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An NFL Beauty Pageant for Numerals (Part II)

Walter Helfer takes a deep dive into the uniform font minutia of the NFL

Battle of the Bays: New ‘Best Player by Uni Number’ Graphics for Tampa Bay and the SF Bay Area

First we had Chicago. Then we had Denver, Detroit, and Phoenix. Today we have the battle of the bays!

Uni Watch Founder Tests Positive for Covid

After I avoided the virus for more than two years, it finally caught up with me.

Vintage Wallpaper Story Has Very Happy Ending for All Concerned

A Uni Watch story from last fall has come to a heartwarming conclusion that really shows the strength of our comm-uni-ty.

Report: Adidas Exiting NHL Uni Deal After 2023-24

The company’s first outfitting contract with the NHL is turning out to be one-and-done.

New ‘Best Players by Uni Number’ Graphics for Denver and Detroit (and Phoenix!)

Chicago got us started last week. Today we have two more cities — wait, make that three more — joining in on the fun.

Interviewing the Guy Behind the Giants’ Uniforms, Field Graphics, and Other Visuals

I don’t mind saying that this is one of the best interviews I’ve ever done. Essential reading for NFL uni fans!

CONFIRMED: Cowboys Will Wear Two Different White Helmet Designs in ’22

As was hinted at earlier this week, Dallas will use slightly different versions of its new white helmet shell this season.

Bucks Reveal New Statement Alternate, Hint at New Throwback

Milwaukee has replaced one black alternate uni with another and dropped a hint about a new retro design.

Some Thoughts About Attending a Ballgame

Last week I discussed the etiquette of what to do if you catch a foul ball. Today I discuss, well, everything else.

Collector’s Corner for July 26, 2022

This week’s vintage sports finds include a Whitey Ford Yoo-hoo cap, a Pat Patriot jacket, and a lot more.

Bengals Finally Show How White Helmet Will Look with Uniform

The team also announced when the new white lid will make its on-field debut.

The Surprising Thing About the New NFL Alternate Helmets

Some of the new NFL helmet developments have been predictable. But there are two big surprises that Paul didn’t anticipate.

The Real Teal Deal: Pistons Reviving Late-’90s Favorite

One of the NBA’s most quintessentially 1990s uniforms is making a comeback.

A Life’s Ambition Achieved: Uni Watch Shirt Spotted in Ohio Thrift Store

I do most of my clothes shopping in thrift stores. Now things have come full circle, as a Uni Watch shirt showed up in one of them.