Sean Walsh Reimagines Major League Soccer (Part II)

By Phil Hecken, with Sean “Superfly” Walsh

Good Saturday Morning, Uni Watchers. It’s the weekend! We made it.

A few months back, I ran the first part of Sean “Superfly” Walsh’s MLS Redesign Concepts. Today, we’re back to finish off the set. If you missed (or just want to refresh) the first part, please click on that link, as it contains an introduction/setup for Sean’s designs. There’s a lot to get to, so I’m going to turn it over to Superfly as he brings you his…

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MLS Redesigns, Part II
by Sean “Superfly” Walsh



LAFC have a strong look in black and gold, and I like what they’ve done with white and gray/silver on some of their alternates, but DC United already have the mono-black look locked down, so I made a Monaco style diagonal halves jersey (blatantly ripping off my Galaxy 3rd kit design, their going to be pissed), balancing the overall set with gold. Stayed with the white and silver on the away kit, giving it a bit of a Raiders vibe with the black and silver badges. The sublimated print are waves, representing the SoCal surf. I also made a third kit, kind of a “City Edition” if you will, shades of blue representing the ocean and sky, the stripes in the colors of the LA city flag, which is also included on the right sleeve, and a sublimated “Dia de los Muertos” print.


NY Red Bull:

I’m surprised a company that is so obsessed with branding has never referenced their original can in their kits, which aligns nicely with traditional halved and quartered jerseys. As far as I can tell, only the Salzburg club have used this template, so my set uses various versions of halves/quarters, red and white for home, goldenrod and black away, and the 3rd alternate most closely resembling their original can, but in a bit darker shades of blue and silver/gray than the original.


Portland Timbers:

Like our proprietor, I am a fan of green and gold, though I prefer a forest green and old gold look. I generally like Portland’s kits, but because of the affinity for their colors, I wanted to create my own versions. I also created a fourth kit in red and black, colors which the Timbers have used multiple times in the past, the red, representing Portland’s nickname “Rose City,” includes a geometric rose-like sublimated pattern, the black accents reference the classic red and black lumberjack flannel, and the red and black overall paying homage to the Trail Blazers.


Real Salt Lake:

RSL are getting back to their original look, they brought back the navy/blue shorts this season, after years of red shirts and shorts, but I think they can do better. If any team should have the traditional sash design, it’s Real Salt Lake, seems very royal. I also included one blue sleeve on the home jersey, just because I like asymmetry (both RSL and Spain, the inspiration for RSL’s colors, wore a red jersey with one navy sleeve for one season/tournament cycle). I think sleeves not matching is against FIFA rules, but it’s dumb rule, so…… Also, I like Atlanta’s white uniform with gold trim, seems like a color combo for royalty, so RSL gets a version too.


San Jose Earthquakes:

I like the blue and black of San Jose (always been a fan of Inter Milan kits), but San Jose have had some awful uniforms through the years, despite having a strong color palette to work with. They seem to have conceded Inter-like vertical stripes to Montreal (although it appears Montreal is going has gone [as I said, been doing this for awhile] in a different direction, so… ), so they need to stake their claim to some kind of trademark look, so instead of stripes or hoops, I went with neither, or kind of both, Croatia-style checkerboard. The away kit template in the is called “Dash,” apparently a reference to dots and dashes of Morse code, but I think it also evokes the digital ones and zeros of Silicon Valley. The all red, third alternate kit is an homage to the NASL Earthquakes, that literally includes a graphic that looks like the line drawn by the needle of a Richter scale, so that was easy and obvious, and sometimes obvious just works.


Seattle Sounders:

Seattle’s Rave Green and Sounder Blue are obviously distinctive, so my first instinct was to leave as is, even though I didn’t particularly like the overall look of green shirts and blue shorts, but after playing around with the colors a bit, and adding navy to the palette, the green and blue grew on me, so I designed a whole set, with interchangeable shirts, shorts and socks. I also created a Sonics homage as a fourth kit, using both the kelly green and gold of the 70s and 80s, as well as the darker green and gold of the 90s, rendered in broad hoops, evoking the band across the Sonics’ 70s-80s jerseys. I think for at least one derby a year, Portland and Seattle should wear their “basketball” kits.


Sporting Kansas City:

Since re-branding from the Wiz / Wizards, as Sporting Kansas City, I’ve liked several of their uniforms, and am a big fan of their light blue and navy color palette. A couple of motifs have stood out for me, first, the “state line” concept represented in their badge, that produced a modified “halves” jersey for a couple seasons, and the argyle motif that appeared in several alternate kits, so my versions of the home and away kits bring these back. A third alternate is rendered in gold and royal blue, again evoking the state line concept.


