Rolls Reuss, Volume II

By Phil Hecken

My greatest thrill in baseball is winning the World Series in ’81. Without at doubt, because that’s what everybody wants. And you know why the no hitter isn’t Number 1? They don’t give you a ring for a no hitter. But they give you a ring when you win the world […]

NCAA Bowl Pool Predictions – Part II

By Phil Hecken, with Tod Hess

Back today with part II of the College Bowl predictions and previews, joined by Tod Hess, who has put together the Uni Watch NCAA Bowl Pool. If you want to dispense with the remaining 17 bowl writeups, and head straight to the poll, it’s right below. The reader […]

NCAA Bowl Pool Predictions – Part I

By Phil Hecken, with Tod Hess

Now that the NCAA College Football Bowls have all been announced, I’ve teamed up with Tod Hess to bring you the First Annual Uni Watch NCAA Football Pool. We’ll go over the first half of the bowls (there are 35) today, and finish up with the second half […]