A Uni Watch Look at St. Patrick’s Day

Sports teams throughout the uni-verse wore green for St. Paddy’s Day yesterday. We’ll begin with the Cincinnati Reds, shown above, who not only wore a green jersey and cap but also added a new sleeve patch. And what did that patch say? Let’s take a closer look:

Interesting! This is a variation on the patch that the Reds wore a year earlier to mark the green gimmick’s 40th anniversary. I guess they plan to remind everyone from now on that they came up with the idea.

Most MLB teams just wore green caps yesterday, but a few went the extra mile with green jerseys:

The Brewers didn’t bother with a green jersey, but they did go a bit further than the green-capped teams by also adding a green batting helmet logo:

I’m pretty sure everyone else just went with the green caps.

In addition, high-cuffed players showed off green socks:

As for other sports and leagues:


Some teams playing yesterday — but not all of them — wore holiday-themed sweaters for the pregame skate:

Disappointingly, the Devils didn’t wear their green-trimmed throwbacks, I guess because they were on the road. I realize that they like to save that design for home fans, but it seems silly not to wear it on March 17 when you have it in your wardrobe.

More teams wore green on Saturday, and at least one will do so tomorrow. That’s holiday creep for ya.

College Baseball



Three NLL teams wore holiday uniforms on Saturday night — the Calgary Roughnecks, San Diego Seals, and Toronto Rock:

Uni Watch Readers

I’m sure this was just the tip of yesterday’s green iceberg. If you know of other teams that wore green yesterday, feel free to post photo links in today’s comments.

(My thanks to all contributors, including Wade Heidt, Alan Kreit, Matthew Lerman, Chip Powell, @CaliGlowin, and our own Alex Hider and Jamie Rathjen.)

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MLB ad patch update: When it was revealed last month that the A’s would be wearing an MGM Resorts advertising patch for their season-opening series against the Mariners in Tokyo, the word through the grapevine was that the M’s would reveal their own uni ad at a later date.

The Mariners are now in Japan, where they’ve been playing a series of exhibitions. And although there’s been no official announcement (which seems odd), we can see that their ad is for the Japanese petroleum company Eneos.

As I explained last month, it’s standard (if depressing) practice for MLB teams to wear uni ads for season-opening games in Japan, dating back to 2000. Full details on that here.

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Can’t tell the player even with a scorecard: They always say you can tell a player won’t make the final roster cut if he has a high uni number. But what if he has no number?

That was the situation in the sixth inning of yesterday’s Red/Indians game, as Cincy brought in pitcher Wyatt Strahan, who wore a jersey that was blank on the back. He had the proper graphics on the chest and sleeve, so at least he looked good from the front — but not from the back.

(My thanks to @bs_brewer for letting me know about this one.)

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Angelic problem: With MLB roster sizes set to increase from 25 to 26 next season, reader Daren Landers raises a good question: What will the Angels do about No. 26, which they retired for Gene Autry as the “26th man”?

They can’t really change it to 27, since that was Vlad Guerrero’s number and is currently Mike Trout’s number (presenting a thorny number-retirement problem of its own).

This really highlights the absurdity of retiring numbers for owners and executives, which they never should’ve done in the first place. (That noise you just heard is reader Mark in Shiga about to fire off a comment saying that all number retirements are absurd. Love ya, Mark!)

While we’re at it: Kinda disappointing that the Halos’ retired numbers are all rendered in the team’s current typographic style, no? Come on, guys — make them era-appropriate!

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rafflet ticket by ben thoma.jpg

ITEM! New raffle: With March Madness about to get underway, we have a new raffle from Homefield Apparel, which specializes in T-shirts and hoodies from smaller schools– mid-majors, DII, even DIII. Two lucky Uni Watch readers will each get to choose any item from Homefield’s site.

To enter, send an email to the raffle address by this Thursday, March 21, 7pm Eastern. One entry per person. I’ll announce the winners on Friday.

Meanwhile, speaking of raffles, the winner of the free membership that was purchased and donated by a generous reader is Brent Light. Congrats to him, thanks to all who entered, and doubleplusthanks to the reader who donated the membership.

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ITEM! Help ring in spring: Last spring I wrote about the excellent double play machine built by artist Mac Premo, who’s become a good friend. He has something special planned for next Tuesday, March 26. Take it away, Mac:

Folks, it almost Opening Day. So let’s celebrate the joy that every baseball season brings. Let’s take that joy to the streets. Let’s have a catch.

It is an exquisite thing to have a catch. Without the exchange of even a single word, a good catch becomes a temporal poem of hope and heritage. It is intimate, it is tremendous, and it is divinely pointless. To have a catch is joyful.

On Tuesday, March 26, at high noon, we’re going to have a catch around an entire Brooklyn block. Then we’re going to share a couple of 8′ party subs from Paisanos Deli, maybe a couple beers.

To make this happen, we need about 40 people. So, here’s the ask: You got a glove? Can you be at The Invisible Dog Art Center on Bergen Street in Brooklyn on Tuesday, March 26, at around 11:30am? Are you cool with us documenting this whole weird thing on film? And most importantly, you wanna have a catch ‘round the block and then eat some party subs?

If the answer is really and truly YES, then let us know ASAP. Let’s have a catch. EVERYONE welcome.

Doesn’t that sound like fun? I’ll definitely be participating. If you want in, let Mac know (he’s trying to get a head count) by posting a comment to this Facebook post. If you don’t do Facebook, just email me and I’ll take it from there. Thanks.

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Going, going…: Today is the next-to-last day to bid on the one-of-a-kind Uni Watch jersey made by the awesome Wafflebored. Full details, including a rear-view photo, the jersey’s measurements, how to bid on it, and more, can be found here.

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The Ticker
By Jamie Rathjen

Baseball News: The Diamondbacks are filling in the path from the mound to home plate this season. … Michigan wore fauxbacks intended to evoke the 1962 national championship team. … Also posted in hockey: Jason Hillyer sent us an article about minor-league promotions focused on Portland, Maine’s ECHL and Double-A baseball teams, who are both changing their names for one game this year. … The baseball team at Pittston (Pa.) Area HS, whose teams are called the Patriots, uses a version of the Mr. Redlegs cap logo modified to wear a colonial-era outfit (from Art Savokinas). … Check out this shot of the 1971 Winnipeg Whips, an Expos farm team. Interesting to see that the player in the foreground has the 1969 MLB centennial sleeve patch — clearly a recycled Expos jersey (from Daren Landers). … Also from Daren: One of the Reds’ spring training batboys has a jersey that’s blank on the back, while another has very un-Reds-like typography.

