The Re-Name Game

By Phil Hecken

We’re ready for the next Uni Watch design contest, and this one is a little different than all the past contests — we’ll be doing more than just designing a logo and uniform for the two teams whose current logos you see above, we’ll be deciding upon new names for them . . . → Read More: The Re-Name Game

Instant Classic

The Rangers finally unveiled their Winter Classic jersey yesterday. Kinda odd that they waited until after Black Friday, but whatever. Can’t say I’m in love with the heavy red stripes on the shoulders, but that’s my only quibble. Aside from that, this one is very easy on the eyes. You can see some . . . → Read More: Instant Classic

Helluva Fella, That Feller

As I think most of you know, late last year the Indians announced that their Bob Feller memorial patch would look like this. Everyone here seemed to like it (although I thought the Hall of Fame induction date and maybe even the uni number were superfluous). But then in early February it turned out . . . → Read More: Helluva Fella, That Feller