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Uni Watch News Ticker for April 15, 2023

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In today’s Ticker, we’ve got special uniforms for BC baseball and softball, lots of spring game notes, and more!



  • The Padres will be giving away replica 1998 Trevor Hoffman jerseys in honor of the 25th anniversary of their NL Championship, but they will include the team’s modern ad patch. Yuck. (From Andy Bartsch)


  • On Sunday, the White Sox’s Triple-A affiliate Charlotte Knights will wear Charlotte Black Hornets Negro Leagues throwbacks.
  • The Rocket City Trash Pandas, Double-A affiliates of the Angels, have unveiled their one-off jerseys and jersey schedule for this season. (From Mike Kulinski)


  • Boston College baseball and softball will wear yellow-and-blue Boston Strong uniforms today, the 10th anniversary of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. (From Christian Berumen)


  • Here’s a very fun story about the first draft in Panthers team history. The team had prepared three jerseys for the three players they were considering taking, but misplaced one of them.


  • New black jerseys for Mizzou. I actually really dig them. (From multiple readers)
  • UCF has Big 12 patches on their unis for their spring game, but they won’t become official Big 12 members until July. (From Chris Mycoskie)
  • Here’s the logo for the 50th anniversary edition of the Bayou Classic.
  • Ole Miss has revealed the uniforms they will be wearing for their spring game.
  • One of Virginia’s end zones for this weekend’s spring game (and maybe for next season too? who knows?) will carry a “UVa Strong” memorial for the murdered football players. (Thanks, Jamie)


  • The Hurricanes will be wearing the red “anniversary” unis at home during the playoffs. This was their first season wearing black primary home unis. Evidently, the team lets the players pick what they’ll wear in the postseason. (From Wade Heidt and Al Hood)
  • The NHL has revealed the logo for next season’s preseason games in Melbourne, Australia.


  • The Clippers’ scout team is preparing the first team for their playoff matchup with the Suns by wearing replica Suns jerseys in scrimmages.


  • New home kit for USL League One side Forward Madison. (From David Hanson)


  • Ireland: Shamrock Rovers have unveiled a commemorative kit inspired by the one worn in the 1922-23 season, Rovers’ first league title. Unclear if they’re intending to wear it on the pitch, but it’s very nice nonetheless. (From Ed Zelaski)
Grab Bag
  • New York is set to ban Native American mascots for schools. The state would join Maine as the only states to have blanket Native American mascot bans — other states’ bans allow exceptions with specific permission from tribes.
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    Not sure why AE didn’t put one in the Ticker, but I had this as an item (“Uni Tweet of the Day”) in today’s main article.

    Thanks, I didn’t click on it b/c I wasn’t interested in USFL uniforms. I would think new uniforms for the Cardinals would have its own post rather than be buried in a post that’s mainly about USFL uniforms. Thanks for letting me know.

    The uniforms were actually announced (though yesterday was the first time we were given a concrete date for unveiling) more than a week ago, and it had its own post: link

    There’s definitely no need for another separate post until the uniforms are actually unveiled. I’m quite certain Paul will have a big post on them once they’re actually unveiled.

    Good decision by the Hurricanes to wear the red throwbacks in the playoffs. Now keep them next season as your primary uniform. Bring in a white version of this uniform. We have just fixed your current uniform problem by giving you a consistent look at home and on the road. The black uniform is not suitable as a primary home uniform. Your’re welcome, Hurricanes!

    PS – quit wearing the red helmets on road with the white uniforms. You are playing in the NHL, not junior hockey or a rookie prospect tourney.

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