Football News: The AAF’s San Diego Fleet became the latest team in the league to debut a white jersey (from Richard Bronish).

Hockey News: The ECHL’s Cinncinnati Cyclones did a Black Panther promotion this weekend (from Brian Henke). … Speaking of minor-league promotions, Jason Hillyer sent us an article about such promotions focused on Portland, Maine’s ECHL and Double-A baseball teams, who are both changing their names for one game this year.

Basketball News: Reader Robert Brashear spotted Harvard/Yale frankenjerseys at yesterday’s Ivy League championship for the Feinberg brothers: Yale guard Michael and Harvard guard Robbie.

Soccer News: German 2. Bundesliga team FC Ingolstadt wore shirts saying “Right wingers? Only in a 4-3-3!” yesterday. The reference was to Ingolstadt’s last game against Union Berlin, when Ingolstadt captain and Israeli international midfielder Almog Cohen received an anti-Semitic tweet from a Union Berlin fan after being sent off. … A-League teams Wellington Phoenix — the Australian league’s team in New Zealand — and Western Sydney Wanderers wore black armbands for the Christchurch shootings. … New Vancouver Whitecaps midfielder Hwang In-beom had his NOB spelled wrong this weekend (from Steve May). … The NWSL’s Washington Spirit wore last season’s kit without the primary ad for their first preseason game. … Spain’s La Liga is reportedly to switch ball manufacturers to Puma from Nike, with the reasoning that leagues which use Nike balls, including the NWSL, the Premier League, and Serie A, all get the same ball (from Josh Hinton).

Grab Bag: The Crusaders, the Super Rugby team based in Christchurch, New Zealand, are open to changing their name after this week’s shootings. The team yesterday said their name does not reference the Crusades, even though their logo and mascots sure do seem Crusades-inspired. … More Christchurch: the New Zealand and Australia men’s and women’s field hockey teams played each other this weekend and all wore black armbands. Australia’s women did likewise Saturday against Argentina. … The women’s teams at Australian Football League clubs Carlton and Western Bulldogs played a pride game this weekend, featuring rainbow accents for both teams.

Wearin' O' The Green

Are You Wearing Green Today?

By Phil Hecken

The wearing of green in professional sports (whether as a uniform, part of a uniform, as a warm-up, etc.) for St. Paddy’s Day has become a fairly common occurrence of late, especially in baseball and in hockey — driven (sadly) by the merchandise train. In fact, you can buy a green cap for every MLB team (some of which teams will wear on the field today); you’ll also see socks, bases, lockers, polo shirts, line up “cards”, and, well, maybe even this. But safe to say, there’ll be a lot of green on the field today, and it won’t just be the outfield walls and grass.

You should be familiar with how baseball began its “celebration” of St. Paddy’s Day.

The great Bill Henderson documented this in his wonderful “Game Worn Guides…” publication:

Those Reds celebrated their 40th Anniversary of Wearing Green last season, and that article documents how the rest of MLB have followed.

But the Reds weren’t actually the first team to “celebrate” St. Patrick’s Day. That honor belongs to the ABA’s 1971 Floridians, who didn’t actually wear green, but gave each player an “O-apostrophe” NOB. [Big thanks to Todd Radom for that nugget]

Recognizing St. Patrick’s Day was a-comin’, on Thursday, I thought I could try to gather a list (or at least a partial list) of some of the best St. Paddy’s jerseys/unis/caps/helmets, etc. ever worn, so I asked Twitter for help, starting with four of what I considered to be the “best” ones:

Those would, of course be the 1978 Reds, as well as Toronto Maple Leafs “St. Pat’s”, the Notre Dame Shamrock Series 2011 helmet, and the New York Mets “Mr. Met-rechaun”:

Now, the Notre Dame team didn’t wear that helmet for St. Patrick’s Day (though it would be perfect), and technically the Leafs “St. Pat’s” throwbacks weren’t a St. Paddy’s Day kit (though for the past couple years they’ve worn them around March 17th). Still, it is possible to come up with a decent list for the four major sports plus others. Here’s some of the best:

• • • •


Aside from the originators (and the Mets), I particularly like the Phillies 1981 Caps, and the Chicago White Sox, who actually have worn their green-hued unis during the season for their “Halfway To St. Patrick’s Day” game:

Honorable mention goes to the 1952 Dublin Green Sox, who sported this beaut:

• • • •


Since it’s not played during the holiday, there really aren’t many options here. However, aside from the ND Shamrock helmet, did you know the New York Jets began wearing green in 1963 because team president David A. “Sonny” Werblin was born on St. Patrick’s Day in 1910? I didn’t either, and I owe another cap tip to Todd Radom, who pointed me towards this article, in which he documents some early use of green in sports (I did know about the Floridians — from a Paul Lukas tweet some years back, but never knew about the Jets).

• • • •


The NBA gave some of its teams green uniforms back in the mid-2000s, and a couple of those stand out:

Yes, the Bulls team wore those, not just the mascot. I believe the Raptors and the (already green-clad) Celtics both had special St. Patrick’s Day uniforms as well. Still, those Floridians…

• • • •


Lots of teams wear green warmup sweaters now, but the Toronto Maple Leafs didn’t just wear the white St. Pat’s unis, they have also donned green/brown ones:

One of the better warmups was worn by the Blackhawks some years back:

Honorable mention to the 1935-36 Pittsburgh Shamrocks

• • • •

Other Sports:


I confess I’m not sure of the provenance of this photo, as it was simply tweeted at me without any explanation; if anyone knows (and I’m sure some of you do), please post it in the comments.


I’m woefully deficient in my soccer knowledge, so I’m sure there have been other teams who’ve done or worn something shamrock/green/St. Patrick’s Day related.

Dead Hockey:

I’m pretty sure that doesn’t really count, but it’s great.


Ok, that really doesn’t count. But I did wear special St. Paddy’s pants for curling last season.

• • • •

Enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day today — and make sure you’re wearing green! Even if you don’t have a drop of Irish in you (like me), everyone’s “Irish” today, eh?


[Special thanks to: Alex Cheremeteff, Gabriel Hurl, Beauty of a Game, Tom O’Grady, J.S., Hamburger Stand Now, Simon Harrow, RG Spore, Jim Vilk, Diddy, and of course, Todd Radom, for their contributions to this section.]

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Kreindler’s Korner

I had the distinct pleasure of featuring the wonderful artwork of artist Graig Kriendler on two occasions over the summer and fall of 2017, and more recently, in August of 2018.

