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Georgia Tech Unveils New Unis on Friday Night

By John Ekdahl

Georgia Tech unveiled their new football uniforms last night, which will feature not one, but two white jerseys. The “primary” white jersey is an updated look to their standard jersey (with “Tech Gold” numbers instead of navy), while the “whiteout” jerseys will invert the colors on both the numbers and shoulder stripes.

The Yellow Jackets will be pairing the Whiteout jersey with white pants and a new white helmet to create the “whiteout” effect against Miami on November 10th.

Georgia Tech and adidas revealed the Yellow Jackets’ 2018 football uniforms on Friday evening. The uniforms are the first to be unveiled as part of Georgia Tech’s new partnership with adidas, which officially began on July 1.

The Yellow Jackets’ new adidas uniforms feature two different white jerseys – a primary home jersey and a Whiteout jersey.

The primary home jersey is a modern take on Georgia Tech’s traditional uniform. It features Tech Gold numerals outlined in navy blue, gold and navy blue stripes on the sleeves, navy blue stripes on either side of the collar and a gold interlocking GT logo above the front numerals.

The Whiteout jersey is a bold new look for a bold tradition on The Flats. Its style mirrors the primary home jersey but with navy blue numerals, reversed navy blue and gold sleeve stripes and gold stripes on either side of the collar. It will be worn for the Yellow Jackets’ Nov. 10 Whiteout game versus Atlantic Coast Conference Coastal Division rival Miami (Fla.) and road games.




Additional information about some of the design features and performance/material enhancements can be found here and larger images of the new unis can be seen here.

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The University of Maryland unveiled their Under Armour home uniforms yesterday, which feature the Maryland state flag prominently.

Maryland’s helmets featuring the Calvert and Crosslands coat of arms are hand-painted, making the Terrapins the only school to wear hand-painted helmets as part of their standard uniform.

“Designing the uniforms for Maryland football has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Especially with such an iconic and important design focal point like the Maryland flag. We want to make sure that we’re making a statement about not only UMD football and the UA brand, but that the entire state of Maryland is represented in the best way possible,” Nick Billiris, Senior Design Director of Team Sports at Under Armour, said in a statement.

According to the press release, Maryland’s helmet featuring the flag is hand-painted. They are the only school to have a hand-painted helmet as part of their standard uniform. Maryland will wear this new home set throughout the season, and it will debut in their season-opener against Texas on September 1st.

A video of the new unis is available in the tweet below.

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Nike has decided not to renew Jameis Winston’s contract, which undoubtedly had to do with his off-the-field issues. Winston will be sitting out the first three games of the season, though his deal with Nike expired before the NFL announced his suspension.

A Nike official told ESPN on Friday that Winston’s deal expired and the company elected not to renew the former No. 1 overall draft pick.

Sources say Winston’s contract expired before the NFL announced he would be suspended for the first three games of the regular season for violating the league’s personal conduct policy. The violation relates to a 2016 incident in which Winston was accused of groping a female Uber driver.”

The Bucs open the season against the Saints in New Orleans on September 9th.

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Andrew Sendejo wore a MAGA-inspired “Make Football Violent Again” to Vikings practice in response to the NFL’s new rules on leading with the helmet.

“It fits good and it’s black and I like it,” Sendejo said. “It’s got a good message.”

Although Sendejo said he has been wearing the hat for a while, its message “applies more now” because of an already controversial new rule installed by the league aimed at making the game safer.

He later joked about making changes to his helmet that would allow him to stay within the league’s new rules.

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The Charlotte Hornets have launched a website to celebrate their 30th Anniversary.

The team unveiled a 30th anniversary logo — a circular emblem featuring the logo of the original Hornets with the familiar pinstripes found on the uniforms the team made famous. Merchandise featuring the logo, including T-shirts and hats, is available now at the Hornets Fan Shop.

The Hornets have also launched, a special website that hosts fan voting for the 30th Anniversary Team, a “This Week in Hornets History” series, features and photo galleries, stories on the team’s history and more.

Now through Oct. 1. fans can visit the site to vote for the 30th Anniversary Team. Fans can cast a vote for up to 10 players from Charlotte’s NBA history, with the top 10 overall vote-getters being named as members of the 30th Anniversary Team. All fans who vote will automatically be entered for a chance to win a 30th Anniversary Prize Pack that includes a pair of Jordan 4 Retros, a classic Hornets “Grandmama” jersey and a Hornets 30th Anniversary hat.

The team will have a “classic edition” uniform and a 30th Anniversary logo. The logo can be seen in the video above.

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[Editor’s Note: Paul is on his annual August break from site. Deputy editor Phil Hecken is in charge from now through the end of the month, although Paul is still on the clock over at ESPN and may be popping up here occasionally.]

