Indians Remove Wahoo From Uniforms for Toronto Series

Notice anything different about this photo of Cleveland shortstop Francisco Lindor (shown above), which was taken during last night’s Indians/Jays game in Toronto?

If you’re an adept uni-watcher, you probably noticed that the Chief Wahoo patch, which usually appears on the left sleeve of Cleveland’s road greys, is missing from Lindor’s jersey. And it […]

Finally: Indians to Scrap Chief Wahoo in 2019

As you’ve probably heard by now, Chief Wahoo’s days are numbered. The Indians will stop wearing the cartoon logo in 2019. The news was first reported yesterday afternoon by The New York Times, and MLB issued its own statement shortly thereafter.

Here’s a quick FAQ-style rundown of the situation:

When will the Indians stop […]

A Modest Proposal

I came up with an idea the other day. It’s such a simple, obvious idea that I’m sure other people have previously thought of it. But if they have, I’ve never heard anyone talking about it. So I’m going to share the idea with you today — my apologies if you’ve already heard it […]

Wahoo Situation to Be Resolved ‘in a Couple of Years’

Looks like Chief Wahoo is on the way out — although not right away. Cleveland Jewish News reported yesterday that Indians owner Paul Dolan addressed a Jewish group in Cleveland about a week ago and discussed the Wahoo situation:

[Dolan said,] “We were on some path towards a middle ground [regarding Wahoo], I don’t […]