For those who don’t wish to click the links, Graig paints baseball heroes (and regular guys) from the past, and is an immense talent.

Occasionally, I will be featuring his work on Uni Watch.

Here’s today’s offering (click to enlarge):

• • •

Title: “Menacing Mathewson and Marquard”
Subject: ‘Home Run’ Baker, 1913
Medium: Oil on linen mounted to board
Size: 11″ x 14″

“If you desire one truth that is self-evident and beyond all rebuttal”, sportswriter Grantland Rice claimed, “you can stand by this: John Franklin Baker can hit.” The man from the small farming town of Trappe, Maryland had built the muscles in his back, arms and wrists by working at his father’s farm, tending livestock and harvesting crops. Those physical attributes were on display very early in 1908 – his first full season with the Athletics. In only his fourth game that year, Baker hit a grand slam homer over the right field fence in Boston. It was the first time since the 1907 season that anyone had cleared the fence of the Huntington Avenue Grounds with a homer. On May 29, against the same Boston pitcher, Frank Arellanes, he slammed a ball 340 feet, and over the right field fence and out of the newly constructed Shibe Park. He was the first person in history to do so. When the park opened, the Public Ledger reported, “As to the extent of the outfield it is sufficient to say that the first slugger to put a ball over the fence will insure that his name will have a place in baseball history.” Though the home run was all abuzz amongst fans for weeks, it was not until after the 1911 World Series that he would truly make a place for his name in the annals of the sport.

It was during Game 2 in New York against the Giants that ‘Home Run’ Baker was born. Hitting a go-ahead two run homer off of Rube Marquard’s 1-1 fastball in the sixth inning, Frank and his ‘White Elephants’ took that contest, 3-1. The defeated pitcher wrote in a newspaper column that he took full responsibility for the loss. Teammate Christy Mathewson, who had won the opener in the series, agreed. In his own ghostwritten column in the New York Herald, through sportswriter Jack Wheeler he claimed that Rube’s one pitch cost the Giants the game. “Victory hung on that one ball”, Wheeler wrote for Matty, “and Marquard served Baker with the wrong prescription.”

The next game saw the confident Christy take the mound for the second time in the series, this time in the enemy territory of a Shibe Park filled with 38,000 fans. With the Giants up by a run in the A’s ninth, Baker casually stepped to the plate with one out and nobody on. The Christian Gentleman threw two curve strikes to the slugger. Upon laying his next pitch – a fastball just like Marquard’s the game before – Baker slashed a line drive into the right field crowd, landing in the next-to-last tier of the upper grandstands. Mathewson kicked the dirt and proceeded to unravel. The A’s would eventually win that game in the eleventh, and end up taking the series in six games.

Baker had hit 11 homers during that regular season, and the two in the back-to-back World Series games made it 13 total – a kingly number during the dead-ball era.

• • •

Thanks, Graig! You can (and should!) follow Graig on Twitter.

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The View From The Net

You probably know Brinke Guthrie (who I jokingly refer to as my tennis “doubles partner”) more for his “Collector’s Corner” segment that runs weekdays on Uni Watch, but for the past decade or so, I’ve collaborated with Brinke on many tennis-related segments for this blog — but always for the “Majors,” which also comprise Tennis’ Grand Slam. But the tennis world doesn’t just revolve around the four majors; there are other tourneys held throughout the year, and Brinke will occasionally look at the “uniforms” (a/k/a fashion) for the smaller events. Today is one of those days.

Here’s Brinke:

• • •

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the Uni Watch tennis desk. Last weekend (scroll down) we covered the Fila gear that’s predominant at the Indian Wells BNP Paribas Open. Those finals (both ATP and WTA) are scheduled for today (ESPN2) and then tomorrow, the action moves all the way over to Miami for the Miami Open, in its first year at Hard Rock Stadium.

Make no mistake, the Miami Open is a very big deal, and it’s a coveted title. For the 5th straight year, Lacoste is the major on-site fashion sponsor, and leading the men’s charge is men’s world #1 Novak Djokovic, a six-time winner in South Florida. The Djoker has his own signature line from Le Croc, and he’ll be wearing the Center Geo Polo in two different colorways. (My bet is orange for the other.) Gone are the days of the cotton tennis shirt- this one is 92% poly and 8% Elastane.

Generally, he always color matches his Lacoste clothing with his personalized Asics sneakers. BTW, here’s a terrific website to keep track of who wears what in pro tennis.

Lacoste will also be selling co-branded tournament merch at Hard Rock Stadium, in plenty of vibrant Miami colors.

Lacoste has quite a few sponsored pros on both tours, including Dominika Cibulkova, who pairs her Lacoste Women’s Spring Tennis Dress (91% Polyester, 9% Elastane. Mesh: 88% Polyester, 12% Elastane) with Nike shoes.

• • •

Thanks, Brinke!

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Uni Concepts & Tweaks

After being dormant for a while, the Uni Tweaks/Concepts have returned!

I hope you guys like this feature and will want to continue to submit your concepts and tweaks to me. If you do, Shoot me an E-mail (Phil (dot) Hecken (at) gmail (dot) com).

• • •

I got the following concept from John Elbertson, who decided the New York Islanders need a new, updated look. Here’s John:


For this Islanders concept, I wanted to take a number of their design decisions in the last 20 years and streamline them into one distinct look. The home and road jerseys keep the swooped arm striping and the lighthouse shoulder patches from the Fisherman reboot. The NY logo is from their Stadium Series jersey, but with the four stripes moved to the blade of the stick, like on the current alt.

The third jersey in this set is a nod to the 1997 jersey, one of my favorites, with the original logo and the ’90s color scheme. All I actually had to fix was the wavy name and number. Like they used to tell us in art school, you need to put a leash on that dog.


Thanks John. OK readers (and concepters). If you have some tweaks or concepts, shoot ’em my way with a brief description of your creation and I’ll run ’em here.

• • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • •

One Right Thru Jimmer Vilk’s Uprights…

…Barefoot Kickers

Gene Sanny writes,

“Doing a little research for an electric football team, and I wanted a barefoot kicker, so I looked up Tony Franklin of the eagles. Turns out he wore varying lengths of socks. Super short, mid length, and my favorite, all but the foot, which is amazing looking. So then I had to look up the only other one I remembered, Rich Karlis… Seems from pics he just went with one style, the top with stripes.”

Thanks Gene.

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Li’l Help?

