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As you may have noticed in the left-hand ad rail, our friends at Grey Flannel Auctions are running another catalog sale. It includes the absolutely magnificent 1950s Syracuse Nationals jacket shown above. Everything about this jacket is awesome, from the chest logo and collar piping to the sleeve patch and interior tagging. Check this out:

Pretty good, right? You can see more photos and info here.

Interestingly, this catalog auction also includes a really nice jacket from the team that the Nationals eventually became, the 76ers:

You can learn more about that item here.

Here are some other items that caught my eye this time around:

• Lots to like on this 1968 game-used Billy Williams Cubs jersey, including the rarely seen Illinois sesquicentennial patch.

• Oh man, how awesome is this 1928 photo album prepared for Cubs manager Joe McCarthy. A very unusual item!

• Speaking of unusual, check out this 1917 Red Sox season ticket booklet.

• Love this 1970s Cal Angels jacket, which was made for owner Gene Autry. The big logo on the back is particularly nice.

• I never get tired of seeing these old Phillies jerseys with the giant chain-stitched numbers on the back. Here’s another one — great stuff!

• Love this Brett Hull 1992 NHL All-Star Game jersey. So much better than the ones that the league recently unveiled.

• I’ve never seen an NFL sweater quite like this 1951 Doak Walker item. Note the city of Detroit 250th-anniversary patch, too!

• I like how the Gold Glove award is position-specific. So if you’re a first baseman, like 1967 Gold Glover George Scott, your trophy will feature a first baseman’s mitt.

Want to see more? You can browse through the full set of auction listings here.

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Nike to try to make Falcons’ unis even worse give Falcons new look for 2020: The Falcons, who’ve had one of the NFL’s worst looks for the better part of two decades, announced yesterday that they’ll unveil a new uniform set sometime in April. The exact date has not yet been revealed.

I have to say, they’ve done a good job of keeping this news under wraps. I hadn’t heard so much as a peep about it! So that makes at least three NFL teams that will be unveiling new looks this spring: the Browns, Rams, and Falcons. (Let’s hope the Cardinals are another team with a previously undisclosed makeover in the works.)

Given the Falcons’ current look, you’d think there’s nowhere to go but up, right? But we’ve certainly seen that assumption tested before, so you never know.

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House Divided update: Remember Ethan and Billie Hopkin, who have a “mixed marriage” because he loves the Cowboys while she loves the Packers? I heard the other day from Ethan, who shared this photo of customized pillows he recently ordered. “Interesting that the Cowboys one was rendered in their old font,” he says.

He also got a white Packers version and a blue Cowboys version:

“I also found these awesome hats that look like the team’s helmets,” says Ethan. “Here we are on a recent trip to Colorado.”

Good stuff, Ethan. Keep it coming!

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ITEM! Another membership raffle: Reader Rick Cuzzetto recently purchased a membership for me to raffle off, so we’re going to do that today.

This will be a one-day raffle. To enter, send an email with your mailing address to the raffle address by 8pm Eastern tonight. One entry per person. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow. B

Meanwhile, speaking of raffles, the winner of yesterday’s Uni Watch pennant raffle is Will Lawson. Congrats to him, and my repeated thanks to Justo Gutierrez for sponsoring that one.

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Pin Club update: People are starting to receive their January pins from the 2020 Uni Watch Pin Club. As you can see above, reader Bob Andrews put his on the strap of his binoculars (“Because I use them at games to watch unis,” he says), along with his Uni Watch 2019 Press Pin. A nice pairing!

Reader Tim Dunn plans to assemble a pin-encrusted Uni Watch cap, and he’s off to a good start with the January pin, the Press Pin, and our winged stirrup pin (click to enlarge):

And reader Andy Moeschberger has a really cool idea. He’s put the press pin in the center of his bulletin board and is going to surround it with the 12 monthly Pin Club pins, creating a Uni Watch “pin clock”:

Are you displaying your Pin Club pin in an unusual way? Feel free to send photos my way.

Meanwhile, if you want to order the January pin, you can order it here, and additional info on the Pin Club is available here. My thanks to everyone who’s making this project so much fun!