Grizzlies Unveil New Unis, Logo, Court & Advertiser

[Editor’s Note: Paul is on his annual August break from site. Deputy editor Phil Hecken is in charge from now through the end of the month, although Paul is still on the clock over at ESPN and may be popping up here occasionally.]

By Phil Hecken

The Memphis Grizzlies unveiled new uniforms yesterday evening — three of them — plus a couple tweaked logos, a couple courts, and a new ad patch. In what now constitutes par for the course these days, there’s a “story” surrounding all of the uniforms and changes. More on that at the end of each section. But for now the main stuff and some corporate speak.


There’s a lot going on here for what appears to be a pretty minor set of changes to the white. First, here’s how the team describes the changes:

The asymmetry of our uniform represents not only our geography, with the Mississippi River anchoring our City and state on one side, but also the unique and unconventional cultural history of Memphis and the Grizzlies. The clean, long flowing lines that fall down the side of the jerseys and wrap around the shorts are reminiscent of the intersection of road, rail, river and runways, taking its line forms from the evolved inline wordmark.

The wordmark is new, though it’s similar to the previous one, as are the numbers. On the belt is one of the brand new logos, a stylized “MEM” (which I like a lot), and the jerseys and pants have stripes running down the right side, while the left side of the jersey is blank and the left side of the pants have the new (slightly tweaked) logo. And the team, which had no advertiser patch last year, has added one.


While the white jersey says “MEMPHIS,” the dark blue one reads “GRIZZLIES,” and the dark uni contains a slim strip of gold. Beyond that, the two unis are very similar in style. On both, the NOB is below the number. More corporate description is below:

Both uniforms draw focus to one of our core brand attributes – our blue collars. Beale Street Blue will now draw attention to the collars of the Icon Edition. The oversized bear icon on the left side of the short nods back to both our first seasons in Vancouver and Memphis.

Our new stylized shipping container mark will be showcased on the belt line of each uniform. All uniforms will feature our newly-designed inline type that represents the vibrancy of Beale Street neon signs in the names across their chests and reintroduces the inline to the number sets for the first time since 2010.

Yeah, OK. But hey, someone gets paid to write that copy. Anyway, the changes from the prior uni set aren’t major but they are noticeable. The “MEMPHIS” and “GRIZZLIES” now swap places on the white and dark blue unis (last years set is on the left, the new set is on the right):

The wordmark has gone from arched to straight, the numbers are smaller (and in the new, what I’ll call “Blue Jays-esque” font), and the navy uniform has a light blue collar.


The new light blue uniform is similar to the dark blue, but this one features the new “MEM” logo as a design element on the collar and belt, as well as a stripe on the bottom right hem of the pants. Here’s how the team describes the light blue uniform (note the “GRIZZLIES” is arched here):

Our new Statement Edition uniform will continue to showcase the base color of Beale Street Blue, along with our iconic inline type and blue collars, representative of Memphis entertainment and culture.

As with the Association & Icon Editions, this uniform creates an asymmetrical silhouette and utilizes the oversized bear icon on the left side of the short for strength and weight. The asymmetry is created by utilizing a pattern of the shipping container mark through the collar, belt and right short hem, similar to the Pacific Northwest trim used in Vancouver in 1995/96. This pattern is further highlighted by the use of Grizzlies gold accents along each piece.


The “refreshed” logo is barely different from the previous incarnation (as you’ll see in the side-by-side below). Basically its a slightly different shade of light blue and now a gray outline. But there is still a story attached:

The refreshed primary Bear Icon replaces our lightest ‘smoke’ blue within the nose & mouth area with our Beale Street Blue, enhancing the ferocity of the Grizzlies Gold in the Bear’s eyes. The Steel Gray outline introduces a color that is complementary to our intense blues while also bringing depth to the icon.

The old is on the left, the new is on the right:


They tweaked the font slightly and removed the arch. As mentioned above, the numbers (which had been solid last season) are in the same font family.

The evolved wordmark and numbering system represent a more progressive and modernized take on its predecessor, while maintaining and deepening the connection to the Beale Street neon-inspired inline.

The straightening of GRIZZLIES in the full global logo gives weight to MEMPHIS and strengthens the collective wordmark to the icon.


The “clawball” logo is also slightly changed from the previous iteration. Basically they put the ball in the opposite paw (left now, versus right, previously) and slightly tweaked the colors. They also rotated the angle from which the grip is shown. But wait…

From the shores of the Pacific Northwest to the banks of the Mississippi, the ‘ClawBall’ has maintained its home in the Grizzlies brand identity for over 20 years. This reimagined version brings the past forward and integrates it seamlessly into the new identity system with some of the same tactics used in the primary icon: the increased use of Beale Street Blue, the introduction of a Steel Gray outline and the more equitable weights of the claw and fur shapes.

This reimagined, redrawn and rotated version attacks the ball and showcases a stylized ‘M’ shaped by the three middle claws clutching the ball.