What you see above is from an e-mail sent to UniWatching by Dan Matthews. In the e-mail he writes,

Good afternoon,

Picked up a beautiful jersey at a thrift store today. Just gorgeous, and a good uni-sleuthing project. Extra bonus – there was a sale on all clothing. As much as you could fit in a paper shopping bag for $3.00 total, so I got this for around a quarter.

If anyone knows the age of this, please let me know. I included pictures that I thought would be of interest. I mean – just check out that piping.



Thanks, Dan. It’s a beautiful jersey — Dan included several more images, including the tagging, which I’ve put into this album. If anyone can help Dan out with his questions, please post your thoughts in the comments down below. Thanks!

• • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • •

And now a few words from Paul

Hi there. It’s been a busy week. Here are some things you might have missed:

• Thursday was my last day at ESPN. They let me write a farewell column featuring my favorite things I wrote for them over the past 15 years.

• I also wrote a piece for The Wall Street Journal about pepperoni. It’s paywalled, but you can get a two-month subscription for only a buck.

• We’re auctioning off another amazing one-of-a-kind Uni Watch jersey made by Wafflebored. It’s a blind auction, but I can tell you that the current high bid is more than $100 but less than $160.

• Now that my free agency has begun, Uni Watch could really use your support. If you have the inclination and the means, please consider ordering a membership card, purchasing some of our fine merchandise, or making a donation. Thanks.

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Uni Watch News Ticker
By Phil

Baseball News: The Bama Uniform Tracker reports that, after a one year absence, the script gray uniforms have returned (from College Sports Design). … From the way-back machine: pretty cool photo of Bo Jackson in a powder blue Auburn jersey (from GOAT Jerseys). … Here’s a very cool look at a logo for the 1903 Philadelphia Athletics. (1902 American League Champions) According to Alex Cheremeteff, it’s the first use of the white elephant. Also, in 1902, John McGraw declared that Ben Shibe had a “white elephant on his hands.” The “Hey Rube” was for ace Rube Waddell: 24-7, 2.05 ERA. … Oh my. Check out these red & white striped unis for the Alaskan Baseball League from the 1980s (from Alan Poff). … Here’s a neat drawing of the Chicago White Sox Spring Training in 1911, when they trained in Mineral Wells, TX (from BaseballHistoryDaily). … It was Curtis Granderson’s birthday yesterday, and the Marlins wished him a Happy B-DayPaul notes Curtis has “been writing this same thing on his underbrims since he was a kid.” … Interesting softball uniforms for the FSU ladies (from Victory Cheeseballs). … Here’s Miller Huggins and the New York Yankees arriving in style at spring training camp in New Orleans. (photo dated March 16, 1923). From Bruce Menard. … Here’s a look at the Tri-City Valley Cats 2018 Championship ring (from Ignacio Salazar). … A youth baseball team in California still wearing the Indians cap that is now retired (from Griffin Smith). … Tweeter Frank McGuigan writes, “I know you don’t care about retail merchandise. But, anyone who buys this is a sucker. They slapped a Phillies 3 on a Nationals uniform.” … Nice new pins for the Wichita State Shockers (via Paul). … Check out who was coaching first base for the Brewers yesterday (from Josh Clayton).

NFL News: I’m not sure if there’s anything new in this article about the new NY Jets unis Paul hasn’t already reported, but this quote is scary telling: “This is a complete redesign, not a tweak. The colors are new. The logo is new. The design is new. The primary jersey is kelly green, with numbers that ‘kinda look like Oregon’s.’ There’s also a primarily-black alternate jersey.”

Hockey News: Check out this photo of the NHL All-Stars vs. Toronto Maple Leafs, 1968, from GOAT Jerseys. IDs: All-Stars: Gordie Howe (9), Bobby Orr (5), Bob Baun (8), and Maple Leafs Wayne Carleton (2). … Carey Price was honored Saturday night for breaking Jacques Plante’s franchise wins record. Captain Shea Weber presented him & his family gifts including a team-signed 315 jersey & Plante family members give Price a 315 silver stick (from James Beattie). … Also from James, the Toronto Maple Leafs again wore their St. Pat’s throwbacks vs. Ottawa. … The Tampa Bay Lightning busted out the St. Paddy’s day warmup jerseys last night.

NBA News: Ha, this tweet is pretty funny: “Hey @Cavs, let us know if you want a More Natural, Better Sports Drink than @Gatorade… that can spell too” — it’s doubly funny because that comes from Body Armor, a rival sports drink. From Josh Claywell. … Really cool old video here of Wilt Chamberlain and Boston’s Larry Siegfried sharing the same towel during the 1967 playoffs. “A nice – albeit weird – display of sportsmanship” (from Jim Vilk).

College/High School Hoops News: Jimmer Vilk (and probably many others) will hate the look of these Salt Lake City Stars uni numbers, which are almost illegible (from Michael Manker). … On Friday night, Arizona State and Oregon played a beautiful looking color vs. color game (from Daniel). … Tweeter Josh Berger notes, “UWBadgers coach Greg Gard was wearing a pin with ‘4’ on it yesterday. Today it’s ‘6’. I think it’s the session number for the @bigten tourney. Which is a weird thing to have a coach wear on a pin.” Casey Collins explains, “Every member of the team not in uniform on the bench must wear one as ‘their credential’. They are only allocated so many. The number does stand for the session. Same protocol in the NCAA Tourney.” … Pretty rough-looking ACC tourney final between FSU and Duke yesterday, in gold vs. white (from Ben, who added, “Who on earth gave the ok for this jersey matchup?”). Interestingly, Ryan Kelly notes “The Noles have never worn gold in an ACC Tourney championship game.” After losing to Duke by 10, they may never again.

Soccer News: This image, found on Reddit, is a pretty cool adaptation of the new FC Cincinnati team — parodying Mr. Red(legs). From CoachKT. … Barcelona are reportedly set to break their long-standing tradition of having three jerseys next season. Club officials have taken the surprising decision to reinstate a ‘Catalan shirt’, that will be used for big games and occasions. … Vfl Wolfsburg wore special “diversity” jerseys for yesterday’s match vs Fortuna Düsseldorf. Wolfsburg have had a rainbow captains armband all season, Düsseldorf‘s captain wore one yesterday (via Paul). … Fun fact: the letter J is ‘jota’ in Portuguese, so by having DIOGO J on his shirt, Diogo Jota has also effectively got his whole name (from Riles).

