Who Needs a Frankenjersey When You Have a Frankenblazer?

Photo by Derrick Paul, @WestVirgyinzer

It was an all-Mountain State affair last night in San Diego, as Marshall and West Virginia faced off in the second round of the NCAA tourney. And there was a special guest on hand: West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice, who made the 2,000-mile trip to […]

Parole Board Member Wears Chiefs Tie to O.J. Hearing

Screen shot by @MarlaTellez; click to slightly enlarge

Bizarre scene at yesterday’s Nevada Parole Board hearing for O.J. Simpson, as one of the commissioners was wearing a Kansas City Chiefs necktie. Here’s a closer look:

The commissioner in question is named Adam Endel. According to this article, he went […]

Uni Watch DIY Project: Tie One On, Revisited

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[Editor’s Note: Remember our recent post about DIY NHL goalie-themed neckties? That entry was extremely popular, so today we have a follow-up from the same anonymous contributor. Enjoy. ”” PL]

By Anonymous

The first three ties I made were really an afterthought — a way […]

Uni Watch DIY Project: Tie One On

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[Editor’s Note: Today we have an absolutely spectacular DIY project from a reader who prefers to remain nameless. Enjoy ”” PL]

By Anonymous

I do a lot of jersey-related projects, and I’m often left with small, narrow scraps of mesh fabric. I hate throwing materials away […]