Toronto FC:

Toronto have had mostly all red kits since joining MLS, and they have often included significant gray elements, whether it be sleeves or striping, to give their kits a unique look, but they’ve never settled on gray element that would be consistently distinctive, and set them apart, so I gave them Victorian era quartered jerseys in red and gray (turns out TFC incorporated a variation of the quarters design into this year’s shirt, so I guess we were on the same wavelength). The away kit mirrors the home in white and light gray, with all red trim, and I made a third alternate, in Blue Jays colors, could rotate with Leafs and Raptors (black and purple version) colors too each year.


Atlanta United:

Atlanta has only been in the league a few years, I love their red and black stripes with gold trim, I love that they use peach and gold on white as alternate colors, nothing I would change, but I don’t like their 2021 kit, huge downgrade. I would add an alternate, obviously based on the uniform Hank Aaron wore when he hit number 714 and 715, one of my favorites, couldn’t decide whether to base it on the home or away jersey, so I did both.


Austin FC:

Austin FC looks great so far, green and black vertical stripes, unique and instantly recognizable. Another alternate that should be easily recognizable, based on the UT football uniforms, burnt orange and white only, no frills, just like the Longhorns. They can wear it when Houston comes to Austin, just to piss them off.


Columbus Crew:

As I’ve stated earlier, Columbus established a strong identity early on, with its all yellow home kit (which they’ve dropped this year, hopefully temporarily), and all black (usually) change kits, but I did want to create a third alternate for them. I used the scarlet and gray of Ohio State, and the checkerboard and diagonal lines motif from the Crew’s “old” badge (which they are apparently keeping after another logo change disaster) to create a white and gray checkerboard jersey, with gray shorts, and all scarlet trim, numbers and badge.


LA Galaxy:

The LA Galaxy is another team that has established a strong identity, with all white home kits, and various forms/colors of the traditional sash, which I like, and didn’t feel particularly inspired to change, but again, I wanted to create an alternate that referenced a favorite kit of mine from their past, the Green and Gold kit of the 2000s. In this case, The jersey emulates Monaco’s diagonal halves, but that still outlines/carves out their sash, then transitions to the green of the bottom half, and into the shorts.


Minnesota FC:

I like Minnesota’s colors, and their badge is great, but after trying various concepts for home and away, I just couldn’t come up with anything that I particularly liked, other than an alternate, maroon set, that is simple and goes well with their light gray and blue colors.



Montreal have changed their name to Club de Foot Montreal, as well as their badge and colors, so we’ll let them do their thing, but I do have a third alternate for them, the inspiration being obvious. I loved the Expos 70s-80s uniforms, still have their classic hat that I wear regularly, and those thick red and blue stripes translate nicely to a football kit. If I had the PS skills, I would have replaced the Fleur de Lis in the badge with the Expos logo.



I generally like NYC FC’s uniforms, and didn’t feel the need to re-do them, but did create an alternate based on the NY Yankees, since the Yankees organization does own a part of NYC FC.


Vancouver Whitecaps:

I generally like Vancouver uniforms, particularly when they use the blue band across the white jersey, so I wasn’t particularly moved to re-do, another boring color palette, but I did want to make a third alternate, and the inspiration should be obvious. I’ve rendered the Canucks’ Flying V in a more traditional chevron pattern of football kits. Gold, black and red hoops are a must, socks matter in both soccer and hockey.


San Francisco International Football Club:

And finally, if I was granted an expansion team, it would be the San Francisco International Football Club (I stole the “International” name years ago, before Beckham did it), with the inspiration for the badge and colors being the United Nations, which was originally located in San Francisco. Away kit is a complete rip off of Barcelona’s Centenary kit, the third, is based on Wimbledon Tennis club’s colors, which I always liked.

• • • • •

Thanks, Superfly! Like Paul (and I’m sure many others who read this site), I’m not a soccer guy, but I try to get into it whenever possible. To my eyes, many of these redesigns are pretty sweet. In the words of Jimmer Vilk, “I’d wear (some of) that.” Well done.

Readers? What say you?

MLB Playoff Uni Tracking

It’s BAAAAACK.Alex Rocklein has been tracking the jerseys of all the teams involved in the MLB Post Season for the past several seasons. We’ve now concluded the Wild Card and Divisional Series’ and have moved on to the ALCS (last night). The first graphic depicts all games played in the WC and DS. Although he sent me this graphic before the Red Sox/Astros game was completed, the graphic is correct for the jerseys worn (see full tracker). One small change: any team that has a front number on their jersey shows the number of the starting pitcher from that game (previously it was all #21).