Grab Bag: Interesting bit on Penn State Men’s Lax: “For some, a jersey number is just given to them aimlessly, for others, they make a conscious choice in their number, but within Penn State Men’s Lacrosse, there is a number that is given with a direct purpose and responsibility … that number is 16,” (from María Canales. … Check out these bowling team uniforms sponsored by Red’s Cafe (from Mr. Hilbert). … Ireland & Wales engaged in a nice Christmas in March match yesterday in the Seven Nations Cup (from Kevin Shaw). … North Carolina women’s lax went BFBS vs Florida yesterday (from James Gilbert). … I was actually watching The Players Championship yesterday when David Feherty said Tommy Fleetwood looks like “a homeless person that just robbed a Nike store.” Reader Justin Hicks was too, and sent in this screen shot to confirm Feherty’s analysis. … BYU & Pepperdine played a “color palette special last night in Volleyball (from Jim Vilk). … Privateer supercross racer Michael Akaydin was wearing custom gear to look like the Indianapolis Colts at the supercross race inside Lucas oil stadium yesterday (from John Flory). … “Possible New Alternate Pitt Panther Logo” asks Jeffrey Slater, who adds, “I spotted these hats in a Pittsburgh area Rally House store this evening (3/16). My guess is that this in the new alternate Panther logo for the University of Pittsburgh. They were on Nike licensed hats and had script “Panthers” on the back. I know that a reveal is scheduled for 4/7/2019, but maybe somebody didn’t get the memo. Do you see any resemblance to the Black Panther logo?”

• • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • •

Birthday Wishes go out to our own R. Scott Rogers, who turns 29 today. And since I won’t be doing the blog on Thursday, I want to also give an EARLY Happy Birthday to our awesome leader, Paul Lukas — a better “boss” and friend one could not possibly have. Enjoy gentlemen!

Every Team’s Greatest Uniform – American League Edition

By Phil Hecken

In case you missed it, last weekend I created a list of the greatest uniform worn by every National League team. Today, it’s time to complete the MLB list by looking at the greatest uniform worn by each American League team.

These choices are all, obviously, just my opinion of the greatest uni for each team; you can (and should) argue for or against any of them. I tried to keep my choices limited to the current city in which a team plays; if a uni from a different era in a different city totally trumps a current city uniform, I note that. If there are some close seconds (or thirds), I’ll mention them, but I have to stick with one uni set for each team. As I write this, I hope I don’t talk myself out of any of these, so I better get started. Here we go.

• • • • • •


2012-Present Home

Except for a very brief period in the mid-1960s, when they wore a vertically arched, block ORIOLES across their chest (and a one-year block B on their cap), the Orioles have almost entirely worn a script “Orioles” on their home unis. Sometimes the script had a tail, other times it did not (I personally like the tail). So, picking their greatest uni is more a function of what cap the team wore with that uni. I’ve always thought their smiling bird on the contrasting panel cap was their best look. However, when that was introduced in 1975, the team wore sansabelt pants. By the team went to belts in 1989, they dropped that cap. It would be several decades until they returned to their senses and reintroduced that cap in 2012. They’re wearing their greatest uni right now.

• • •


1908 Home

I’ll probably catch some flack for this choice, since you guys seem not to like one-year wonders, and one could certainly argue that their current home uniform is their best (and I wouldn’t argue too strongly against you). Likewise, I have always had a soft spot for the 1975-78 unis (which they “threwback” to in 2016). And while they wore a number of different looks in their early years, but 1934, they settled on a look they still basically wear today. But there’s something so great about their 1908 uni, with the word “BOSTON” written on a red sock that’s just awesome. It even looked great when the team threwback to it in 1997. Just ditch the lace collar for button front and they could wear that right now!

• • •


1917 World Series Special

There may be no team who have worn more, different uniforms over their history than the Chicago White Sox — even though they’ve basically worn the same home uniform since 1990. This includes some crazy ones, some awful ones, and some (IMO) truly beautiful unis. They’ve worn black, red, royal and navy blue as base colors. But truly, their greatest uniform was their 1917 World Series special. Those look so good they still look good today. Even pal/historian/uni expert Todd Radom agrees. A few years back, I did a post with Chris Whitehouse, who colorized many of the 1917 unis, and they were indeed glorious.

• • •


1975-77 All Red

Before you rip my head off for this one, let me say I’ve done a full 180 on these. I always liked the “blood clots” but for a while they fell into the “so bad it’s good” category for me. No more. My greatest uni list needs at least one team in a monochrome look and why not go with the gaudiest of them all? These uniforms screamed 1970s!, and did so unapologetically. It might not have been their most beautiful uniform, but it was their greatest. Don’t @ me!

• • •


1927 Road

I could have gone with their current home uniforms (which, except for some tweaks to the iconic Old English “D”, have been a staple for decades). Within that, I’m certainly partial to the 1947-49 homes, which were accompanied by delicious striped stirrups. I even had to talk myself out of their 1960-71 roadies, which I’ve always considered their most beautiful uni, just for it’s pure simplicity. But their greatest uni is the 1927 roadie, which featured a tiger head logo on the left breast (and a pretty crazy looking logo at that). They weren’t the only team to put a logo like that on their chest, but it sure looked great (and would still look great today). Interestingly, the team ditched this uni after one year, but in 1928, they moved it to the back of the uni.

• • •


1965-70 Home

Perhaps you were expecting the tequila sunrise (or “rainbow guts” as it’s sometimes known); indeed this uniform was groundbreaking in its audacity, and has sparked a whole slew of impersonators/tributes. But it’s not their greatest. Nor is the orange-heavy 1971 uni that followed the original 1965-70 their greatest. Nay, that honor belongs to the 1965-70 squad, who “Got It Right The First Time”, with their (then) modern take on the baseball uniform. There’s no greater testament to a uni’s greatness than if a team could wear it today and still have it look great. These fit that bill.

• • •


1983-91 Road

Save for their somewhat brief and unfortunate flirtation with black,the Royals have had a pretty consistent uni look over the years. I find their current homes (which are basically the same as their original set) to be great. But their greatest uni set was the button front, belted powder blues worn from 1983-1991, to be their greatest. Not every team looks good in light blue; fewer still look good in pullovers and sansabelt. The 83-91 Royals got it right by putting a modern spin on a traditional template. Beautiful and great!

• • •


1971 Home

It’s actually kind of difficult to argue against any uniform that doesn’t include the halo cap (which is probably the second greatest MLB cap behind the Pilots’ “scrambled eggs”), and the early Angels had some great unis that still look good today. I was also a fan of the white shoes the Angels wore in 1973-74. But neither of those are as great as the 1971 Angels, who went with a full lower-case wordmark and lower case cap logo, their last season in wool flannel with button-fronts and belts in this style. Yes, it would still look good today, as opposed to their later Disney-fied look or the current overdone fonty/pointy wordmark.

