in the seats with their own dog masks and costumes are what really makes the whole thing enjoyable.

    If it hasn’t already been mentioned, the Maple Leafs and Lightning meet again in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs, and because of their nearly-identical uniforms, you won’t be able to tell which team is which if you casually glance at the TV

    Why don’t they make ALL jerseys parlay jerseys? You know, to get more plastic out of the ocean.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if many/most soccer tops have some amount of recycled plastic in them. MLS and many European teams have had so many ersatz pre-game warmup shirts, you do wonder where they’re getting the polyester from.

    The Miranda shirt was designed by link, sold as a limited edition when he made his debut last season. lots of other places have now made knock-offs.

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