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Credits and Acknowledgments

The idea for this blog came from Uni Watch reader John Ekdahl, who first approached me in the winter of 2006. As I explained to him at the time, I don’t know anything about setting up a web site. Fortunately, he does (in fact, he’s got his own web development company), so he ended up designing, configuring, and administering the site. XXXXXXL-sized thanks go to him for making this happen.

The Uni Watch logo was designed by the fabulous Scott M.X. Turner, a man whose knowledge of uniform-related arcana dwarfs my own. He’s also one of the nicest people on the planet.

A lot of the credit for Uni Watch’s growth over the years goes to all the great editors I’ve been lucky enough to work with, starting with Miles Seligman, former sports editor of The Village Voice, who liked the idea of a uniform column from the moment I first proposed it to him. He’ll always be Uni Watch’s editor emeritus. Ward Harkavy at the Voice, Bryan Curtis at, and Michael Knisley, David Schoenfield, and Kieran Darcy at ESPN have all been super too.

But the biggest share of credit goes to Uni Watch’s amazing readers, who serve as my eyes and ears out there. They contribute ideas and photos, respond to my calls for additional information, correct my mistakes, and teach me things on a near-daily basis. Seriously, people, a writer couldn’t possibly ask for a better readership. Here’s to you.

— Paul Lukas, May 2006