Here’s the full tracker (which will get filled in as we go through the NLDS/ALDS, NLCS/ALCS and World Series):

I hope you guys enjoy this annual feature and you’ll thank Alex for all his effort with a quick “Thanks” in the comments below! Look for this feature every weekend until the World Series is complete!

Bulletin reminder: Paul here. In case you missed it on Friday, my latest article on Bulletin is an interview with football uniform historian Bill Schaefer, who creates all of the uniform mock-ups that appear on the amazing Gridiron Uniform Database website. We talked about how the GUD got started, he research methods, his “white whale,” his goals for the site’s future, and a lot more. I hope you’ll check it out on my Bulletin page. Enjoy!

The Ticker
By Anthony Emerson

Baseball News: Reader John Fitzgerald sent along some shots of his 1999 MLB All Star game duffle bag and commemorative ball. John says that “A friend of our family is a former Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher, and he was given this bag filled with various trinkets when he was in town signing autographs before the game. He passed these along to me at dinner while he was in town.” The bag is a great piece of memorabilia that I had never seen before. … I think we’ve discussed this before, but just in case — a portion of the old Forbes Field outfield wall still stands on the University of Pittsburgh’s campus (from Kary Klismet). … The ABC sitcom The Wonder Years features an anachronistic Phillies pennant in the main character’s bedroom — the show is set in 1968 but the logo in question wasn’t used until 1972 (from Matthew Green).

NFL News: The WFT is wearing throwbacks this weekend (from our own Jamie Rathjen). … The Jags are going mono-black tomorrow in London (thanks, Phil). … Bucs lineman Vita Vea had a hell of a time trying to remove his jersey for a post-game jersey swap after Thursday night’s game against the Eagles (from Moe Khan).

College/High School Football News: Ohio State is calling on fans to help design their new turf (from Jason Hillyer). … Here are this weekend’s unis for Virginia Tech, UNLV, Texas Tech, and KU.

Hockey News: The Devils have added a memorial helmet decal for the late Jimmy Hayes, while Chicago wore practice jerseys reading “Haysey” (from multiple readers). … Wayne Gretzky was almost always seen on the ice in his iconic Jofa helmet. An exception was the 1996 All-Star Game in Boston, where he wore a CCM (from @tucker_1993). … The Canucks misspelled RW Alex Chiasson’s NOB. It’s pronounced like “Chaisson” but spelled “Chiasson” (from multiple readers). … The Blue Jackets remembered their late G Matiss Kivlenieks who passed away this summer during their home opener Thursday night. G Elvis Merzlikins wore a No. 80 Kivlenieks jersey in warmups. No. 80 was on ice behind the nets and a banner was put in the rafters (from Wade Heidt). … Also from Wade: The OHL’s Flint Firebirds hosted a “Pink the Rink” promotion on Thursday night.

NBA News: The Kings flashed this new wordmark up on the Jumbotron during Thursday night’s game. Perhaps a City Edition preview? (from @nbaunitracker). … Mavs F Dorian Finney-Smith was without a championship tag during last night’s preseason finale (from @MavsTracker).

College/High School Hoops News: Georgia State men have unveiled new unis (from Doug Hazard). … Sign of the apocalypse: a high school gym now has a corporate naming rights advertiser (from Andrew Griesman).

Soccer News: St. Louis City SC’s new stadium will include an art installation commemorating the historic Black neighborhood that formerly stood on the site (from Kary Klismet).

Uni Tweet of the Day

Said no Uni Watcher, ever:

And finally… that’s all for today. Big thanks to Sean for sharing his MLS designs. For all you soccer guys (and gals), how’d he do?

Everyone have a good Saturday — enjoy the College Football and MLB Playoffs, or whatever it is you may be doing. I’ll catch you all back here with the SMUW crew tomorrow morning.



Rangers’ Gilbert Tribute Leads to Bizarre Uni Combo

Photo by Jared Silber/NHLI via Getty Images; click to enlarge

Visually jarring mix-and-match moment at Madison Square Garden last night, as the Rangers saluted the late Rod Gilbert by wearing No. 7 Gilbert jerseys for pregame activities. Since Gilbert seems better known for playing in the white-at-home era (more on that in a second), the pregame jerseys were white — but the Rangers were wearing their blue home jerseys for the actual game, so the white pregame jerseys were incongruously paired with the team’s blue helmets and blue socks. Or to put it another way, they tributed Gilbert by wearing a uni combo he never wore. Weird!