Here’s the previous iteration and the new one:


On the surface, I LOVE this. However, when you find out the new rationale behind it, you might find it a bit cringeworthy:

Memphis is moving. It always has been. Since 1819 — whether by river, rail, road or runways — Memphis has been the hub of the country and the world.

This stylized mark integrates the Grizzlies’ neon-inspired inline and our city’s airport code into a design inspired by shipping containers that can be found on the rivers, roads, railways and runways of Memphis today. Memphis is America’s Distribution Center — but beyond cargo, Memphis packages and distributes its culture and soul to the world today.

And those shipping containers are also conveniently located in front of the Griz’ arena (at least temporarily). So, while it’s not quite an additional uni ad, when you know the “story” behind it, you won’t be able to unsee it. Not everyone sees shipping containers, however:

Kudos on that spot.


According to this article (which has more cringeworthy corporate speak throughout), there are two new courts, but only one was “unveiled” last night and that’s the one you see above. It is possible that second court is the new practice facility court.

The Grizzlies put out the standard hype video as well:

Prior to the unveiling, the team also released a look at the progression of unis throughout the years:

Overall, the tweaks (which is all they really are) aren’t bad but these uniforms aren’t all that different from the ones they are replacing. With the exception of the new “MEM” wordmark, most of the changes are cosmetic (slightly different wordmark & logos, different color hues). I love navy and powder blue together, but I’ve never loved the way the Grizzlies have worked with them. The gold plays a very insignificant role, but I’m wondering if the new “fourth” uniform (second alternate) will be a gold version of the powder blue. You’ll recall Memphis had an awesome MLK-inspired fourth uniform last year (which I hope they keep). My understanding is that all teams will have an option to add a new fourth uniform this year — with some teams keeping their previous one, giving them a “fifth” option. I use the terms “fourth” and “fifth” in lieu of the ridiculous names Nike and the NBA have given each of the white and dark uniforms the teams currently wear. We can’t even refer to them as “home” and “away” since those terms no longer apply. I’m disappointed with the addition of the ad patch, of course, although no one should be shocked at whom Memphis has chosen.

Your thoughts?

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Football Is A Country

Reader Robert Brashear sent in this great story — which I’m reprinting in full below. You guys will enjoy this one for sure!

• • •

To celebrate the World Cup, the people at Jacobin, a Brooklyn based socialist journal, came up with the idea of creating a unique jersey for their readers and fans. It’s theme would be “Football is a country,” inspired both by Eduardo Galeano’s Futbol a sol y sombra (Soccer in sun and shadow), perhaps the best book ever written about soccer, and Africa is a country, an eclectic internet space for progressive art and culture from all of Africa and the African diaspora. The idea seemed to be that football the game creates a reality that is beyond boundaries where the beauty of the experience of the game transcends any national loyalties. And we could wear this jersey while watching the games in celebration of that idea.

The jersey itself was intriguing. In the upper left, instead of a team crest, the Jacobin “J” in the journal’s distinctive font.

The main image is essentially a post modern deconstruction of World Cup brackets and in small print,

the nicknames of 8 teams:

Super Eagles: Nigeria
Les Bleus: France
La Albiceleste: Argentina
The Three Lions: England
Die Mannschaft: Germany
Les Lions de la Teranga: Senegal
La Furia Roja: Spain
Selecao: Brazil

So…why 8? Why these 8?

On the back a graphic for ‘Football is a country” borrowed from “Africa is a country” and a MNOB (magazine name?) “Jacobin” with a stylized “18.”

Altogether an interesting creation and worthy of a bar conversation or two. I ordered it immediately and anxiously awaited its arrival. But, perhaps inevitably, there were “problems with production” and the jerseys finally arrived Monday, July 30th, two weeks after Word Cup final. I will leave it to others for finding any metaphors in the story.

(Happily all proceeds did go to Africa is a country…)

— Bob Brashear

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And now a few words from Paul: Turns out my August break from the site came just in time, because on Tuesday night I came down with a nasty stomach bug. I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say that the past few days have not been fun. I also haven’t been able to spend much time preparing for my move, helping to coordinate my mom’s care after her recent hospitalization, or doing my actual job (i.e., working on my college football and NFL season preview columns for ESPN). In a word: ugh.

If you want to make me feel better (or at least score yourself some nifty headwear), please consider ordering a Uni Watch alternate cap. It’s available here.

Meanwhile: Did I mention that I have a nasty stomach bug? So if you’ll excuse me….

