Rolls Reuss, Volume II

By Phil Hecken

My greatest thrill in baseball is winning the World Series in ’81. Without at doubt, because that’s what everybody wants. And you know why the no hitter isn’t Number 1? They don’t give you a ring for a no hitter. But they give you a ring when you win the world […]

A Crack In The Ice?

By Phil Hecken, with assists from Thomas Clark & Teebz

Last New Year’s Day, the NHL held it’s third annual Winter Classic, a pairing of the Boston Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers in Historic Fenway Park in Boston. Building upon the successes of the previous two matchups (the inaugural Winter Classic, held in Orchard Park’s […]

One Small Step for Hockey…

In case you missed it in yesterday’s comments, the big hockey news is that Nike is getting out of the sport. This isn’t quite as good as, say, curing world hunger or solving the global warming problem, but it’s a good start.

Unfortunately, we’re still stuck with Reebok, which is apparently determined to blaze […]

Ralph Waldo Emerson: MLB Logo Designer?

Yesterday’s ESPN column about the different versions of the Tigers’ old English D logo (which, incidentally, should have included a shout-out to Jeffrey Sak, who first brought this issue to my attention about a year and a half ago) prompted a really fascinating response from Steve Diamond, a product designer at Nike (yes, Nike). […]