But here’s the thing: If you look at Gilbert’s career, he played eight seasons in the color-at-home era and eight more in the white-at-home era, so the pregame jersey could just as easily have been blue. But he was more of a star in the latter part of his career — the white-at-home part — which I think is why they went with the white for last night’s pregame salute.

I can understand all of that, but here’s something I have a harder time with: In Gilbert’s day, the Rangers’ NOBs were straight. But the pregame jerseys had Gilbert’s NOB rendered in the team’s current gentle vertical arching:

Obviously, you can’t expect them to match every period detail (Gilbert’s Rangers also had lace-up jersey collars, for example), but a straight NOB doesn’t seem like too much to ask.

Gilbert’s widow avoided the whole issue of replicating period details by wearing what appeared to be a vintage Gilbert jersey for the pregame puck drop:

We also got our first look at how the Gilbert memorial patch looks on the team’s home uniform:

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ITEM! New Bulletin article: For many years now, I’ve been singing the praises of the mighty Gridiron Uniform Database. For my latest article on Bulletin, I have an interview with one of the GUD’s honchos, Bill Schaefer, who creates all of the uniform mock-ups that appear on the site. We talked about how the GUD got started, he research methods, his “white whale,” his goals for the site’s future, and a lot more.

Those of you who’ve subscribed to receive my Bulletin content via email should already be seeing this piece in your in-boxes. Everyone else can read it on my Bulletin page. Enjoy!

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ITEM! Bobbleball raffle: Did you know that tomorrow is National Sports Day? It’s true! (Yes, it’s also silly.) Okay, so pretty much every day is National Sports Day in America, but whatever. The Bobblehead Hall of Fame is celebrating this momentous occasion by releasing a series of seven limited-edition bobbleballs. What’s a bobbleball? This:

The Bobble Hall of Fame is generously allowing me to raffle off one of the bobbles to a lucky Uni Watch reader. The winner will be able to choose from any of seven bobbles shown at the top of this section.

This will be a one-day raffle. USA addresses only. To enter, send an email with your mailing address and your preferred bobble prize, to the raffle in-box by 9pm Eastern tonight. One entry per person. I’ll announce the winner on Monday. Big thanks to the Bobble Hall for sponsoring this one!

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That time of year again: The Tugboat Captain and I went to get our annual flu shots yesterday. I’ve said this before but it’s worth repeating: Getting a flu shot is always a good idea — not just because it helps to protect you, but also because it helps build herd immunity that protects all of us. In my case, I happen to have asthma, so the flu could literally kill me. Getting your flu shot helps lower the risk for me, and for others with chronic respiratory disorders. If you’ve already gotten your shot, thank you! If you haven’t, I hope you’ll consider doing so soon. Vaccines work!

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The Ticker
By Anthony Emerson

Baseball News: Reader Dustin L. Meador stumbled across some amazing footage of Japanese baseball from the 1920s and ’30s, courtesy of the University of South Carolina’s library. Most notable is this footage of the 1934 USA visit to Japan, but this Reddit thread has a treasure trove of cool details. … Smithsonian magazine has an article on the history of Latin American baseball and softball in the US, with a strong emphasis on the uniforms (thanks, Phil). … The Rakuten Monkeys of Taiwan’s CBPL have unveiled a very…colorful new jersey that will be worn for their “Music Festival Theme Nights” next week (from @ColHapablab).

NFL News: Washington, which hasn’t issued No. 21 since DB Sean Taylor’s death in 2007, is now retiring the number. It will be only the third retired number in franchise history. … The NFL Films Twitter account has a great mini-documentary about 1970s tearaway jerseys (from J.A. Scott). … Purple jerseys and white pants for the Ravens this week (from Andrew Cosentino).

College/High School Football News: DB Jermaine Waller will wear Frank Beamer’s No. 25 for VT tomorrow (from Andrew Cosentino). … Here are this week’s uni combos for Florida, Syracuse, Troy, TCU, Illinois State, UNC, Michigan State, Mizzou, Washington State, Kentucky, UCF, Purdue, Virginia, and Tennessee (thanks to all who shared).

