Striped Beauty Lurking in an Unexpected Place

As most of you know by now (and as is pretty obvious from the photo shown above, taken a little over a year ago), I like stripes. Always have. And I don’t like them just on uniforms and other apparel — I like stripes in all sorts of contexts. And we’re going to go […]

Geezer British Oldies Act Pretends to Know Something About American Sports Uniforms

Interesting mix of sports design and music design yesterday, as the Rolling Stones announced a 15-city North American tour and promoted it by adapting their familiar lips-and-tongue logo to include stripe patterns and other imagery from the teams whose stadiums they’ll be playing in.

My favorite version by far is the one for the show […]

A Utah-Buffalo Connection?

Last week I wrote about some uniform catalogs I acquired from the collection of the late Mike Hersh. One of those catalogs — a Spanjian catalog from 1971 — had an interesting detail that I neglected to mention.

If you look at this page, second row, second stirrup from the left and this page, […]

Armed and Beautiful

Last Thursday night I received a note from reader Don Gale, who wanted to let me know that Astros first baseman Carlos Peña was wearing a pair of armbands that created a very cool double-stripe pattern. I immediately loved the look — reminded me a bit of the Cubs’ old striped undersleeves (which, as […]