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The Uni Watch Pin Club

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The Uni Watch Pin Club is a monthly series of limited-edition pins designed by Uni Watch founder Paul Lukas and longtime sports branding pioneer Todd Radom.

Each pin is individually numbered on the back, with the month of each edition also shown. The graphic above shows all the pins we’ve done so far this year. Here’s a breakdown:

January: Uni Watch pennant. Numbered edition of 350. Available here.

February: President’s Day. Note the squatchee on Abe’s stovepipe hat! Numbered edition of 350. Available here.

March: Uni Watch basketball jersey (for March Madness) with a shamrock logo and orange trim (for St. Patrick’s Day). Numbered edition of 250. Available here.

April: Official Uni Watch baseball, signed by “commissioner” Paul Lukas. Numbered edition of 250. Sorry, sold out!

May: Uni Watch race car. Numbered edition of 250. Available here.

June: Pandemic-era elbow bump (because handshakes and fist bumps won’t be happening on the field anytime soon). Black and White players wearing green and purple symbolize solidarity and uni-ty, because we’re all in this together. Numbered edition of 300, almost sold out. Available here.

July: Uni Watch bobblehead — and the head actually bobbles! Numbered edition of 500. Available here.


Important note: If you order multiple pins at one time get hit with multiple shipping charges, send me your order number(s) and I should be able to get Teespring to issue a partial refund on the shipping fees.