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How Low Can You Go: Reds Wore Full-Length Ponchos in ’72 World Series

The Reds took dugout jackets to new extremes in the 1972 Fall Classic.

Seven, Shmeven: Bruins Piss on Espo’s Retired Number With New Uni Ad

The latest reason to hate uniform advertising.

The Brewers’ Unusual Dirt Around Home Plate

In Milwaukee, the area around the plate is shaped like, well, a plate.

New Drip: Oilers’ Reverse Retro McFarlane Design Now Confirmed

After a bunch of hints, we now have definitive confirmation that Edmonton is bringing back the “oil drip” design.

Which NFL Teams Wore the Same Uni Combo All Season Long?

Some NFL teams have been more, well, uniform than others, wearing the same combo for every regular season game.

Collector’s Corner for Sept. 20, 2022

It’s Brinke Guthrie’s weekly roundup of vintage sports-related eBay finds.

Got Milk? Leafs Add Dairy Patch to Uniforms

Toronto is the 10th NHL team so far to announce a uni advertiser for 2022-23

It’s Official: Motorola Leads the League in Uni Advertising

The tech brand now has its logo on the uniforms of 3 NBA teams (and they used to a 4th!), plus they’ll be on at least one MLB uni next year.

Penn State’s Surprisingly Varied Nose Bumper Graphics

For a team with such famously unchanging uniforms, the Nittany Lions have had a surprising amount of design churn on their nose bumpers.

Local Black-Owned Coffee Shop Gets Free Ad Spot on Devils’ Road Helmets

For the second consecutive season, the Devils’ primary helmet advertiser is donating its spot to a local Black-owned business, free of charge.

Report: NHL Expects About Half of Teams to Remain Ad-Free This Season

The NHL uni ad situation could be a lot better — but it turns out that it could also be a lot worse.

Monday Morning Uni Watch

Our weekly roundup of Sunday’s NFL uni news, plus a look at the Basketball Hall of Fame from 50 years ago, sports at a World’s Fair from 40 years ago, Paul’s Covid update, and more.

NCAA Power 5 Uniform & Duck Tracking for Week 3

Trackers Rex Henry, Dennis Bolt, Ethan Dimitroff and James Hill cover all the unis for the Power 5 (and the Ducks)

Five and One for College Football for Week 3

The Five and One is a selection of college football’s best five and worst looking matchups for the week…usually.

Sunday Morning Uni Watch

Uni Watch features Terry Duroncelet, Jr., and is joined by Wade Heidt, who is the newest member of the SMUW crew.