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That’s Pure Gold, I Tell Ya — Gold!

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[Editor’s Note: Back in 2012 I ran an entry about how Marquette dropped its “Warriors” team name in 1994. Today we have a guest entry from Brent B, who has an fascinating story about another chapter in Marquette sports history. ”” PL]

By Brent B

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Lucky Seven!

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By Phil Hecken

If the artwork on the cover of the January 15, 2015, edition of Las Vegas Seven, pictured above, looks familiar to you, that’s because the artist has been featured on Uni Watch many times before — it’s by none other than UW fave . . . → Read More: Lucky Seven!

Up (with) the Establishment!, continued

Back in late April I suggested that it would be good to have a team called the Establishment. At the end of that piece I invited readers to come up with a logo for that team, with the promise of a free membership card or a piece of swag to the person who submitted the . . . → Read More: Up (with) the Establishment!, continued

Up (with) the Establishment!

An interesting discussion broke out in the comments section last Thursday. I’d like to expand upon it a bit today.

It began when a few commenters were debating whether “Rebels” is an appropriate team name, due to its implicit connection to the Confederacy. There was some back-and-forth on that point, and then I chimed . . . → Read More: Up (with) the Establishment!