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A couple of plugs: There are two worthy events that I want to tell you about:

• On Feb. 7-9, the Friends of Doubleday — that’s a group headed by former Cooperstown mayor (and my former college buddy) Jeff Katz — will be holding the first-ever Hot Stove Weekend, which will include panel discussions with longtime Uni Watch pal Todd Radom, the MLB Network’s Brian Kenny, Hall of Fame curator Tom Shieber, and sportswriters Jay Jaffe and David Roth. I was originally slated to take part in this one before a schedule conflict forced me to back out, but I can unhesitatingly recommend it, even though I’m no longer a part of it. You should go! Full details here.

• A friend of reader Gene Biros has a nonprofit called Jerseys of Hope, which collects used sports jerseys, has them cleaned, and then donates them to hospital patients. They’re running a fundraiser in Cleveland on Feb. 22, with the local sports franchises donating jerseys for that event. For more information, or if you’d like to donate jerseys of your own, look here.

That’s it. Thanks for listening.

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The Ticker
By Lloyd Alaban

Baseball News: We reported on the Braves’ stadium’s new corporate name a few days ago. Here’s what the park will look like with its new signage (from multiple readers). … When the Braves were in Milwaukee and bullpen buggies didn’t yet exist, Milwaukee County Stadium used a Braves-branded motorcycle and sidecar to get pitchers from the bullpen to the mound. That’s Cardinals P Hal Jeffcoat being escorted to the mound in a photo dated June 23, 1959 (from Alan Tompas). … New white front-panel hat for the U. of Arizona (from Josh Miller). … The Chicago Tribune published a guide for buying the best catcher’s helmet. … Here’s an interesting article about the oldest team names in minor league baseball (from Kary Klismet). … New alternate uniforms for the Chunichi Dragons (from Jeremy Brahm).

NFL News: The Titans will wear white over navy for Sunday’s AFC Championship Game (from Titans Uni Tracker). … Construction of the Raiders’ new stadium in Las Vegas has been plagued by issues with the translucent roof (from Kary Klismet).

College Football News: Reader Trayton Miller has updated his FBS uni tracker for the final time this season. Great work! … Here’s a cool video on how footballs for many college programs get made (from Griffin Smith). … Left over from Monday’s national championship game: Five of the first six College Football Championship winners (and five in a row) have worn white in the title game. The only winner in a colored jersey — Ohio State in 2015 — was the lower seed, and wore scarlet only because Oregon surprisingly chose white. This parallels the trend of white-clad Super Bowl winners.

Hockey News: The Kings have special logos for their “Father/Brother Trip” to Florida to face the Panthers (from Jakob Fox). … The Penguins’ announcers dressed like Mr. Rogers for Pittsburgh Night last night (from Troy Caldwell). … This past weekend, the Penn State women’s ice hockey team wore navy helmets at home against Lindenwood. They typically wear white helmets with a navy stripe (like the PSU football helmets) both home and away, as does the men’s team. The men’s team saves the all navy helmet for their third jerseys, which the women’s team currently does not have as an option (from Jaymes Progar). … Here’s what the Grand Rapids Griffins, minor league affiliate of the Red Wings, will be wearing for their Harry Potter-themed Wizard Night promotion (from Ian Lee). … The Huntsville Havoc of the Southern Professional Hockey League will be wearing newborn-themed uniforms on Saturday. All proceeds from the sale of retail jerseys will go to Huntsville Hospital (from @themeebs).

NBA News: F Gary Clark will wear No. 12 with the Magic and F Kenny Wooten will wear No. 45 for the Knicks (both from Etienne Catalan). … New alternates for the Rio Grande Valley Vipers, D-League affiliate of the Rockets. Also a misspelled NOB for G Sindarius Thornwell (from Jim Bob Breazeale).

College Hoops News: Michigan State women’s debuted glow-in-the-dark unis last night (from @LifeAfterFlint). … Davidson wore their black alternates last night, forcing Richmond to wear white on the road. That made for a confusing score bug, with each team being rendered in their primary color (from Timmy Donahue). … Another observation from Timmy, this time concerning the Mizzou/Mississippi State color vs. color game: “Maybe it’s just me, but Mizzou’s jerseys and shorts seem to be two different shades of yellow.” … Confusing score bug for Louisville and Pitt as well in their color vs. color game (from Josh Hinton). … Alabama is continuing their blue collar cosplay by giving out Alabama-branded hard hats to fans in attendance at tonight’s game (from Clint Richardson).

