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Uni Watch News Ticker for April 11, 2023

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In today’s Ticker: Hand-embroidered logos, Ant Man gets Ant-Man sneakers, and a “Yankee” with shoulder-length hair.



  • Phillies manager Rob Thomson was spotted wearing white and red Jordan 11 sneakers in the dugout before yesterday’s game. (From Kurt Esposito)
  • Incredible eBay find: A 1970s or ’80s era women’s usher uniform from the Astrodome. (From @Spesh98)
  • Apparently, the Yankees’ infamous grooming policy did not apply to this long-haired bat boy. To be fair, the game was in Cleveland, so he’s presumably a Guardians employee. (From Mike Sgroi)
  • The Pirates wore G.I. Joke caps and socks last night, but did not wear the corresponding olive-lettered jerseys. Those jerseys have apparently fallen victim to the “four plus one” rule. (From our own Jerry Wolper)
  • The Orioles are celebrating home runs with a “dong bong.” (From Andrew Cosentino)


  • Over the weekend, Auburn debuted orange jerseys and unveiled a statue honoring alumnus Frank Thomas. (From Clint Richardson)
  • A mother in Oregon has pulled her son off his youth baseball team over the team’s decision to include a “Thin Blue Line” American flag patch. The coach, who was responsible for adding the patch, agreed to remove it.
  • Bonn Capitals, the 2022 champions of the German Baseball Bundesliga, unveiled their championship rings over the weekend. (From Kary Klismet)


  • Panthers WR D.J. Chark will return to wearing No. 17 in Carolina. Chark wore No. 17 in Jacksonville during his first four seasons in the league but switched to No. 4 last year when he signed with Detroit.


  • The Memphis Showboats of the USFL have a new mascot. (From Kary Klismet)


  • What a project! A Twitter-er spent nearly three years hand-embroidering the logos for all 32 teams. It turned out great, even if the Coyotes and Senators changed primary logos while it was being completed. (From Wafflebored)
  • The Kings wore white at home last night, with the visiting Canucks wearing black on the road. (From Wade Heidt)





  • The logos and maker’s marks on the uniforms that Nike is producing for the upcoming women’s World Cup will be made from post-industrial plastic waste. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Here’s Ireland’s new second shirt, which is debuting tonight against the U.S. (From our own Jamie Rathjen)
Grab Bag
  • A new study conducted in the UK indicates that a lack of comfort in uniforms was a major factor in girls quitting athletics. The study notes that many athletes felt sexualized by their uniforms, and also felt that gender-split uniforms played into stereotypes.
  • Athletes Unlimited, a network of women’s professional sports leagues, has adopted a new policy that allows players to wear religious headwear during competition. (From our own Jamie Rathjen)
  • Australian Football League club Fremantle will wear a one-off uniform for the team’s Gather Round game this weekend. Fremantle and several other clubs will all play in a series of matches at three stadiums in Adelaide. (Also from Jamie)
  • English cricket club Somerset has unveiled a new uniform set that includes different shirts for players who are batting or bowling. (From @SkullyEqual and Alex Evans)
  • Here’s a history of Texas State’s Bobcat mascot. (From Kary Klismet)
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    “turned out great, even if the Coyotes and Senators changed primary logos while it was being completed.”

    Technically the Flames have changed the logo too. No more black trim around the Flames logo.

    That Kings-Canucks game looked great. Come on, NHL,go back to white at home. Best to see colorful visitors sweaters.

    I’ve never understood the white-at-home crowd. Why should every team wear the same colour at home? Isn’t it your fortress, where your colours should be proudly displayed?

    On “argument” I’ve heard for white-at-home is that the visitor is always wearing presumably a different color each night, so you get white vs blue, white vs red, white vs green, etc. Where as color-at-home you’d get the same look each night, same color vs white each night.

    White at home is what God intended.

    But the need to sell jerseys trumps this, especially when you have 2 color jerseys, plus RR and in some cases WC or SS or throwbacks to sell.

    Historically, the NHL teams began with only one sweater, in the team color (red for the Canadiens, maroon for the Maroons, blue for Toronto, striped for Ottawa). White sweaters came into play only when there was a genuine need for contrasting colors (such as when Montreal played Detroit or the Rangers played Toronto). Eventually every team added white. Rather like soccer or rugby, where the preferred sweater was most often colored.