Hockey News: Habs goalie Sam Montembeault appears to still be wearing his Panthers mask. Also, it looks like his NOB lettering is a bit thinner than the Canadiens’ standard (from Mike Engle and Moe Khan). … On Wednesday night, the WHL’s Victoria Royals wore 1960s Night jerseys, designed in greyscale to mimic how they would look on black-and-white TV (from Wade Heidt). … Also from Wade, the BCHL’s West Kelowna Warriors have introduced a new black alternate sweater. … The Mile One Centre in St. John’s, Newfoundland, home of the ECHL’s Newfoundland Growlers, has a new corporate name (from Ted, who didn’t give his last name). … New helmet advertiser for the Wild (thanks, Phil). … On the other hand, no helmet ads last night for the Coyotes or Sabres.

NBA News: New Jazz owner Ryan Smith has confirmed that the team will be making some brand changes in the near future, with a new focus on “black and white.” In that linked article, The Salt Lake Tribune speculates on what some of the changes could be based on updates to the team’s practice facility and its social media graphics package (thanks to all who shared).

College/High School Hoops News: Oh man, check out Smyrna (Del.) High’s 1972 uni — not only is it sleeved, but check out those stripes! The socks are nice, too (from Mike Williams).

Soccer News: Rumor has it that the new Saudi owners of Newcastle United are seeking to end Newcastle’s shirt ad deal with a betting company, as Saudi Arabia outlaws gambling (from Kary Klismet). … Also from Kary: Bundesliga side Mainz 05 has already revealed next season’s away kit after holding a fan vote to decide the design. … One more from Kary: Chicago’s Revolution Brewing Co. is releasing a beer called Hazy Pitch that features Chicago Fire FC’s new logo and colors. … Electronic Arts has filed trademark applications in the US and UK for “EA Sports FC,” leading to speculation that that may be the new name for the FIFA video game series (from Trevor Williams).

Grab Bag: The U.S. men’s field hockey team hadn’t played since February 2020 until yesterday. They wore their new kit for the first time, featuring navy blue shirts and shorts and royal blue socks and base layers. “I think the royal blue items might be borrowed from the indoor team, which actually wears royal blue,” writes our own Jamie Rathjen. … Great Britain’s National Portrait Gallery website has a fascinating article on the development of the naval uniform and its effect on men’s fashion in the 18th century (from Kary Klismet). … Also from Kary, here’s a story about the Air Force Uniform Office at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, which designed the Space Force’s new dress uniforms. … One more from KaryUConn’s student newspaper held a correspondent roundtable to discuss the best athletics logo in school history. … The Netflix drama miniseries Clickbait features a shot of a volleyball team wearing jerseys with the players’ name on the front of the jerseys (from Chris Mycoskie).

• • • • •

And that’s a wrap for this week. Enjoy Phil’s weekend content, stay well, and I’ll see you back here on Monday with MMUW — and the NBA Season Preview! — Paul

Devils to Feature Local Black-Owned Biz Ad on Helmets

Click to enlarge

Interesting move yesterday by the Devils, who announced a new program called Buy Black. Between now and Oct. 29, local Black-owned businesses can apply to be chosen as the team’s new helmet advertiser. The business that’s chosen will get to advertise on the team’s helmets for 13 home games this season, beginning on Dec. 8. For those 13 games, the team’s primary helmet advertiser — a large insurance company — will step aside and donate the space to the local business.

As a staunch opponent of third-party ads on sports uniforms, I’ve had some fun pondering the pros and cons of this one. On the one hand, repping a local minority-owned business is certainly better than repping a soulless insurance company (or any other corporate monolith). The Devils deserve credit for coming up with this idea, and the insurance company deserves credit for donating their ad space (even if it’ll ultimately end up as a tax write-off on their balance sheet). The whole thing seems particularly relevant given that (a) hockey has struggled with Black audiences, and (b) the Devils play their home games in Newark, one of the NHL’s few majority-Black cities. (I think the only other one is Detroit.)

On the other hand, uni ads are still uni ads, and I still don’t like them. Here’s a thought experiment: If MLB teams began wearing cap and helmet ads for local minority-owned businesses next season, would you see that as a commendable thing? Or would you say, “This is obviously the next step on the road to full-blown corporate uni ads”?

In other words: Context matters. In this case, given that NHL helmets are already a lost cause, then sure, I guess repping a local business for a few games is a nice gesture compared to what all the other NHL teams are doing. But it’s still a lot worse than no ads, and it’s also worse than the Jazz’s cancer charity patch.

Speaking of which: When the Jazz debuted that charity patch, I thought/hoped it might spur a few other NBA teams to do something similar with their jersey ads. Four years later, that hasn’t happened. What about the the Devils’ program — will it inspire any copycats? Hmmmm.

