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The Game

By Phil Hecken

This post has been more than two months in the making. And it’s worth the wait. Unlike last weekend, when my guest author and I enjoyed a civilized discourse, today’s guest author likes to mix it up a bit. That’s right, it’s none other than Natty Bagger himself, Robert Marshall.

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Laborious Day

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What have we here? It is an Ohio State/Michigan infographic-in-progress that our own Robert Marshall has been working on four the past four years! Although it’s still a long way from completion, he’s given me the green light to show you how it’s coming along. He describes it thusly:

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Winging It: Helmet History Reconsidered

Everyone knows Michigan football is famous for its winged helmet design. Many of you smartypants types also know that credit for originating the winged concept is usually given to Princeton coach Fritz Crisler, who came up with the design in 1935 and then took it with him to Michigan in 1938.

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