Soccer News: New shirt advertiser for Chievo Verona (from Ed Zelaski). … Also from Ed: Here’s an Athletic article about the death of mom and pop soccer stores (paywalled) in America, thanks to big names like Adidas and Nike. … From Josh Hinton: The new manager of FC Barcelona, Quique Setien, was given a commemorative shirt at his first press conference with his FullNOB and no number. … Keep up with the latest kit news from around the world by following Josh’s Twitter account.

Grab Bag: Really small NOB lettering in this Chinese women’s league volleyball final (from Jeremy Brahm). … Also from Jeremy: Here’s our first look of the ticket designs for this year’s Summer Olympics. … A new art exhibit (NYT link) in San Francisco reimagines the “tech bro” uniform of a Patagonia vest mixed with, among other things, Margaret Thatcher’s scarf collection. … An angry mom went to her son’s school admins in England after she learned that the school had changed its logo for the third time in 18 months, thereby requiring her to purchase new uniforms for her son with the updated logo (from Greg Franklin). … Yesterday we featured an item about the Department of Justice’s 150th-anniversary logo. That reminded reader Eric Hoey that he too had received this key ring, which features the VA’s 75th-anniversary logo. … New logo for a campaign by the Maine Department of Agriculture encouraging residents to shop local. … New kits for the Australian team in the Women’s T20 World Cup. “BFBS at play there,” says @j_foreigner.

College Football Championship Wrap-up

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Greetings one last time from Florida, where the Tugboat Captain and I have been visiting her parents (we’re flying back home this afternoon). Yesterday we went kayaking and then went to the beach, where two colored warning flags were posted. The flags were part of Florida’s beach safety program — yellow means “Medium Hazard” and purple means “Dangerous Marine Life.” But come on — after writing about uniforms for more than two decades, I know a uni-related omen when I see one. The yellow/purple color combo obviously meant LSU was going win the college football national championship game later that night.

And sure enough, it came to pass. Congrats to LSU and their fans (including longtime Uni Watch reader Bruce Richards, whose tailgating rituals I wrote about for ESPN back in 2009).

Interestingly, ESPN’s pregame package included an animation of LSU players playing in a jazz band. Lots of things were subtly wrong — the helmet striping looked too thin, the UCLA stripes were in the wrong spots — but the weirdest thing was that the jerseys included the NFL logo at the collar (click to enlarge):

Also of note: Prior to the game last night, several Clemson players got their hair cut, and wore pawprint-branded chair cloths for the occasion (click to enlarge):

Unfortunately, there was nothing uni-notable in the game itself (at least not that I saw). So that wraps it up for the college football season. For the next few weeks, it’s all about the pros. Go Niners!

(My thanks to Tyler Maun and Mark Johnson for their contributions to this section.)

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Houston … something-something … problem … something: Designers around the internet seized on yesterday’s news about the Astros cheating their way to the 2017 World Series. Rather conveniently, the team’s name and logo are both very suitable for parody:

There were lots more, but they were all pretty much variations on those three. I’m guessing it won’t be quite so easy to do something similar with the Red Sox, right?

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Collector’s Corner
By Brinke Guthrie

We’re leading off this week with something from one of the remaining NFL playoff participants, the Green Bay Packers. This 1970s stadium seat would’ve made those frozen bleachers at the Frozen Tundra just a bit more comfortable … but not much! It looks to be in excellent shape — no poke holes or seam tears!

Now for the rest of this week’s picks:

• Reader Jeff Wilk says, “Topps Vault recently released some original images taken for sports cards. “Rick Roberson of the Lakers with his uniform on backwards. … Steve Mix of the Sixers with his eyes closed. … Johnny Neumann of the Memphis Pros, who should’ve had an endorsement deal for hair care products. … and Dorie Murrey of the Baltimore Bullets wearing a rather questionable uni design.”

• You don’t often find 1960s NFL gumball helmets in this type of original boxing. Must be around 1965 or so, since the Browns are shown with “CB” on the box.

• This 1980 Don Baylor Slush Puppie cup states rather emphatically that California’s “On the Move With a Man Called Groove.”

• Collect and wear (as the tag suggests) these Official (1970s) NHL Crests, like this one for the Boston Bruins. From your friends at Voyageur Emblems of New Hamburg, Ontario.

• Nice “mod” graphics on this 1992 Chicago Bears mug!

• Speaking of mod, check out this LeRoy Neiman print of Colts great Johnny Unitas on this box of Wheaties! Looks to be from the late 1990s, judging by a coupon on the box.