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The Ticker
By Kris Gross

Baseball News: The Diamondbacks wore 2011-era throwbacks last night (from Ed Kendrick). … The Phillies broke out the powder blues last night, and OF Rhys Hoskins had shoes to match (from John McMunn). … Not sure if it’s a baggy jersey or low NOB and number, but something doesn’t look right here (from Frank McGuigan). … We missed this earlier in the week, but when Jose Reyes pitched for the Mets on Tuesday, he used Jacob deGrom’s glove (from Michael Keane). … Cubs bullpen coach Lester Strode gave new pitcher Cole Hamels his No. 25, which means Strode will be first Cub ever to wear double zeroes (from Ariel Shoshan). … The Brewers will honor Negro League legends as part of their African American Heritage Night this evening. … 80 years and two days ago, the Dodgers and Cardinals experimented playing with a yellow baseball (from @smagula). … The Potomac Nationals are hosting Sandlot night tomorrow. … The Daytona Tortugas will hold Bob Ross Weekend, and wear Bob Ross-style jerseys next Friday.

NFL News: Here is your jersey matchup from last night as preseason games officially kicked off. … The helmet on the left side of this video gives a good look at the Titans 20th anniversary logo (from Eric Wright). … The Cowboys will wear blue jerseys three times this season (from Ignacio). … This photo of Matt Ryan from training camp was passed along by Nicholas Rath along with the note that Ryan has the NFL Equipment logo on his pants, instead of the NFL shield. The explanation from Paul is that all practice gear has had the NFL Equipment logo on it since Nike took over the uniform deal in 2012. … @NFLJerseys7 has put together this handy uniform schedule for the Chargers this year. … Tom Brady signed a girl’s arm, then she got his signature tattooed. … Interesting note from Jon Solomonson: the Ravens’ website has a picture of QB Robert Griffin III in a Reskins jersey, not a Raven or Browns jersey. … An elementary school in Kentucky poached the Bengals logo and font, but not the name! (from Michael Berry).

College Football News: It looks like Notre Dame will wear green in their home opener (from Mike L). … Baylor will wear the Vicis ZERO1 helmet this season (from Josh Lassiter). … Texas is going back to black shoes at home this year (from Jeff Far). … The retired No. 2 jersey for Washington is no longer retired (from JayJayDean). … At least one player at Duke’s practice had a name sticker on the front of his helmet (from Nate Smith). … Northwest Missouri State will wear warning labels in the outline of the state helmet decals. … Western Kentucky celebrates 100 years of football with a centennial logo. … Liberty will use an inaugural season logo to commemorate their first season in the FBS. … Athlon ranked the SEC’s home uniforms from top to bottom. … Combining the look of old-school and modern helmets is, well, hilarious (from David Weuste).

Hockey News: The Humboldt Broncos new goalie honors the players who lost their lives last year with his new helmet (from Ted Arnold). … Arizona State and Adidas unveiled the new ADIZERO jersey (from Cameron).

College Hoops News: North Carolina is naming the floor after Roy Williams (from William I. Wells).

Soccer News: Here are some soccer notes from Josh Hinton: Manchester City’s third kit leaked. … These are all the kits for the upcoming Liga MX season. … New away kits for Millwall FC. … New USL team Birmingham Legion has found their jersey advertiser. … Mitre will now be the official ball provider of the FA Cup and FA Women’s Cup, replacing Nike. … New shirts for Clemson Men’s Soccer (from Scott M. Trembly). … “Newcastle United have had their kits made by Puma for the past eight years but never in that time has the logo been in black – the reason being that Newcastle’s rivals Sunderland are nicknamed The Black Cats,” writes Denis Hurley. “Similarly, while Sunderland traditionally wear black shorts – though likely to change to red this season – the adidas stripes on them are never white, as Newcastle wear black and white stripes.”

Grab Bag: There’s a new table tennis league in Japan, here’s a look at their jerseys (from EP Conrad). … New jerseys for Munster Rugby. … For Paul and all the purple haters out there, this one’s for you (from James Atherton).

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While Paul's Away the Purple Will Play

[Editor’s Note: Paul is on his annual August break from site. Deputy editor Phil Hecken is in charge from now through the end of the month, although Paul is still on the clock over at ESPN and may be popping up here occasionally.]

By Phil Hecken, with Wafflebored

Our old friend Wafflebored contacted me when I put out the call for reader submissions/article ideas with one he felt might best be run during Paul’s sabbatical, since his concept jersey features a certain hue of which Paul is not especially fond. As with all Wafflebored’s excellent DIY’s, this one is another beauty.


• • • • • •

Anatomy of a DIY: LA Kings Hybrid Jersey
By Wafflebored

The original LA Kings jersey from 1967 might be my favourite sports jersey of all time. Purple paired with yellow is just magic, and the crown logo is beautiful. I even like the later version with the Flyers-style stripes running down the sleeve, but the original still looks best to me.

Many years ago I bought this jersey logo at a flea market. It was a little rough, and had obviously been removed from a well-worn jersey, but I couldn’t resist picking it up. It has sat in a drawer since then. This dates back to before I started sewing seriously, but I imagined one day I would put it on a blank jersey and be done with it.

