Cleveland Baseball Club Wears Road Jerseys at Home for Season Opener

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Greetings Uni Watchers from the summer place “out east.” I hope everyone is staying safe and cool.

After four months with virtually no uni-news, we had quite a bit of the the past couple days. Topping the list for today was the decision by the Cleveland […]

A Symbol of the South Used by Teams in the North

As I’m sure you’re all aware, the nation is currently in the midst of a robust discussion about the Confederate battle flag. That discussion has spilled over into the sports world, as NASCAR chairman Brian France has said that he wants the flag eliminated at races. I wrote about the intersection of the flag […]

The Re-Name Game

By Phil Hecken

We’re ready for the next Uni Watch design contest, and this one is a little different than all the past contests — we’ll be doing more than just designing a logo and uniform for the two teams whose current logos you see above, we’ll be deciding upon new names for them […]