• I can’t say I have ever seen this type of batting helmet lamp before — have you? The seller says, “Found outside of Pittsburgh, where these were made. Looks to be a ’50s or ’60s fiberglass batting helmet attached to Eagle desk lamp.”

• This auction is for 1970s NFL Wallpaper. I think these helmet depictions were from 1976 or ’77. Was this really wallpaper? Having a zillion helmets on a white background on your walls might make you just a little dizzy!

• You get all the MLB team fonts on this 1987 beach towel.

• This mid-1970s Bills rain poncho was made by Almar Manufacturing, Inc. It also comes with that classic “Officially Licensed Product” hang tag.

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rafflet ticket by ben thoma.jpg

ITEM! Win yourself a free Uni Watch pennant: Reader Justo Gutierrez ended up with an extra Uni Watch pennant and has generously offered to let me raffle it off to a lucky reader.

This will be a one-day raffle. To enter, send an email with your mailing address to the raffle address by 8pm Eastern tonight. One entry per person. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow. Big thanks to Justo for sponsoring this raffle!

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KRC update: It’s been a while since we had an installment of Key Ring Chronicles, but the project is still ongoing. The latest edition is about a leather strap imprinted with the words “Haiti Made.” You can check it out here.

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Hole-y mackerel: While walking on the beach yesterday, we collected lots of shells with little holes in them. We later learned they were bored by moon snails. There’s something extremely satisfying about how perfectly circular they are, almost like they’d been created by a power drill. Nature is pretty fucking amazing.

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The Ticker
By Alex Hider

Baseball News: The Blue Jays are hinting that they’ll be unveiling a new uniform on Jan. 18 — and all signs point to it being a powder blue set (thanks to all who shared). … It appears the Nats’ new white jerseys will have blue NOBs despite having red numbers (from Greg Goldberg). … The Brewers’ new logos are up at their spring training facility in Arizona (from Elijah Price). … The Mets’ spring training field is getting a new name, and at some point the stadium will get a new address in honor of former player Mike Piazza (from Frederick Eloy Vaughn). … Pitt’s panther logo is sublimated in the outfield of both their baseball and softball fields (from Jerry Wolper and Jim Vilk).

Pro Football NewsPackers LB Za’Darius Smith wore a Milwaukee Bucks Eric Bledsoe jersey (unfortunately with an ad patch) ahead of his team’s playoff game on Sunday (from Josh Hinton). … Investigation Discovery is running a new series on former Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez and is using a photo of him in a generic uniform in ads (from @NYCKING). … The Montreal Alouettes introduced a new part-owner, team president and general manager yesterday, and presented all three with replica jerseys with a team logo on the sleeve. According to Wade Heidt, the Alouettes wore numbers on their sleeves last season. … It appears the Saskatchewan Roughriders had different number fonts on their home and road jerseys at some point in their history (from @GameplanChicago).

College Football NewsFootball mini-helmet collector extraordinaire Blaise D’Sylva ranks the design worn by Navy in the 2015 Army/Navy game as his all-time favorite. … New Orleans Pelicans G Josh Hart wore an LSU jersey to the Pels’ game in Detroit last night (from Josh Hinton).

Hockey News: Hurricanes C Jordan Staal, who wears No. 11, lost a numeral on his helmet last night (from Brett Finger). … Throughout the year, the Sharks have worn warmup jerseys designed by local artists as part of their “Artist Collection” series. On Sunday, they wore “Open Water” warmups, designed by Jeff McMillan (from Scott Reinold). … With the Rangers wearing blue and the Islanders wearing white last night, why did MSGN give the Rangers a red scorebug and the Islanders a blue one? (From @OlegKvasha.) … Colorado Springs City Council has given the go-ahead for Colorado College to build an on-campus arena (from Kary Klismet).

NBA NewsCross-listed from the pro football section: Green Bay Packers LB Za’Darius Smith wore a Bucks “Cream City” Eric Bledsoe jersey (unfortunately with an ad patch) ahead of the Packers’ team’s playoff game on Sunday (from Josh Hinton). … And from the college football section: Pelicans G Josh Hart wore an LSU football jersey to the Pels’ game in Detroit last night (from Josh Hinton).