• • •


1961-71 Road

There are probably going to be a large part of you who think the 1987-2014 unis were their greatest (and it’s hard to argue with the success they achieved while wearing them). Some of you may even like the powder blues the team sported in the 1970s and 80s. But for my money (and to my eye), there is no greater uniform the team wore than the beautiful gray roads the team wore in the wool flannel era. Like the Astros, the Twins got it right the first time, and looked great for a decade in those beauties.

• • •


1936-Present Home

OK, so the current pinstripes and their first set of them, with the interlocking NY logo on the left breast haven’t always been identical (materials and width of stripes being the biggest differientators). But it’s almost impossible to argue against this as being their greatest uniform (hell, it feels like it’s been their ONLY uniform). The team did have some great prior uni sets, like the 1903 mono-midnight navy roads, and the 1912 homes, which was the first NY Yankee (Highlander) team to sport the iconic NY on the chest. But let’s face it: the basic home uniform they’ve been wearing for 80ish years is their greatest.

• • •


1973-82 Wedding Gown White Sunday

The A’s have had a number of really nice uniforms throughout their existence. I’ve always really loved the Philadelphia A’s 1924-27 white elephant uniform (and if I weren’t trying to keep this to Oakland, this might be their greatest). Even the KC version of the team made baseball history by introducing the green and gold uni’s that would eventually change baseball sartorially forever. These were all beautiful unis, to be sure. And I’m very fond of the green and gold mix-and-match jerseys worn during the 1970s. But as much as their signature look features the green and gold tops, their greatest uniform was the all-white, Sunday-only, uniform worn from 1973-82. So crisp, so beautiful. It’s hard to say a polyester pullover with sansabelt was a greatest anything, but yet…these were.

• • •


1981-84 Road

OK, I just got done saying a “polyester pullover with sansabelt…” for the A’s, and here I’m going with another one for the Mariners, much less one with racing stripes. Yes,I know — it doesn’t seem logical. But here’s the problem. In my opinion, the M’s looked best in their first several seasons, and by the time they went to button fronts and belts, the only thing I liked about those uniforms were the colors. Sure, Junior made those look good, but he made a lot of unis look good. I’d even argue Seattle’s greatest uni (though worn by the Mariners), belonged to a different franchise. So why the 1981-84 roads? It just had the perfect combination of blue and gold on a powder blue uni. The wordmark & number, the stirpes…it all just comes together really well.

• • •


2001-04 Home

Let’s face more reality: the Tampa Bay Rays have never had good uniforms. In fact, this recent article, proclaiming the original Devil Rays uniforms as the “greatest uniform in sports history” made me check to see it wasn’t published by The Onion. While the current duds aren’t actually terrible, they’re not particularly great either. In fact, one (*coughJimVilkcough*) might argue the team’s greatest uniform was actually just a goofy ripoff of the 1978 Padres (which IS that team’s greatest uniform). But, in all seriousness, the almost-forgotten, and definitely not-much-loved, green and white uniforms from 2001-04 were their greatest uniform. Sadly, that’s not saying much.

• • •


1975-80 Home

Any discussion of the Texas Rangers greatest uniform begins and ends with the unique and awesome font (kind of like a “Circus” font), and pretty much anything that followed was nowhere near as good. So, that narrows our timeframe to between 1972 and 1982. Within those years, the Rangers had some neat looks, including their original home jersey. But button fronts with sansabelts is not a great overall look, and in 1975, the team went to a henley jersey style, which looked (IMO) much better with the sansabelts. And let’s face it, the jersey, with that fun “Texasy” font, was perfect for that team. I might be one of the few who actually liked the red-heavy unis the team wore from 1994-99, but the 6 year run in the henley tops was their greatest look.

• • •


1989-96 Home

I really liked the original home uniforms a lot, and I’m a big fan of their current uniforms as well. Given that they’re 4 decades apart, there’s really not much difference. But the original unis were pullovers/sansabelts and their current unis are more fauxback than throwback. The 1989-96 homes strike a great balance: those had button fronts and belts, but also featured a light blue stripe that added a wisp of color that gave the unis a unique look. I’m not sure why the Jays lost their way, and then really lost their way, uni-wise (before finally returning to their senses in 2012), but yecch. The team has had mostly great unis over the years, but those “Touch ’em all, Joe” unis between 1989-96 were their greatest.

+ + + + + + +



1940-45 Home

I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least mention the Browns, who despite being terrible (play wise) for most of their existence, and were really always the second team to the Cardinals in St. Louis, nevertheless had a most outstanding uni set from 1940-45. I absolutely loved the six panel soutache on the caps, which paired incredibly well with the brown/orange/brown headspoon and shoulder striping. Sadly, the St. Louis Browns aren’t well-remembered today, but that uni was fantastic.

• • • • • •

Whew! And there you have it — the greatest uni for each American League team. I’m sure your opinions will differ (and that’s great — I welcome a robust discussion). What say you, readers? If you have better nominees, I’d love to hear what they are.

• • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • •

And now a few words from Paul

Hi there. It’s been a busy week. Here are some things you might have missed:

• Thursday was my last day at ESPN. They let me write a farewell column featuring my favorite things I wrote for them over the past 15 years.

• I also wrote a piece for The Wall Street Journal about pepperoni. It’s paywalled, but you can get a two-month subscription for only a buck.

• We’re auctioning off another amazing one-of-a-kind Uni Watch jersey made by Wafflebored. It’s a blind auction, but I can tell you that the current high bid is more than $100 but less than $160.

• Now that my free agency has begun, Uni Watch could really use your support. If you have the inclination and the means, please consider ordering a membership card, purchasing some of our fine merchandise, or making a donation. Thanks.

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Too Good For the Ticker
Too Good…

for the Ticker

Got an email earlier this week from Gene Sanny who noticed something that may have been hidden in plain sight all along. It has to do with how Topps football cards were shot.

What’s that you say? Here’s Gene:

Maybe it’s obvious, or I’m completely off, but if you look by unitas’ left knee you can see a camera at ground level. That and the two objects it appears Mackey was to stay between make me think it was for those cool old posed Topps cards. Interesting they actually had Unitas tossing him the ball rather than some Topps employee. This card look like it’s the closest to being from this day based on looking through all his cards.

Gene Sanny

Thanks, Gene.

