The Okkonen Files, Vol. 2: Mitchell & Ness Memories

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Welcome to Vol. 2 of the Okkonen Files, as we continue to explore the work and legacy of pioneering baseball uniform researcher Marc Okkonen, who died in late May.

Last time around we heard from Baseball Hall of Fame curator Tom Shieber, who described […]

The Okkonen Files, Vol. 1: The Birth of Dressed to the Nines

Last month I wrote an obituary/tribute for Marc Okkonen (that’s him at right, throwing out the first pitch at the 2016 home opener of his hometown Muskegon Clippers; click to enlarge), whose pioneering research into baseball uniform history helped make Uni Watch possible. As I wrote at the end of that obit, I regret […]

Marc Okkonen: 1933–2019

I woke up this morning to an email from Phil, who informed me that Marc Okkonen died on Monday. He was the author of several books, most notably Baseball Uniforms of the 20th Century, whose uniform mock-ups later became the basis for the Baseball Hall of Fame’s “Dressed to the Nines” uniform database. According […]