Soccer NewsReal Salt Lake’s home jersey has reportedly leaked (from Josh Hinton). … A player for Russian club FC Yenisey Krasnoyarsk wore Soviet Union cleats during a recent training session (from Ed Żelaski). … Also from Ed: Polish club Jagiellonia Białystok is letting fans pick its new crest. … Couple of stadium-specific notes from Kary Klismet: Lego has unveiled its first sports arena set —Manchester United’s Old Trafford. Also, Club Brugge of Belgium’s top league will be getting a new stadium. … New Arabic-lettered and -numbered jerseys — maybe retail-only, although it’s not entirely clear — for Real Madrid (from Emily Gordon). … Update: Our own Jamie Rathjen says, “Those look like they were actually made to capitalize on last week’s Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia, but may not be merch. Real didn’t actually wear them.”

Grab BagNew logo for Walker Valley High School in Tennessee (from Kary Klismet). … Here’s a great piece that explores the lengths that some corporations will go to protect colors which they’ve trademarked (from Jason Hillyer). … New lacrosse helmets for Immokalee High School in Florida. … Federal government agencies release commemorative anniversary logos, just like sports teams. Who knew? The Department of Justice, for example, will use this logo to celebrate its 150th anniversary in June. “I wonder if we’ll get a patch to wear on our suits when we appear in court?” says DOJ attorney Max Weintraub. … The Auschwitz Memorial called out the Hollywood news service Deadline for mirror-reversing an image. How did they know? Because under Nazi rule, Jews in Hungary were forced to wear stars on their left sides, not their right (from @walbergLines). … Need to know a font, when all you have is a photo? might be able to help (from James Gilbert).

Monday Morning Uni Watch, Divisional Playoff Edition

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Good morning! Greetings again from Florida, where the Tugboat Captain and I are spending a few days visiting her parents.

An annual postseason ritual came into play yesterday in Kansas City, where the Chiefs wore captaincy patches — something they don’t do during the regular season but add for the playoffs — for their game against the Texans. (The Packers used to have this same protocol, but this season they wore captaincy patches for regular season games.)

Interestingly, the Chiefs even added the captaincy patches to their pregame warmup gear. I don’t recall seeing any team do this before, although I admittedly don’t keep close tabs on pregame attire (click to enlarge):

The Chiefs also went old-school by changing their midfield logo from their primary team logo to a helmet with a grey two-bar facemask — a particularly odd move considering the team has worn white masks since 1974:

The Chiefs ended up scoring so many touchdowns that the stadium crew ran out of fireworks — and apologized for it on the scoreboard:

As for yesterday’s NFC game — Seahawks vs. Packers — there was one uni-notable moment, when Packers linebacker Za’Darius Smith recorded a sack and then exposed the bottom of his undershirt, which featured a protest about his omission from the NFC Pro Bowl roster:

Looking ahead, next Sunday’s NFC championship game should be a beauty — Niners in red vs. Packers in white on grass. The AFC game won’t be quite as attractive, since the Titans’ uniforms are several notches below the Chiefs’, but it won’t be a disaster. And unless the Titans win next Sunday, we should have a very good-looking Super Bowl.

(My thanks to Adam Good and Mike Chamernik for their contributions to this section.)

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A little story: Aside from underwear and socks, my clothing purchases are almost exclusively vintage items, not new. But I was recently at a party where my friend Garth was wearing a really nice green check flannel shirt. After I complimented him on it, his wife said she got it for him at the Gap. I was surprised, and also intrigued, so the next day I looked up the shirt on the Gap’s website, found that it was on sale for $31, and ordered it.

It arrived with one button missing. Hey, it happens. No problem, I thought — shirts always come with a couple of extra buttons sewn into the inner front shirttail. But this one didn’t. (Maybe that stopped being the norm at some point during the many years since I last purchased a new shirt..?)

No problem, I thought — they probably keep extra buttons on hand for this type of situation, so I’ll call their customer service number and have them send me a new button.

But when I called, they said they didn’t have extra buttons, so instead they sent me an entire new shirt, along with a mailing label to return the first one.

This is, frankly, easier for me, because now I don’t have to sew a new button onto the first shirt. But it still seems ridiculous, sort of like the toast scene in Five Easy Pieces. I mean, geez, why not just keep including the extra buttons on the shirttail? Has that really gone out of vogue?

• • • • •

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Assorted reminders: In case you missed it on Wednesday, I’ve partnered with the great Todd Radom to create the Uni Watch Pin Club, which will feature a new limited-edition enamel pin design for each month of 2020. The January pin (shown above) — a numbered edition of 350, well over 100 of which have been sold so far — is now available, and you can get the full scoop on all the Pin Club particulars here.