Meanwhile, as long as we’re talking about NHL helmet ads:

• There were four NHL teams that went through the entire preseason with ad-free helmets: the Flyers, Avalanche, Oilers, and Maple Leafs. Alas, now that the regular season has started, the Leafs have announced their new bucket advertiser (and it’s definitely not a local business). But the Avs and Oilers were still ad-free last night, huzzah! As for the Flyers, their season opener isn’t until tomorrow, so we’ll see.

• The Capitals, ever innovating, appear to be the first team whose helmet ad is now raised/3D:

(Thanks to Evan Knode for spotting the new Caps ad.)

• • • • •

• • • • •

Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images; click to enlarge

Patchwork: We’ve known for a while now that the Rangers would be adding a memorial patch for Rod Gilbert. But they didn’t wear the patch during the preseason or even reveal the design, so last night’s season opener provided our first look at it (as shown above). Here’s a closer look, which reveals that they’ve taken a Cardinals-esque approach:

Also: As you can see, the Rangers are wearing this patch on the shoulder, not on the chest. That’s pretty standard for them — they’ve been doing the shoulder thing for many years. But if you look at their patch history (you have to click on all the little “P” icons on that page), they’ve usually worn patches on the right shoulder — although they did use the left shoulder for the 1994 Stanley Cup Finals, the 1999 Hall of Fame Game, the 9/11 ribbon, and the 2014 Stanley Cup Finals. And now for the Gilbert patch. I can’t figure out any rhyme or reason to the shoulder choice.

(My thanks to Alan Kreit for the close-up photo of the patch.)

• • • • •

• • • • •

Click to enlarge

NBA leaks, continued: Brazilian leakmeister Igor Coelho’s latest scoop is the Celtics’ new City alternate. You can learn more about its historical antecedents in this Twitter thread.

(My thanks to Phil, who was the first to let me know about this one.)

• • • • •

• • • • •

Click to enlarge

Too good for the Ticker: Oh baby, check out this amazing 1980s North Dakota State hockey jersey! Naturally, I dig the color scheme, but I dig the logo even more. That negative-space hockey stick — too much!

If you like this jersey as much as I do, it’s currently available on eBay.

(Mega-thanks to Brett Baker for this one.)

• • • • •

• • • • •

Press Pin reminder: The 2021 Uni Watch Press Pin, based on the look of championship rings, continues to be a steady seller — we’re now down to 51 pins remaining. It’s available here while supplies last. My thanks, as always, for considering our products!

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The Ticker
By Paul

Indigenous Appropriation News: The New York State Dept. of Education has ordered a school district to stop using its Native American team name and imagery or face the loss of the district’s state funding (from Stephen Langdon). … The rest of these are from Kary Klismet: Here’s a story about nine Massachusetts high schools that dropped Native American team names and one that refused. … Wasps RFC of England’s Premiership Rugby have asked fans of Exeter Chiefs not to wear Native American-style headdresses when visiting Wasps’ stadium. … Chippewa Hills High School in Michigan, whose team name is the Warriors, is dropping its Native American-themed logo. … The Perth Wildcats — an Australian pro basketball team — are adding Indigenous graphics to their uniforms (thanks, Phil).

Baseball News: The Highline Bears, a collegiate wood-bat summer team, are letting fans vote on whether they should be renamed the Seal Slingers or the Fish Sticks. … Here are this year’s Arizona Fall League caps (from @greeneyes_scott). … Back in 2006, in the very first post on this blog, I wrote that the big trend in uniforms at the time was the move toward “superhero costumes” with a “heavy comic book influence” — a trend that has only intensified in the subsequent 15 years. Most of the superhero influence has been implicit and stylistic, but Minor League Baseball has now taken a more literal approach to the superhero trope by striking a three-year deal with Marvel, which will include superhero-themed uniforms. Details in this thread (thanks, Phil).

NFL News: Here are this week’s uni combos for the Titans, Broncos, Eagles, and Bengals (thanks, Phil). … More Jon Gruden fallout: He’s been removed from the Madden 22 video game and has lost his endorsement deal with the footwear brand Skechers.

College and High School Football News: Tuttle High School in Texas, whose teams are called the Tuttle Tigers, manages to poach both the Missouri and Texas Tech logos on its uniforms (from Derek House). … 1961 throwbacks this week for Columbia (from Alex Oberweger and Jace McKeighan). … New “Locust Walk”-themed helmets for Penn (from Grant Bronsdon). … Here are this week’s uni combos for Iowa State, Cincinnati, Oregon, Utah, and Washington State (thanks to Phil and everyone else who shared). … Here’s a list of the FCS’s best team names and mascots (from Kary Klismet).