OK. Now, on to the ticker…

• • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • •

The Ticker
By Anthony Matthew Emerson

Baseball News: It appears Phillies OF Bryce Harper is still using his Nationals belt judging by the No. 34 marking (from Gary Bates). … Speaking of Harper, he’s going with “ill” on his bat knob (from Frank McGuigan and Sam McKinley). … Twins P Michael Pineda had some sort of tag sticking out of his jersey during yesterday’s Spring Training game (from Ryan James). … Cubs OF Wynton Bernard was wearing an NNOB No. 0 jersey during yesterday’s Cactus League game against the White Sox (from Noah Jennings). … Rangers OF Hunter Pence is openly soliciting ideas for his Player’s Weekend NickNOB on Twitter (from @ohhhsourry). … Also posted in the NFL section: Browns QB Baker Mayfield was at Brewers camp yesterday, for some reason (from Sam McKinley). … Did you know that Walt Disney Studios designed and animated the program cover for a 1957 charity game between the Orioles and Cubs? (from Jason Long and Brick Barrientos). … The New Hampshire Fisher Cats, Double-A affiliates of the Blue Jays, have teased an “alternate identity” to be revealed on Monday. But is it really a “surprise unveiling announcement” if they let us know about it three days in advance? (from Bryan O’Nolan). … The Everett AquaSox, Single-A Short Season affiliates of the Mariners, are selling a cap that they haven’t officially released yet. … The Cincinnati Bearcats rocked these bad boys last night (from Nick WalterTyler Smith and Trevor Wilson Patton). … Rice debuted new road unis last night (from Jake Elman). … Wichita State revealed its new pinstripe jerseys, which will make their debuts today (from Blake Cripps). … FSU softball player Makinzy Herzog wears a C-flap helmet (from  Green St. Paddy’s lids for Auburn, which will be worn for the entire weekend (from Clint Richardson). … Jonah Reyes found this old East Arizona College Gila Monsters bat bag at a yard sale, which is such an amazing find I’m green envy. … Bowling Green (Ky.) High softball has purple Tequila Sunrise unis — and its nickname is literally “the Purples” (from Josh Claywell).

NFL News: Pretty cool story out of Ravens camp: new signing Earl Thomas wanted No. 29, but CB Marlon Humphrey already had it. Thomas made a donation to Humphrey’s mother’s track team, and got the number. More details here (from Andrew Cosentino and Griffin T. Smith). … The NFL100 logo looks especially bad on Odell Beckham Jr.’s jersey, worn in this pic by NFL Network’s Nate Burleson (from @NYYDJ2). … While doing some research for an electric football game, Gene Sanny looked at how barefoot kicker Tony Franklin wore socks on his bare foot. It turns out that Franklin wore varying lengths of socks, including just the top, half-length and the entire sock minus the foot. Nice work! … Check out this NFL livery for a 1965 United Airlines DC-8. I’m guessing United was the league’s official carrier for that season, and maybe the Vikings had their own deal with an airline? (many thanks to Scott Crawford for sending this our way). … New Packers S Adrian Amos will wear No. 31, and has updated his personal logo accordingly (from @_alxjones_). … Cross-posted from the baseball section: Browns QB Baker Mayfield was at Brewers camp yesterday, for some reason (from Sam McKinley).

Hockey News: The NHL has unveiled the 2019 Heritage Classic logo (from Griffin T. Smith and Wade Heidt). … The Maple Leafs wore their awesome St. Pats throwbacks (here’s the back) during last night’s game against the Flyers, who themselves wore their black alternate sweaters on the road. The pucks were greenwashed and even the broadcast team got in on the fun (from Barry Rubinstein, @MrChops34 and James Beattie). … The AHL’s Hershey Bears are eschewing the greenwashing for St. Patrick’s Day and going with Autism Awareness sweaters tonight (thanks, Phil). … The ECHL’s Greenville Swamp Rabbits have special St. Paddy’s sweaters (thanks again, Phil). … The OHL’s North Bay Battalion threw back to the North Bay Centennials on Thursday (from Wade Heidt).

NBA News: New Magic PG Michael Carter-Williams will wear No. 7 (from Etienne Catalan). … Also posted in the college hoops section: the United Center committed a cardinal sin by putting a generic BIG 10 jersey on its statue of Michael Jordan to promote the forthcoming conference tournament to be held in Chicago (from CB Mallow).

College/High School Hoops News: Reader JohnMark Fisher performed an analysis of various D1 college basketball mascots, formulating a “uniqueness score” and figuring out which conferences had the most unique mascots. He posted some of his findings on Reddit, with links to his full research. … Cross-posted from the NBA section: the United Center committed a cardinal sin by putting a generic BIG 10 jersey on its statue of Michael Jordan to promote the forthcoming conference tournament to be held in Chicago (from CB Mallow). … High school basketball players in Pennsylvania were forced to have their Nike logos cut from their undershirts by tournament officials (from @redbuppy).

Soccer News: Shield your eyes from this “MLS Fashion Show“. If you’re a glutton for punishment, here’s a whole Twitter thread on it, including this priceless image of an attendee openly laughing at some of the outfits these poor models are being forced to wear (from Frank Beard and John Flory). … New outfielder and keeper kits for the NWSL’s North Carolina Courage (from our own Jamie Rathjen).

• • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • •

Life of Pi

For all pics in this section, click to enlarge

Yesterday was Pi Day (3/14), and this year there were way more uni-related references to it than I remember seeing in previous years, beginning with the Detroit Pistons, who had some fun with their jersey. I was waiting to see if anything similar would be coming from the Pittsburgh Pirates, Pitt Panthers, or any other “Pi”-based team, but I don’t think any of them played along.

Much more common were uni-numerical sight gags, some of which took the value of pi out to many decimal places. The sports site StatMuse posted the following graphic:

Fun, right? But there were at least two similar efforts that used photos, not jersey icons, which seems like it would be trickier and more work, what with all the cropping and so on. One of the photo-driven posts came from the Seattle Mariners:

Another came from the Twitter account @Random49ers, a Niners fan account:

And there was this effort from an Islanders fan named Tom S, who didn’t go to quite as many decimal places but still did a nice job:

There also lots of tweets like these, which found pi “in the wild,” so to speak, without having to group any photos together:

And then there was the UCLA softball team, which took the laziest approach — two decimal places grouped together, not in the wild:

Meanwhile: As you may recall, the Colorado Rockies caused a stir last year by posting a viral photo showing their players lined up in pi-numerical order. It was a great stunt — but it was actually Photoshopped. Dang.