In addition:

• On Friday I announced the launch of some new Naming Wrongs shirts for the Summit in Houston. It’s available in red, white, and grey:

• And on Saturday I announced the launch of an additional pair of Naming Wrongs shirts, this time for the Madhouse on McDowell in Phoenix. This one’s available in purple and grey:

Okay, end of sales pitch!

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Membership update: Some new designs have been added to the membership card gallery, including Todd Arnesen’s 1997 Newcastle United treatment. (Card designer Scott M.X. Turner did a bang-up job on that one, no?)

Ordering a membership card is a good way to support Uni Watch (which, frankly, could use your support these days). And remember, a Uni Watch membership card entitles you to a 15% discount on any of the merchandise in our Teespring shop and our Naming Wrongs shop. (If you’re an existing member and would like to have the discount code, email me and I’ll hook you up.) As always, you can sign up for your own custom-designed card here, you can see all the cards we’ve designed so far here (now more than 2,400 of them!), and you can see how we produce the cards here.

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The Ticker
By Jamie Rathjen

’Skins Watch: On Friday we had an item about an Idaho state legislator who planned to introduce a bill that would prohibit school districts from changing their mascots or team names, which was in response to an Idaho school that decided last summer to stop calling its teams the Redskins. That legislator now says he has changed his mind (from Brad Iverson-Long). … The NHL’s Winnipeg Jets and their AHL affiliate, the Manitoba Moose, have unveiled indiginous-themed logos created by a graphic designer from the Pimicikamak Cree Nation. The Jets will wear jerseys featuring the new logo for their pregame skate on Jan. 17, and the Moose will wear theirs for their game on Jan. 18 (from Andrew Forbes).

Baseball News: Reader Andy Shain tells us that the Single-A Columbia Fireflies retired three numbers of pioneering black baseball players over the summer: No. 14 for Larry Doby, who was from the area; No. 20 for Frank Robinson, who played for a different Columbia minor league team; and No. 42 for Jackie Robinson. … We’ve previously mentioned the 1988 Dodgers writing “JH” on their sleeves during the playoffs in support of suspended P Jay Howell. Michael Miller sent us a New York Times article from then about the tribute. … Remember the Uni Watch design contest to create a “futuristic” jersey for the summer collegiate team the Portland Pickles? Brad Meadows bought one of those jerseys from the team but has now decided to sell it on eBay — a genuine piece of Uni Watch history, if you’re so inclined.

Football News: In the run-up to tonight’s national championship game, helmet historian Blaise D’Sylva is counting down his top 17 “coolest” college helmets, and yesterday had No. 5 through No. 2. … Daniel Smith notes that tonight’s title game is the first one — and this seems to include both the playoff and the BCS and its predecessors — not to feature a team that wears red (or a shade thereof) or blue. … Here are some good screen shots of the WFL’s experiment with position-specific pants (from Jerry Wolper).

Hockey News: NHL ref Kelly Sutherland, who was working yesterday’s Canucks/Wild game, appeared to put in his teeth before announcing a penalty. … A Flames fan has a collection of 40 jerseys from Calgary teams, as well as some Canada jerseys (from @omicbumz). … The AHL’s Bridgeport Sound Tigers wore camouflage warm-ups Saturday (from Zach Pearce). … The ECHL’s Toledo Walleye wore Spiderman-themed jerseys (from Mark Monroe). … Minnesota-Duluth’s women’s team revealed city-themed jerseys for next weekend, which include curling stones as a shoulder patch (from Paul Friedmann). … We mentioned Rush drummer Neil Peart’s drum kit covered in NHL team logos, but in this video he’s also wearing a sweater with the logo of his restaurant (from Gabe Cornwall). … Wade Heidt has a bunch of junior hockey items for us: the OHL’s Ottawa 67s wore Schrute Farms Beets jerseys, a reference to a shirt worn by Dwight Schrute in an episode of The Office. … The OHL’s Sudbury Wolves dressed up as doctors and auctioned the jerseys off, with the proceeds going to a local health science center. … The OHL’s Peterborough Petes honored former NHL player and executive Colin Campbell with a banner and throwbacks from when he played for the Petes. The throwbacks have TPT on the front because the team had an advertiser, Toronto-Peterborough Transport, in its name at the time. … The OHL’s Erie Otters wore cancer-awareness jerseys. … Two WHL goalies, the Prince Albert Raiders’ Max Paddock and the Moose Jaw Warriors’ Boston Bilous, moved teams but still had pads from their previous teams. … Down a level in junior hockey, the British Columbia Hockey League’s Trail Smoke Eaters and Penticton Vees both wore throwbacks for a “world championship weekend.” Until 1963, the winner of the Allan Cup, Canada’s senior amateur championship, represented Canada at the world championship instead of a true national team. The Smoke Eaters and Vees’ throwbacks were patterened after senior teams of the same name that won the world championship in 1961 and 1955, respectively. … The BCHL’s Salmon Arm Silverbacks also wore jerseys accented in orange and teal, the city’s colors.

