Uni Watch Library: Little Leaguer’s First Uniform

I was recently poking around on Etsy and came across a copy of a 1952 children’s book called Little Leaguer’s First Uniform. Sounded like good Uni Watch fodder, so I scooped it up for $10.

The title turns out to be somewhat misleading, as the book isn’t about a kid’s first uni. Instead, it’s […]

A New Uniform for DIY Dentistry

As you can see in the image above, the baseball being held in the right-hand portion of the frame has a string tied to it. What you can’t see is that the other end of the string is tied to a tooth in the mouth of the little girl. You can probably surmise the […]

Uni Watch Library: Memories and Dreams, Summer 2004

If you become a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame (not an inductee, but a paying supporter), one of your perks is a subscription to the Hall’s magazine, Memories and Dreams. The Summer 2004 issue of M&D had a uniforms theme, and Hall curator Tom Shieber recently provided me with a copy, the […]

Start ’Em Young

Today’s kids are getting hands-on lessons in uniform history that weren’t available when we were kids. As I reported earlier this year, the Padres have outfitted San Diego Little Leaguers in Padres throwback uniforms this season. And now comes word of a football organization that ups the uni-historical ante: the Throwback Football League.

“Sponsored […]