Are You Ready for Some Football?

Great Britain 1912 Olympics colour

By Phil Hecken

As promised, Uni Watch strives to bring out the best of the Olympics, and today we begin our journey into the Games. Sadly, there hasn’t been much positive press coming out of London, where the Games of the XXXth Olympiad are being hosted (tis actually the third time London has played host city — the other two times were in 1908 and 1948). I have a whole bunch of Olympic correspondents lined up, and we’re going to start off on the right foot today with a man who you no doubt know more for his colorizations than for what is to follow — but George Chilvers knows him some football (or as we refer to it in the States, “soccer”). George will not only be supplying this wonderful article, but he’ll also serve as a local correspondent, attending several matches and reporting back to us along the way. Since the footy begins even before the Opening Ceremonies, it’s only fitting we begin our Olympic coverage with George. And here he is. Enjoy.

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No No No

No No No

By Phil Hecken

It’s been a big past few days in the uni-verse, so much so that there are really three big stories on the front burner today. They’re all pretty bad, each in its own way. But let’s start with the two freshest.

As most of you probably know, Joe is gone now…good riddance:

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Rockies Honor Victims

Rockies Padres Baseball Colorado Shooting

By John Ekdahl

Friday night, the Colorado Rockies honored the victims of the movie theater shooting by wearing black armbands and marking their eye black with “7-20”. From

The Padres and Rockies observed a moment of silence before Friday’s game at Petco Park. The Rockies hung a black jersey in their dugout, reading “We remember 7-20,” and wore purple jerseys and black wristbands in honor of those killed and injured.

The Rockies described their actions in a statement that was read on Root Sports Rocky Mountain at the start of its broadcast. The flags at Petco Park were flown at half-staff, and the Rockies stood at the edge of the warning track in front of their dugout during pregame ceremonies as a show of solidarity.

Here is the black jersey that hung in the dugout. The Rockies return home on Friday.


There’s been a lot of commentary about the United States Olympics uniforms being made in China. Now, some in the media are starting to notice that uniforms themselves (with the gigantic Polo logo) are a little obnoxious. The New York Times has posted 7 Olympic Uniforms or Yore.

Phil covered the NBA uniforms ads yesterday. Now Fox Sports is reporting that adding ads could net the NBA $100 million in revenue.

Bud Selig weighed in on the NBA uniform ads.

“You learn never to say never, but you know, with us, uniforms are really important,” Selig said on “The Waddle & Silvy Show” on ESPN 1000. “They’re history.

“You can close your eyes, and that Cub uniform, my goodness gracious, I can remember (that from) when I was 10 years old, and that’s a long time ago. And there’s the Yankee pinstripes, and the Red Sox and so on and so forth, so I’ve been pretty consistent on that.”

Well, it’s good to know he’s against ads on baseball uniforms, but the “never say never” is a bit disconcerting.

Open weekend thread as always. Sorry for the late post.

Update: Penn State has removed the statue of Joe Paterno. Initially they had considered relocating the statue to the Paterno library, which makes no sense. Hopefully they rip his name off the building as well.

Update 2: An NCAA source has described the coming penalties against Penn State as “unprecedented“.

CBS News has learned that the NCAA will announce what a high-ranking association source called “unprecedented” penalties against both the Penn State University football team and the school.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” the source told correspondent Armen Keteyian.

The official announcement will be made tomorrow morning at 9 a.m.

Update 3: I’m now realizing how terribly depressing this post is. So, to cheer everyone up, I give you 19-year-old Australian Olympic hurdler Michelle Jenneke. Enjoy.


Screen Shot 2012-06-24 at 10.32.36 PM

Yeah, I know, this one wouldn’t work in a daily newspaper, either…

7-22-12 s-shrubbery

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Dear Mr. Stern


By Phil Hecken

It’s all becoming clear now. Well, maybe not. The NBA is serious about putting ads on jerseys for the 2013 season. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, I direct you to Friday’s Uni Watch where the story began breaking. The reaction across the Interwebs was swift — and negative. And the photoshoppers (including several who created the images in today’s splash) began having fun with all the myriad possibilities for jersey junk.

As the foremost figure in the uni-verse, Mr.Lukas’ condemnation of this idea was both swift and severe (as it should be), and many, if not most, of the Uni Watch faithful have joined him in protesting this perversion of pretty much the sole remaining advertising-free real estate left in the three major sports (plus hockey) in the United States. I agree with him 100%.

Even on the day before his vacation, Mr. Lukas was busy — not just breaking the story, but encouraging anyone who believes that the uniform is the last bastion of purity in sport to express their dissatisfaction to the NBA and Commissioner David Stern. To do so, he has a couple suggestions: take to the twitterverse, where he’s coined the hashtag “#NoUniAds.” If you don’t know what this means, it’s pretty simple — just sign up for twitter (it’s free and easy — just follow these instructions). Once you have an account, simply “tweet” (post a comment) saying something like “Hey NBA, #NoUniAds.” You can also search on NoUniAds and you will see everyone who has used that particular phrase or hashtag. Simple, right? We hope to get that particular tag trending (don’t worry about what that means, it will hopefully become apparent).

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