Basketball News: Duke revealed, and wore, dark blue alternates at home on Saturday. The men’s team appears to be slated to have six uniforms this season, but it’s worth noting that so far none of the alternates have been extended to the women’s team (from multiple readers). … On the other hand, N.C. State’s women’s team wore black yesterday, which Gabe Cornwall says makes four uniforms for them this season. … Miami (Fla.) G Chris Lykes wore two different colored shoes yesterday, not for the first time this season (from Miami mop guy Rich Friedman). … New Mexico State wore throwbacks Saturday (from @NMStateFlush). … The D League’s Texas Legends wore Special Olympics-themed jerseys on Saturday (from Chris Mycoskie). … Recent color-vs.-color college games included Purdue/Michigan State yesterday, Texas Tech/West Virginia on Saturday (both from Josh Hinton), USC/UCLA on Saturday (from Matt Shevin), and Iowa and Maryland’s women’s teams on Thursday. … Spanish team CB Estudiantes wore rainbow uniforms to, as they put it, “promote diversity” (from multiple readers).

Soccer News: The English Championship’s Welsh teams, Cardiff City and Swansea City, wore black armbands in memory of former Cardiff players Alan Harrington and Chris Barker. Cardiff also wore the armbands last week in the FA Cup together with their opponents, League Two’s Carlisle United (from Josh Hinton). … The next three are also from Josh: Mexican team Querétaro got two new shirts, switching to Charly from Puma. … Mexican team Pachuca apparently prefaces single-digit numbers with a zero, and in a previous version of their font, the zero was shaped like the club crest. … Italian team Cagliari wore their 100th-anniversary shirts. … Also in Italy, Lazio revealed and wore 120th-anniversary shirts — basically, they have a real collar and black accents (from Ed Żelaski). … You can see more on Josh‘s Twitter feed. … A Serie A game between Hellas Verona and Genoa was delayed because the 18-yard box didn’t have straight lines. … New second shirt for Colombia’s Atlético Nacional. … In Australia’s W-League, both Melbourne City and Canberra United wore black armbands for the victims of the country’s bushfires. … The NWSL’s Washington Spirit released a graphic which to me implies that they’re going to switch to wearing mono-white as first choice. While the Spirit have always worn red with varying amounts of blue, they’ve recently worn mono-white at home when playing at D.C.’s Audi Field.

Grab Bag: The NLL’s Georgia Swarm wore purple cancer-awareness jerseys on Saturday (from Wade Heidt). … The Australian Football League is to hold a charity match Feb. 28 between a Victoria representative team and an all-star team in support of relief efforts for the country’s bushfires, which means AFL players are to wear Victoria’s distinctive blue jumper with a large white V for the first time since 2008. … AFL teams Adelaide and Port Adelaide are also to play a charity Twenty20 cricket match Feb. 2, which already has its own logo. … Here’s a survey seeking input from the public on a new Utah state flag design (from Jonathan Martin). … Here’s the story behind one man’s enormous golf ball collection (from Justo Gutierrez).

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A complicated life: As you’ve probably heard by now, the writer and self-obsessive Elizabeth Wurtzel, best known for her 1994 memoir Prozac Nation, died last week at the age of 52. She had major issues with depression and addiction throughout much of her life, so I’d always figured she would die by suicide, but instead it was cancer.

I never read any of Wurtzel’s books (I remember skimming through a chapter of Prozac Nation at Tower Books shortly after it came out and then putting it back on the shelf after deciding it was drivel), but I did read a fair amount of her articles over the years — she wrote a lot — and was often impressed by them. I’ve read more of those articles in the days since her death, and have also read several appreciations and remembrances of her and have listened to this 2013 podcast interview with her, all of which has gotten me thinking a lot about her and her work.