Recently I decided it was time to do something with it. I could have made a copy of one of the actual Kings jerseys, but I like making things you can’t buy in stores. In this case, it’s easy to get one of the reproduction jerseys, so came up with the idea of using the crest on a hybrid jersey featuring the pattern of the 1996 Burger King jersey, another jersey I like a lot.

The first task was getting the pattern correct. If the swoops, or stripes, or whatever they are aren’t 100% correct, the jersey will look off. So I pinned a piece of brown paper the exact size of the jersey I was going to make to the wall, and used a projector to shoot an image of the actual jersey onto the paper. I then cut it up to make the patterns you see here:

I then cut all of the pieces out from purple and yellow mesh, making sure to reverse the pattern for the back. Here are the finished front and back panels:

Next up is the collar, which is usually the hardest and most time-consuming part. In this case it’s a simple v-neck with crossover front. The collar is first pinned then loosely sewn in by hand. It’s then flipped over and pressed.

I thought a while about which player to put on the back or the jersey. While I was tempted to use Rogie or another high-profile King, I decided to use Mario Lessard, since I like the more obscure goalies. Plus, I thought the number 1 would look good against the jersey pattern. I made cardboard templates printed on my computer.

The original Burger King jersey has the “Chevy” logo as shoulder patches. Since I can’t replicate the level of detail of that logo, I made a simplified version using the “LA” from the current logo. I hadn’t worked with twill that small but it was no problem.

The sleeves came together exactly the same as the body. I always add sleeve numbers before attaching the sleeves to the body, as its much easier.

And it’s done! A super fun project.

• • • • • •

Awesome job (as always), and thanks for sharing! If you don’t already, you should follow Wafflebored on Twitter and you can also check out a ton of his other projects here. What do you guys (and gals) think of the purple & gold?

Kreindler’s Korner

I had the distinct pleasure of featuring the wonderful artwork of artist Graig Kriendler on two occasions over the summer and fall of 2017.

For those who don’t wish to click the links, Graig paints baseball heroes (and regular guys) from the past, and is an immense talent.

Occasionally, I will be featuring his work on Uni Watch.

Here’s today’s offering (click to enlarge):

• • •

Title: “Chief Prospect”
Subject: Mickey Mantle, 1951
Medium: Oil on linen
Size: 22″ x 28″

This Mickey Mantle painting was a rough one to get through. Obviously the image is pretty instantly recognizable from his famous 1952 Topps card, which still remains one of the baseball card hobby’s most famous issues – undeniably the most popular post-war card in existence. The ubiquity of that image notwithstanding, it was important to make sure that this painting didn’t really look or feel like that treasure on too many levels. I’ve always found that particular set to be a bit too pastel-like and unrealistic in its coloring (especially that yellow bat), so I wanted to make sure the artwork was far away from those hue choices and as close to real-life as possible. I’d made a few color studies of the thing over the last 10 years, and it was only semi-recently that I finally “figured it out”.

The main issue was that the original photograph that I was using as reference was taken with a flash. So, you have that hot Phoenix sun shining down on Mickey, and then a flash bulb lighting him from below and bleeding into those shadows. That combination created some tough problems to sort out, especially since the photography method had all but flattened Mickey’s form out. Everything that as lit from the flash had to be cooler in temperature than what was being lit from the sun, and the photograph kind of exaggerates how bright those shadow planes get (especially in his face). I had to make sure that although he was being lit from two sources, one of them would win out in the overall hierarchy of light. In this case, what was lit artificially stayed a bit deeper in value than I might have originally planned it to, making that flash factor a bit less obvious. As a result, I think his features (as well as those of the bat and jersey) really pop where they should, and at the same time, sit in the space well enough.

And of course, when looking at the painting, one will always think of that famous card, but if he/she can enjoy it on a different unrelated level, then I’ve definitely achieved my goal.

• • •

Thanks, Graig! You can (and should!) follow Graig on Twitter.

The Ticker
By Anthony Emerson

Baseball News: Appropriately gaudy Margaritaville Night unis for the Norfolk Tides, the Triple-A affiliate of the Orioles. The unis will make their debut on Aug. 25 (from Ian Locke). … Not uni related, but too good not to post: Two New Jersey brothers found a trove of baseball cards, including five ultra-rare Mickey Mantle cards, one of which was valued at over $1 million (from Ted Arnold). … Two players were wearing completely different jerseys despite being on the same team at the 14U Championship game (from Erik Fowler). … I’m not sure what (if any) playoffs/championships are at stake here, but Mike Styczen‘s kid has an A+ stirrup game but wore the wrong alternate jersey yesterday. … Tremendous Astrodome shot glass find at Goodwill by Jim Vilk.

