Some Naming Wrongs Are Wronger Than Others

Word came down last week that the Milwaukee Bucks’ new arena, set to open next month, will be named after an annoyingly spelled financial services company. That was disappointing, but now a new, more alarming wrinkle has emerged.

As The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported yesterday, the Wisconsin state legislature voted last year to give […]

The Return of Naming Wrongs

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As longtime readers may recall, back in 2009 I partnered with the apparel brand No Mas and the Brooklyn musician the Rev. Vince Anderson to create a T-shirt that said, “I’m Calling It Shea,” which was our response to the Mets selling off their new ballpark’s naming […]

A Small Way to Fight Back

On Tuesday, while writing about the news that the Under Armour logo will begin appearing on MLB jersey chests in 2020, I said, “How can we avoid [the insidious influence of advertisers] in a realm like sports, where advertising is everywhere, from TV commercials to stadium naming rights? I’ll have more to say about […]