Like many people — especially male writers of my generation — I initially dismissed Wurtzel and later came to respect her. Looking back, that initial reaction was largely fueled by envy (why was everyone making such a fuss over her while I had to hustle so hard?), resentment (when I act like an asshole, people call me out; when she acts like an asshole, she gets a book contract!), sexism (the only reason she gets this much attention is that she’s good-looking!), and other forms of pettiness. In other words, I had a lot of insecurities and self-loathing. So did she — but she seemed better at making those deficiencies work for her. And that just made me feel more insecure.

Over the years, though, as I read more and more of Wurtzel’s articles, I became a fan. I was impressed by the fact that she didn’t just become a professional celebrity or marry some rich guy, which seemed like the predictable trajectory. Instead, she kept writing, went to law school at Yale (“on a lark,” she said), wrote some more, and generally seemed to remain true to herself, for better and worse. She also seemed to be pretty self-aware about her personal flaws and was able to laugh about them. Good for her.

I never met Wurtzel (although a few of my friends knew her). She was famously self-absorbed, logorrheic, and dramatic — all things I have a hard time dealing with — so I’m sure I wouldn’t have had the patience for her theatrics. I tend to process information in a very linear way, and I tend to surround myself with people who do likewise, but Wurtzel clearly processed the world in non-linear ways, more stream-of-consciousness ways. People like that make me itchy, probably because they seem to have tapped into some inner part of themselves that I can’t tap into or just don’t have (more insecurity), so I usually steer clear of them. That’s often my loss, and it certainly would have been my loss in Wurtzel’s case, because the things that made her so hard to deal with were clearly the same things that made her so interesting.

Wurtzel wrote primarily about herself and was probably the premier confessional artist of the last generation. I’m a bit of a confessionalist, too — nowhere near as much as she was, but I do tend to share a fair amount of my life in my work. As I do that, I’m always thinking about the line between public and private, between an interesting anecdote and an overshare, between being relatable and just enjoying the attention (hell, I’m doing it right now with this essay, this paragraph, this sentence). Those can be hard lines to draw. Wurtzel didn’t blur those lines so much as she simply ignored them. As a result, she was routinely described as being self-absorbed, self-aggrandizing, masturbatory. She didn’t care. As she once wrote, “I believe everyone is entitled to my opinion.”

Why do some of us have that need to express ourselves so personally, whether through essays, blogging, songwriting, art, or whatever? In Wurtzel’s case, a lot of it clearly had to do with depression. As she once wrote, “I was born with a mind that is compromised by preternatural unhappiness, and I might have died very young or done very little. Instead, I made a career out of my emotions.” That appeared to be the best anti-depressant for someone who was clearly in a lot of pain, of various sorts. I’ll miss her work, but I’m glad her pain is finally gone. R.I.P.

Sunday Morning Uni Watch

Good morning! Paul here, filling in for Phil, who’s dealing with a family situation. Greetings from Florida, where the Tugboat Captain and I are spending a few days visiting her parents. It feels very weird to be wearing shorts in January!

Yesterday was a very, very good day in the NFL, at least from my perspective. Consider:

• My favorite team, the 49ers, won their playoff game against the Vikings and will host the NFC Championship Game next Sunday.

• The team widely considered to be the biggest roadblock to a Niners championship, the Ravens, lost their playoff game and are no longer a factor.

• With the Vikings and Ravens both losing, we’re now assured of a purple-free Super Bowl.

It’s a win-win-win!

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A whale of a game: The Carolina Hurricanes wore their Hartford Whalers throwbacks for last night’s game agains the Kings (additional photos here). I realize this sticks in the craw of some Connecticut fans, and I sympathize with those fans, but I love this move — not just because it’s great to see that Whalers uni again, but also because throwback uniforms are history lessons, and the Hurricanes’ previous franchise incarnation as the Whalers is part of NHL history.

That’s why I also love it when the L.A. Clippers wear Buffalo Braves throwbacks, or when the Oakland A’s wear Philadelphia A’s throwbacks — it teaches fans about the history of the team and the sport.

But hey, that’s just me. If you disagree, feel free to do so in today’s comments.

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Sorry, but that’s it for today. Enjoy your Sunday, and I’ll be back with a full slate of content tomorrow. — Paul