Hockey News: Ligue Nord-Americaine de Hockey — a lower-level minor pro league based in Quebec — has a new 25th-anniversary logo (from Wade Heidt). … Avs G Darcy Kuemper apparently had an issue with his mask during last night’s game, so he switched to last season’s mask that he wore with the Coyotes. … The latest hint that the Sharks have a throwback uni in the works: At a recent practice, they wore helmets with their old wordmark (good spot by Luke Hunter).

Pro Basketball News: With the start of the regular season less than a week away, there are two NBA teams that don’t currently have jersey ads — the Wizards and Grizzlies. I know for a fact that one of these teams is seeking a new advertiser, and I assume the other one is as well, although it’s unclear whether any deals will be struck in time for the start of the season. … Here’s a good behind-the-scenes look at the Lakers’ equipment room (thanks, Phil). … New uniforms for the Tasmania JackJumpers — now there’s a team name! — of Australia’s National Basketball League (from Kary Klismet).

College Hoops News: New logo for the SEC women’s tournament (from Griffin Smith). … This Twitter thread has lots of info on Kansas’s new uniforms (from Andrew Joseph). … New uniforms for Western Kentucky (thanks, Phil). … Apparent new uniforms for Tennessee State (from @NachoManeNeek).

Soccer News: Several Faroe Islands players in Tuesday’s World Cup qualifier against Scotland had NOBs in the first half but went NNOB in the second half, as seen in these before and after shots of left-back Ári Mohr Jónsson (No. 19 in both pics). It may have been due to a weather-driven shirt switcheroo (thanks, Jamie).

Grab Bag: “England’s rugby union teams have new second shirts, but they’re slightly different for the men’s vs. the women’s teams,” says our own Jamie Rathjen. … Here’s an interview with a graphic designer about the popularity of retro sports design (from Jeffrey Schleicher). … World Rugby, which is the governing body for rugby union, has ruled that players are now permitted to wear tights or leggings (from Matt Lake). … Fun article about the TV show Succession’s use of blank baseball caps. … The next three are from Kary Klismet: The University of Nebraska-Omaha has a feature on its cartoon bull mascot, Durango, in honor of his 50th birthday. … New uniforms and team name for the East Shepparton Bowls Club, an amateur lawn bowling team in Victoria, Australia. … The new World Fight League, a mixed martial arts competition, has unveiled its logo. … The MTA — that’s the agency that runs the subways here in NYC — is testing a new retro-styled subway map (from Philip Brown).

NBA Unveils Full Uniform Schedule for 2021-22 Season

With the NBA season set to begin next Tuesday, Oct. 19, the league took a major uni-related step yesterday by loading the full 2021-22 uniform schedule onto its LockerVision site.

LockerVision, which debuted in 2018, is the only publicly available site of its type in pro sports. It shows the uni matchups for every single regular season game, from next Tuesday’s season tip-off to the final day of the regular season on April 10. Teams v-e-r-y occasionally deviate from what’s shown on LockerVision, but not often. It’s pretty much the Bible for NBA uni tracking.

After this season’s uni schedule went live yesterday afternoon, I spent some time poking around on LockerVision. Here are some observations:

• The LockerVision site itself has been given a substantial makeover. The new interface is more handsome and dynamic than the old one, and there’s now detailed info on each uniform worn by each team (or maybe that’s not new — honestly, I don’t recall). For example, here are all of the Bucks’ uniforms. If you click on one of them — the white “Association” design, say — you get a paragraph of info on that uniform (including some marketingspeak bullshit, but whatever) and a look at the warm-up gear that goes with it. You can also see every team’s primary white uni, every team’s Statement alternate, and so on.

• As you may have noticed on that first Bucks link, all of this season’s new City uniforms — these are the “mash-up” or “mixtape” designs, some of which have already leaked, that will use graphics drawn from each team’s visual history — are listed as “Coming Soon,” both on the individual team pages and on the schedule breakdown (click to enlarge):

• Looking at the schedule, it appears that the new City uniforms will start being worn on-court on Nov. 3 — not for every game, but for many of them — so expect to see lots of the City designs unveiled by that date. (Of course, many more of them may leak in the interim.)

• As had been previously reported, two teams — the Suns and Jazz — are reprising their City uniforms from last season, so they will not get new City mash-up designs.

• No Earned uniforms on this year’s schedule. That aligns with what I’ve been told. (For those keeping score at home, the Earned program debuted in 2018-19, was scrapped for 2019-20, returned last season, and is gone again this season — for good, I’m hoping.)