NFL News: The Chargers released their 2018 uni schedule. The most important bit: powder blues are making appearances in back-to-back games on Oct. 7 and 21 against the Raiders and Titans respectively. The game against the Raiders will be in London (from Brock JacksonKenny Saidah and everyone else who sent this in). … The Saints are wearing white at home against the Eagles on Nov. 18 because Sean Payton lost a golf bet to Doug Pederson (from Gil Neumann III). … Here’s a good shot of the Jets in the 1978 preseason wearing their then-new green helmets with their previous year’s unis (from Joe Sumpman).

College/High School Football News: Did you know that some schools had SNOBs back in 1974? I didn’t. Fulton High School in Knoxville, Tn., wore them in the 1974 Tennessee AAA High School State Championship Game (from @UniformSnob). … Jack Trice Stadium’s field is getting a corporate name, Iowa State announced yesterday. The stadium itself will retain the name “Jack Trice” (from Derek Lilleskov).

Hockey News: In an unsurprising and totally deserved move, the Coyotes will retire Shane Doan’s No. 19 Feb. 24 — against the Winnipeg Jets. Doan, of course, started his career back when the Coyotes were the first iteration of the Jets, and stayed with the franchise through a relocation, a name change, lots of losing, threats of another relocation, iffy ownership situations, league administration and a bankruptcy. Few players are as intimately interwoven with a team’s history and identity as Doan and the Coyotes (from Mike Chamernik). … The Blues will reveal their new third jersey at their annual Ice Breaker event on Aug. 26 (from Jacob Bischoff).

NBA News: The Bucks revealed their new court design yesterday (from Mike Chamernik and Brian Kerhin). … The Grizzlies keep teasing us with sneak previews of potential new changes (from Evan Winburne).

Soccer News: Leicester City have launched their new third kit (from Josh Hinton). … West Bromwich revealed their new change and third kits — and one of them’s in Uni Watch colors! (Also from Josh Hinton). … The Premier League is updating their referee kits (again from Josh Hinton). … An odd NOB for Real Madrid’s Raúl de Tomás, first and foremost that his NOB is only initials, and secondly that there are periods after the “R” and “D” but not the “T,” which is strange to say the least. The NOB also appears to be uncentered and it looks like the space is too large between the “D” and “T” (from Pádraig T Watson). … ESPN appeared to forget what Tottenham Hotspur’s crest looked like during their coverage of Spurs’ friendly against AC Milan (from @SoCalMindset). … Clemson men’s soccer has revealed their new kits (from Blake Toy). … River Plate had their new home and away kits leaked to Footy Headlines. … So was Roma’s third kit. Nike’s ugly contrasting sleeves rear their ugly heads again. … Manchester City’s new all-black minimalist pre-match kit is not exactly getting rave reviews. … Tuesday’s MLS Homegrown match against Tigres UANL’s U-20 team featured a Tigres player inexplicably wearing No. 286 (from @AVKingJames).

It's Fauxtime! Lakers Introduce 'New' Uniforms

[Editor’s Note: Paul is on his annual August break from site. Deputy editor Phil Hecken is in charge from now through the end of the month, although Paul is still on the clock over at ESPN and may be popping up here occasionally.]

By Phil Hecken

To the surprise of exactly no one, the LA Lakers introduced three “new” uniforms yesterday — more like hybrids or fauxbacks really — that evoke the great “Showtime”-era uniforms of days past. The leaks of prior days were legit, and, to paraphrase Dennis Green, they are what we thought they are.

While the jerseys, especially at first glance, appear to all be identical (save for color swaps), they are in fact, not quite. We’ll get to that in a second. Let’s first look at each jersey. Of course all of them carry special names coined by Nike, but we’ll simply be referring to them by color here.


The jersey combines elements of last year’s jersey (the wordmark) and blends it with the Showtime jersey (the arm and sleeve piping) and adds a new block shadow font effect (similar to the Magic Johnson-era unis), but rather than slanting at a right-center angle, the block shadow falls directly beneath the number.

You can see these two effects that Paul highlighted nicely below:

One other jersey fauxback effect is the elimination of the side panels, which were present on the 2017-18 jerseys, but not in the Showtime-era unis (again, Paul had this one tweeted):

Note also the pants (only visible on the gold) have a new striping pattern from last season: the old purple/white/purple/white/purple has now become white/purple/gold/purple/gold/purple/white. One may infer the white pants will take on a similar pattern, with the gold and white swapping. The purple jersey (which we will see below) contains a side panel — one may also infer the pants striping pattern will follow this.

Also — the back of the jersey wasn’t shown in the pub photos, but if the on court version is the same as the retail jersey shown below, it appears as though the shoulder piping will go all around the arm holes. As you’ll recall, teams with sleeve striping had those had those stripes truncated in the back of the jersey. Perhaps Nike has “fixed” that for 2018-19.

However, we were treated to some side views, and it looks like the arm hole striping will be truncated on the on-court jerseys. As you’ll see below with the purple jersey, it looks like the retail and on-court jerseys have a few differences.