• • • • •

• • • • •

And then there were none: The Thunder, the last remaining NBA team to have an advertising-free uniform, gave in and announced a new jersey ad patch this morning. There wasn’t time for me to get my usual Photoshopper, Nic Schultz, to do the Mr. Yuk honors, so my own crude rendering above will have to suffice. In some ways, I like my version better!

Ad-free NBA uniforms: 1946–2019. R.I.P.

• • • • •

• • • • •

ESPN reminder: In case you missed it, yesterday was my final day at ESPN, and they let me write a farewell column with a greatest-hits rundown of my favorite things I wrote for them over the years. You can check it out here.

On a personal note, yesterday was an emotionally complicated day. I was (and am) very sad about leaving ESPN, but there was also a big outpouring of love from the Uni Watch community, which I appreciate more than I can possibly express here. Many of you ordered membership cards or made donations (thank you, and thank you!!), and there were also lots of thoughtful, heartfelt communiqués, many of which actually got me a bit misty-eyed. Thanks, people — you helped make it a special day.

As I begin my free agency, I remain optimistic about Uni Watch’s future. After all, Bryce Harper took longer than he expected to find a new home too, right?

• • • • •

• • • • •

Membership update: A bunch of new designs have been added to the membership card gallery, including Benjamin Gray’s card, shown at right, which is based on NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon’s car (without the ads, obviously). Great request, great execution by card design Scott M.X. Turner.

Ordering a membership card is a good way to support Uni Watch (which, quite frankly, could use your support these days). And remember, a Uni Watch membership card entitles you to a 15% discount on any of the merchandise in our Teespring shop and our Naming Wrongs shop. (If you’re an existing member and would like to have the discount code, email me.) As always, you can sign up for your own custom-designed card here, you can see all the cards we’ve designed so far here, and you can see how we produce the cards here.

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• • • • •

rafflet ticket by ben thoma.jpg

ITEM! New one-day raffle: Are you a cash-strapped Uni Watch reader who’d like to order a membership card but can’t really justify the expense? A generous reader has purchased a membership for me to raffle off — just for today.

To enter, send an email to the raffle address by 11pm Eastern today. One entry per person. It would be nice if we could restrict this to people who truly can’t afford a membership card (not just people who can afford it but would rather get something for nothing), but obviously there’s no way to enforce that, so I’ll leave it to the honor system. I’ll announce the winner on Monday.

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• • • • •

Click to enlarge

Wafflebored reminder: In case you missed it on Wednesday, we’re auctioning off another one-of-a-kind Uni Watch jersey made by the awesome Wafflebored. Full details, including a rear-view photo, the jersey’s measurements, how to bid on it, and more, can be found here.

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• • • • •

The Ticker
By Yianni Varonis

Baseball News: During spring training, Nationals P Sean Doolittle has kept a picture diary that you can view here (WaPo link) (from Andrew Hoenig). … A Nationals coach recently wore the team’s alternate cap despite everyone else wearing their traditional red version (from Billy King). … Rangers manager Chris Woodward finished college online during his last years as a player. This article offers the tidbit that one night he had to submit a paper in full uniform in the Mariners’ dining area to meet his deadline with two minutes to spare. … The ACC Associate Commissioner for Communications is retiring and received what appears to be a Pirates jersey during a ceremony in the press room during the league’s basketball tournament (from James Gilbert). … Next month the Durham Bulls will wear 1902 fauxbacks honoring the city’s first baseball team, the “Tobacconists” (from David Cline and Todd Delk). … Reader Matthew Moschella was picking up tickets for the upcoming Las Vegas Aviators season and spotted what might be new alternate logos. … Sacramento State gave a first look of its new throwbacks.

NFL News: Reader SJ Bovitz shared his Twitter conversation with a Rams beat reporter regarding the team’s royal blue throwbacks and how often we can expect to see them next season. … Here’s what newly acquired DB Earl Thomas and RB Mark Ingram look like in Ravens uniforms (from Andrew Cosentino). … Patriots DL Michael Bennett shared this cartoon graphic of himself in his new uniform (from Sam McKinley). … WR DeSean Jackson will return to the Eagles where he will once again wear No. 10 thanks to a deal made with new teammate and fellow WR Mack Hollins (from our own Brinke Guthrie).

Hockey News: We’ve previously written here in the Ticker that the Worcester Railers would host Nickelodeon Night with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-themed uniforms. Those uniforms debuted last night (from Alex Chaves).

NBA News: The Raptors’ training facility has been renamed after rapper and Toronto native Drake (from @ohhhsourry). … Newly acquired G Justin Bibbs will wear No. 11 with the Clippers (from Etienne Catalan). … The D League’s Texas Legends have a 10th-anniversary logo (from @gimmethewooby).

College Hoops News: Washington broke out its gold uniforms yesterday for the first time this season (from Anthony Edwards). … Virginia G Kyle Guy wears two different colored shoes, but it hasn’t seemed to hurt his form (from James Gilbert). … Ahead of the NCAA Tournament, this is how Michigan State fares when HC Tom Izzo is and isn’t wearing a tie (from Ron Wade and @feve10). … Cross-posted from the baseball section: The ACC Associate Commissioner for Communications is retiring and received what appears to be a Pittsburgh Pirates jersey during a ceremony in the press room during the league’s basketball tournament (from James Gilbert). … Wichita State has added a “JB” memorial patch for university president John Bardo, who died earlier this week (from @PhillyPartTwo).

Soccer News: Check out the championship rings that Atlanta United players received yesterday (from Wade Heidt). … Greenville Triumph SC has unveiled its inaugural kits (from Josh Hinton).

Grab Bag: The Chicago Tribune ranked the Big Ten’s mascots from worst to first (from Griffin Smith). … As it should be: Professional golfer Aaron Baddeley recently took part in a tournament without maker’s marks or advertisers on his attire (from Darin Nelson). … New presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke’s campaign logo — the same he used as a U.S. Senate candidate — apparently has a striking resemblance to a Whataburger spicy ketchup packet. … After a woman was told to change her clothing or be kicked off an airplane, this op-ed asks, “What’s wrong with wearing a crop top on a plane?” … Turkish Airlines unveiled its new cabin crew uniforms at the International Tourism Fair in Berlin. … In this short video, fashion designer Michael Kors explains how he designed his first dress at the age of 5. … It appears that the Avengers have a new white uniform.

• • • • •

I’ll be running around Manhattan for much of today. Among my appointments: my annual between-the-birthdays lunch with uniform designer Todd Radom (his was two weeks ago, mine is next Thursday). Enjoy Phil’s weekend posts, and I’ll see you back here on Monday. — Paul