MLB History Bombshell: Reds Wore Red Shoes in 1971!

In Tuesday’s blog post about Joe Morgan’s uniform history, I mentioned that Morgan, along with some of his Reds teammates, occasionally dabbled with alternate shoe colors in All-Star Games. As an example, I included the photo displayed above, which shows him wearing red spikes in the 1977 Midsummer Classic. “A Red wearing red shoes […]

Cowboys Confirm Two Different Patches, New Pants Color

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Good morning, and happy autumnal equinox! Autumn is my favorite season and “autumnal” is my favorite adjective (I like how the silent “n” suddenly gains a voice), so this is a good day.

Now then: As I was putting together yesterday’s Monday Morning Uni […]

Talking NFL Data Visualization With Anthony Reinhard

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The remarkable chart shown above tracks each NFL team’s jersey color over every game for the past 21 seasons. For each team shown, each horizontal row has 16 cells, representing that team’s 16 games in a given season, and each vertical column has […]

When the Number and Name Colors Don’t Match

Notice anything uni-notable about this old photo of Michael Jordan about to break some hearts in Detroit?

Here’s the part that interests me: For both teams, the color of the NOB lettering doesn’t match the color of the uni numbers. I haven’t come up with a snappy name for this phenomenon yet, but for […]