The white jersey (and shorts) are basically identical to the gold, except for the color swap. Simply substitute gold accents/piping on the white jersey for the white accents/piping on the golds. Of course, there was no white uni set during the Showtime era, but this is a nice set.


Here, for reasons only Nike can probably explain, a black side panel has been added to the purple jersey. The Lakers Showtime unis had no side panel. That’s pretty much the only thing that sets the purple template apart from the gold and white (aside from the color swap, obviously).

The black stripe is an odd choice (though they did have the BFBS uni last year) and its incongruity with the gold and white jerseys doesn’t seem to make much sense. There were a billion reactions to this on SM yesterday, most of them negative.

One tweeter even noticed what appears to be a mistake (well, not so much a mistake as a difference between the retail jersey and the player version, though this is not a minor ‘error’):

Nike attempted to explain changes to the new jerseys in the graphic below. Note, they use the term “drop shadow” rather than “block shadow” (which is actually the correct term for the effect generated; the 49ers used this same misnomer when they unveiled their white 1994 throwbacks earlier this year). It’s really a vertical block shadow element.

The difference between block shadow and drop shadow is shown graphically below (a graphic created by our own Scott MX Turner). Drop shadow is meant to convey what is literally a shadow whereas block shadowing creates a 3-D effect, showing thickness and depth of a number or letter.

Based on the angle of the shadow, one could argue that what the Lakers are using is, in fact, a drop shadow; however, the fact that their Showtime unis were clearly block shadow leads me to believe the new ones are meant to be as well:

I’m pleased with the changes, although if they wanted to go back to the full Showtime look, or at least gone for a better effect, they should have made the blockshadow more angular (and a tad heavier/fatter). I do prefer the newer wordmark to the “classic” one, so I’m glad they kept that.

You can read the Nike-speak here and see some additional photos (closeups of certain jersey elements as well as a swoosh), and Paul’s ESPN take is here.

The Lakers, like the Celtics, will always have a classic light and dark set, and despite the minor tweaks over the years, retain a great overall appearance. It’s a good thing they’ve stuck with (basically) the same look for decades.

It’s Showtime again in LA. What say you, readers: How’d they do?

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MLS All Star Game Tonight

For those of you (like me) who aren’t soccer guys, unless it’s the World Cup or Olympics, we love to have the soccer guys around to keep us apprised of the latest kits and unveilings. Well, tonight is the MLS All Star Game, and Kyle Evans is here to give a quick rundown on this year’s special ASG uniform. You may recall last year Kyle did a very detailed rundown of past ASGs and this is just a quick update for this year.

Here’s Kyle:

• • •

MLS 2018 ASG
By Kyle Evans

Thanks Phil! Happy to be back and add this year’s game (the 23rd edition) to its uniform history. The game will be played tonight in Atlanta, with the MLS All-Stars taking on Juventus in a friendly.

Here’s the ensemble that will be worn by the MLS All-Stars (click to enlarge):

Similar to this summer’s World Cup, Adidas draws inspiration from 90’s-era kits, as seen in the colored chevrons on the jersey sleeves and the shorts. The jersey is white with blue and red chevrons while the shorts are blue with white and red chevrons. The All-Star patch will be on the right sleeve and following the recent All-Star jerseys, I would expect each player’s club team to be represented with a patch on the left sleeve. Finally, the jock tag logo is meant to represent Atlanta’s history with transportation.

In their first two summer preseason matches, Juventus has worn their new primary kit, once with white shorts and once with black shorts. Due to the lack of contrast of the primary and their (not yet officially released) secondary kit with the MLS white jersey, I expect Juve’s new third kit to make its on-field debut. Fun fact: Juve’s third kit is made from plastic recovered from the ocean.

In my opinion this should be a nice game visually, and we’ll see for sure tonight…thoughts on these kits?

• • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • •

And now a few words from Paul: I know, I know, it’s the first day of my annual August break and I’m already making a cameo here on the site. But there are a couple of things I wanted to make sure you’re aware of:

• The Uni Watch alternate cap is now available for ordering. Full details here.

• I still have a bunch of cool stuff for sale. If you’re interested in any of it, please get in touch.

I think that’s it for now. Have a great August!

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What Phil Did Yesterday Last Weekend

I don’t get out much, so there probably won’t be any more many of these this month, but taking a page from Paul’s book to tell you about what I did last weekend. It was actually a four-day (Thursday through Sunday) affair. I participated in my first Curling “bonspiel.”

