Design A Lewis & Clark League Uniform Contest

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By Phil Hecken

Today we have a very special lede, and if you’re a uni concepter/designer, today is your day. I’m pleased to bring back W. Ross Clites, who has appeared on Uni Watch previously, sharing his own designs and concepts. Today — today he’s looking for yours!

I’ll be brief, as […]

In a Post-Stern World, a Reshuffled NBA – Part the Second

By Phil Hecken

I’m back again with designer W. Ross Clites, who you will recall had a nifty idea to ‘reshuffle’ the NBA teams, names and divisions last weekend. To refresh your memory, you can check that article out here.

Today, Ross will show you his concepts and take you through his thought-process on […]

In a Post-Stern World, a Reshuffled NBA – Part the First

By Phil Hecken

The following article has literally been months in the making. It all started way back at the end of last year and culminated in a segment (scroll down, just below the Super Bowl Logo winner) in this January 26, 2013 column, (Meet W. Ross Clites) where today’s featured concepter shared his […]