WNBA Takes Radical Step of Putting Team Logos on Unis

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For years now it’s been impossible to take the WNBA seriously from a uniform standpoint because most of the teams didn’t even have their team names, team logos, or city names on their jerseys, which were dominated by advertising.

The league took step toward addressing that yesterday […]

A’s, Mariners Open 2019 MLB Season in Japan

At this very moment, the A’s and Mariners are playing their season-opening game in Tokyo (I woke up and started writing this in the top of the fifth, and pressed the “Publish” button in the top of the eighth). As we knew would be the case, both teams are wearing advertising sleeve patches — […]

MLB Continues Tradition of Uni Ads for Games in Japan

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MLB announced yesterday that the A’s will wear an MGM Resorts advertising patch on their right sleeve for the season-opening series against the Mariners on March 20 and 21. According to this Forbes piece, the Mariners are expected to have a different ad patch for that series, […]

Knicks Become Latest NBA Team to Go Ad-Clad

As NBA teams have announced their jersey advertisers, I’ve dutifully covered the announcements and run photos of the patches. Simple.

But in recent weeks, a reader/commenter named Cole has been questioning my approach. He has repeatedly said (I’m paraphrasing here), “Why do you keep showing the ad patches? That’s what the advertisers want! You’re […]