Simply put, a bonspiel is a bunch of curling teams (called “rinks”) who play a tournament — each spiel has a theme (the one I was in was called the “Last Dance” and it was for curlers with 5 1/2 years or less of experience. I won’t bore you with any of the details, but suffice it to say several of the rinks had uniforms, and a couple had uniforms that coincided with the “dance” theme. My rink (I played vice) was the “Electric Sliders” and here’s how we looked:

Yes, I’m wearing shorts. I played my first game Thursday in shorts and we won (and I was pretty warm) so I kept the theme for our Friday match. We lost (which is why we’re not the happiest looking group of campers) and I was freezing. I played the remaining games in long pants and a turtleneck under the team shirts.

But here is the thing. Everyone went with a nickNOB. I don’t really have a nickname, so one of my teammates suggested I simply go with…

…just for shits and giggles. So I did.

But here’s the other thing: Before I even put on my team shirt, literally upon checking in at the club, not one but TWO people came up to me and said, “are you Phil with Uni Watch?” I was like, “uh, yeah.” Turns out both curlers are BIG fans of the site and they saw my name on the team list and knew I was on the way. With 31 other teams (so well over 100 curlers), at least two of the other players throughout the tournament came up and identified themselves as readers. With the nickNOB, maybe 20 or 30 more inquired about our little site. So that was kinda cool, and we had a shit-ton of uni-discussion throughout the four days I was there. Who knew there were so many readers amongst the curling set?

Anyway, that’s my little story and I thought it was kinda cool. Just one more reason to say… “Curling Rocks!”

• • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • •

The Ticker
By Paul, pinch-hitting for birthday boy Alex Hider

NFL News: The Panthers, to their credit, are among the handful of teams that always release their annual jersey schedule. Here it is for 2018. … 49ers WR Victor Bolden Jr.’s helmet is missing, apparently because a fan took it from a practice field.

College Football News: Colorado’s 2018 season tickets feature artwork from hospitalized children (from @7_8_9_Orten). … Gee, ya think Houston might have just a few too many helmets? (From Ignacio Salazar.) … Longtime reader/pal Michael Princip scored a 1939 Goldsmith football uniform catalog with this spectacular fold-out spread.

Hockey News: New uniforms for the Newfoundland Growlers (thanks, Phil). … NASCAR driver Ryan Ellis has a new Capitals-themed helmet (from Andrew Eierman). … New fifth-anniversary logo for the Indy Fuel (from David Craske). … The Golden Knights have sent a cease-and-desist letter to a Vegas gun shop that put the team’s logo on a fucking Glock (from John Muir). … In a vaguely related item, the NHL wants an Illinois company to stop selling beer mugs that look like the Stanley Cup. … The Bruins will retire Rick Middleton’s No. 16 on Nov. 29 (from our own Anthony Emerson, who also provided a list of all the Bruins who’ve worn No. 16 since Middleton retired in 1988).

Basketball News: And so it begins: The NBA is now the first major American sports league with an official betting/gaming partner. This is the special hell that now awaits us. … LeBron James approves of the Lakers’ new uniform set. … TCU’s court design is being refinished, which initially had people freaking out because it looked blue instead of purple (from Phil and Kris).

Soccer News: “Forest Green Rovers released their kits on Tuesday and actually committed to wearing them for two seasons,” says our own Jamie Rathjen. “Usually if a team is keeping a kit for a second season, they won’t say anything and it’ll just show up again, or less frequently they’ll say, ‘We’re keeping it for this season.’ Also, the press release has this interesting line about the NOB: ‘A star is printed above the player name to signify the club’s promotion to the Football League in 2017, with two stars greyed-out to represent the chairman Dale Vince’s ambition to reach the Championship in the coming seasons [i.e., that requires two more promotions].’ They don’t have a picture of this, unfortunately.” … Also from Jamie: “Here’s the kit for the MLS team in the MLS Homegrown Game, which is the warmup for the All-Star Game. A ‘homegrown’ player basically means that they’re from a team’s area and spent at least one year playing for that team’s youth teams. The game is the MLS team against usually a Mexican team’s youth team, which this year is Tigres UANL’s under-20 team.”

Grab Bag: Cross-listed from the hockey section: NASCAR driver Ryan Ellis has a new Washington Capitals-themed helmet (from Andrew Eierman). … South Korean athletes participating in the Asian Games later this month will avoid wearing corporate makers’ marks on their uniforms, so as not to run afoul of sanctions against North Korea. … The Oklahoma Dept. of Corrections has changed male inmates from grey uniforms to bright orange. … Attention sneakerheads: Nick Santora has published the latest issue of his Classic Kicks digital magazine. “This issue is focused on vintage sneaker collecting,” he says. “I interviewed a great group of guys with some ridiculously rare pieces and interesting stories to go with them.” It’s available for $3.99 for desktop, iOS, and Android. … Here’s Deadspin’s take on the worst logos in sports (from our own Anthony Emerson). … New logo for the North Carolina Apple Festival. … The Mets lost to the Nationals 25-4 last night; it was so bad renowned mop-up man Jose Reyes came in to pitch, creating the single-digit pitcher alert (from mo mutterperl).

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