    These days, if you’re so hopped up to see the other teams’ colored sweaters, watch on your TV or phone, or other device.

    I’d prefer the white at home also, but another option could be what they do in some minor and collegiate leagues. Have white at home one half the season and dark at home the other; without looking it up I suspect they change when the calendar year does.

    Yeah Will, I am a big proponent of this. Like major junior. NHL did it before in 1991-92 75th anniversary season. Dark at home first half. White at home 2nd half and playoffs.

    I’m pretty sure that’s what the ECHL does… at least they did. They did the switchero after the All Star Break. But it’s been 23 years since my Chiefs left Johnstown. Although I did follow Wheeling for a few years after.

    i wanted to give the orioles the benefit of the doubt, which i this case meant assuming they simply gave the dumbest most immature game possible to something innocuous and probably not that original.

    i was way off.

    also are they bonging water? i’m not suggesting that they beer bong mid-game, but being water is perhaps the least cool variation on this theme.

    i can’t say i’d ever heard the two words put together in succession. that said, i could think of a million different things that it might mean, and none of them would be chugging a reasonable amount of water that a guy is pouring into a small fuel with his pinky out like a real fancy pants.

    “G.I. Joke”? OK, so certain special uniforms are ok to make fun of, or to wholeheartedly agree that they are not appropriate and no one should be forced to wear it (Thin Blue Line), but others are completely OK, and if you question it or dare say you disagree, then you are wrong?

    “G.I. Joke” is Uni Watch’s longtime term for military-dress-up sports uniforms. We’ve been using it for many years and will continue to do so as long as the sports world continues to dress athletes in camouflage.

    I guess it just confuses me me when those who have a different view on, say, ‘pride-themed’ uniforms have to step on egg-shells and are immediately shot down, while people who believe that camo uniforms represent their values are ridiculed and that’s ok because “that’s what we always have done.” I guess if someone had a funny pun for a rainbow uniform that was both denigrating and insulting, that person would be immediately attacked and would not get the freedom to say ‘that’s what we’ve always done.’.

    Actually, if you come up with a pun that denigrates Pride *uniforms* (as opposed to denigrating LGBTQ people), it won’t be “shot down.” At least not by me.

    Don’t forget you can say anything negative you want about “GI Joke” but don’t disparage the “Pride” gear.

    Actually, Tim, that is demonstrably false. People are welcome to say they oppose Pride uniforms, as many, many readers have done here in the comments.

    I know we disagree on some things, which is fine. But it’s not fine when you make assertions about Uni Watch that are factually inaccurate. Please don’t do that again. Thanks.

    Yeah, maybe we shouldn’t use “GI Joke” anymore, and stick with tried-and-true “camopander,” which is far more accurate.

    I would’ve done the same thing for my kids with that blue line garbage. What turned out as a decent memorial to fallen policemen(women) was hijacked by the right and is now seen as a cymbal of racsism.

    I generally support the police and I am sympathetic to the difficulties they face in dealing with the human garbage they face every day. But I consider the blue-line flag to be flag desecration.

    Hmm, I wonder if Cleveland found the longest-haired batboy they could find simply because it was the Yankees.

    That’s a very poorly written article on girls’ and women’s uniforms. It offers no objective data, just vague terms like “some girls,” “many women,” and “a number of.”

    The lack of specific data leads me to suspect that the problem is being overstated.

    Two different game shows had questions which were right up our alley tonight. Master Minds (on Game Show Network) had a pretty challenging one: Apart from #42, which uniform number has been retired the most times in Major League Baseball.

    The Weakest Link’s was less challenging, but more specific to Uni Watchers: (Paraphrasing) “Squishee or Squatchee: Which is a term for the little button on the top of a baseball cap?” Nice to see that term going mainstream, which I don’t think would be happening if this site didn’t exist.

    Auburn’s new orange top reminded me that almost every college baseball game I see has at least one team in a softball top. Pleasantly surprised to see 2 nice looking white/grey match ups last weekend-
    San Diego State vs. Gonzaga and Tennessee vs. Florida.

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