Summit Meeting

Great time last night at the Fourth Ave. Pub here in Brooklyn, as poobah Chris Creamer (that’s him above) and I were joined by a bunch of our readers. I also got to meet Chris’s wife, mother, and father — lovely people, one and all.

This was the first time I’d convened a […]

Seattle Party Report

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The shot you see above nicely captures the spirit at the latest Uni Watch party, which took place back on Monday night in Seattle. From left to right, those lower legs belong to Patrick Nuss, Peter Woychick, the New Girl, Gina Nuss, myself, Scott Turner, and Patrick […]

Not a Bad Bunch to Hang Out With on a Saturday

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Normally I take lots of photos at a Uni Watch party and write about what each person was wearing, blah-blah-blah — you know the drill. But due to the recent unpleasantness, I wasn’t able to do that for yesterday’s gathering at Sheep Station, so the group shot […]

‘Provolone, with’: Philadelphia Party Report

Had a great time on Saturday evening, as a bunch of Uni Watch readers from near and far gathered at the Devil’s Den in Philly. Here’s how it went down…

The coolest uni-related garment on display, hands down, was the incredible cheerleading sweater being worn by Jenny Sweet, who drove in from Pittsburgh with her […]