Sweater Weather

By Phil Hecken, with “Teebz” and Mike Engle

At long last, the Uni Watch “Hockey Wing” (or at least a portion of that wing) has some uniforms on which to comment!

As most of you (even if you’re not hockey fans) know, the NHL is embarking on a rather ambitious schedule of outdoor hockey […]

Instant Classic

The Rangers finally unveiled their Winter Classic jersey yesterday. Kinda odd that they waited until after Black Friday, but whatever. Can’t say I’m in love with the heavy red stripes on the shoulders, but that’s my only quibble. Aside from that, this one is very easy on the eyes. You can see some […]

New Year’s Day … Now and Then

By Phil Hecken, with fond recollections by Rick Pearson

Welcome to 2011 everyone. Let’s hope it’s a great year for all.

New Year’s Day is traditionally one of the greatest days in sport, as we’re always treated to a whole mess of bowl games, and, in more recent years, an outdoor hockey game featuring […]