• Not a single black-vs.-orange game on Halloween. Come on, people! Sigh:

• Eight of the 10 teams playing on Christmas Day are slated to wear their City designs (click to enlarge):

• If you look at the home team’s “Game Outfitting” for any game on the schedule and then click the right-hand arrow to scroll through the warm-up gear, you’ll eventually get to the court design being used for that game (although the ones tied to City uniforms are, like the unis themselves, “Coming Soon”). This allows us to see, for example, that the Warriors have a throwback court to go with their new throwback uniform:

Interestingly, the Knicks and Celtics also have new throwback uniforms, but LockerVision shows them using their standard court designs (the “Core” design, as LockerVision calls it) for their throwback games. Or at least that’s what it shows now — yesterday a throwback Celtics court was shown:

Not sure why that design was removed from LockerVision after initially appearing there. Hmmmmm.

I have not yet had time to compare every team’s Core court design to last year’s (although there’s already news about changes for the Cavs). If anyone wants to do that, to see which floors have been updated, that would be a genuine public service!


I’m sure there’s more info to glean on LockerVision, so feel free to post whatever insights you come up with.

Meanwhile, with the full uniform schedule now released, some enterprising uni trackers are already providing breakdowns for individual teams. Here’s one for the Jazz:

(My thanks to Twitter-er @sullstice for spotting the Celtics’ throwback court.)

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Addition by subtraction: As you probably know by now, Nike is using a diamond-crystal maker’s mark for NBA jerseys and shorts this season, to mark the league’s 75th anniversary. But if this photo of Raptors forward Sam Dekker is any indication, the diamond marks are glued on, not sewn on — and Dekker’s fell off during last night’s preseason game.

Gee, it would be a real shame if a lot of that happened this season, eh?

(My thanks to Kevin Ramchand for this one.)

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The Ticker
By Lloyd Alaban

Baseball News: A woman caught a ball using her friend’s prosthetic leg at a recent White Sox game (from Max Weintraub). … The Phillies and the designers of the club’s Phillie Phanatic mascot have settled their lawsuit (from @PhillyPartTwo). … A fan at last night’s White Sox game wore a 1919 White Sox uniform (from our own Phil Hecken). … The Braves used the Brewers’ outdated logo on a scoreboard graphic yesterday (from Michael Rich). … Here’s a deep dive on the various rule changes MLB is considering in an attempt to make games less “boring.”

NFL News: Reprinted from yesterday’s comments: If you believe the Giants’ and Rams’ published uniform schedules, the two teams are slated to wear go white vs. dishwater this week. That can’t possibly be right — the Rams will presumably have to wear blue (also from our own Phil Hecken). … Also from Phil: Throwbacks for the Bears this week. … In the wake of the Jon Gruden scandal, the Bucs announced that they’re removing Gruden from their stadium’s Ring of Honor.

College Football News: The next four items are from our own Phil HeckenThrowbacks for Kansas this week. … Mono-blue unis for Memphis this Thursday. … The Sailor Bear is returning to Baylor’s helmets this weekend. … UCF unveiled its “space” uniforms. … Throwbacks for Montana to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its national championship (from Bridger Deschamps).

Hockey News: The Lightning raised their championship banner prior to last night’s game. … The Blackhawks will reportedly have separate home and road alternate captains. D Connor Murphy will wear the “A” on the road and F Alex DeBrincat will wear it at home. F Patrick Kane will wear the other “A” for all games (from Jason C.). … New helmet ads for the Canucks (from multiple readers). … New logo for hockey equipment company Bauer (from @GoalieGearNerd). … ESPN’s fantasy app didn’t include the Kraken’s logo last night (from Chris Rucinski).

Soccer News: Chelsea’s goalkeeper kit for the 2022-23 Premier League season has leaked (from Kary Klismet).

Grab Bag: The McLaren team is releasing jerseys for the US Grand Prix (from @MisterPigz). … San Francisco International Airport has a museum of airline uniforms (from Skott Daltonic). … The UPC bar codes on Trader Joe’s’ baking soda and baking powder are made to look like birthday cakes (from Graham Block). … Here are the uniforms that the Blue Origin crew that includes William Shatner will wear on today’s spaceflight (from Kary Klismet). … One more from Kary: Coastline Community College in Orange County, Calif., has unveiled new athletics logos in honor of its 45th anniversary. … The New York Post ran a fun infographic showing NYC sports championships as broken down by mayoral administration (thanks to all who shared).