To Tuck or Not to Tuck?

Reader Charles Noerenberg got in touch with me yesterday to point out a very small uni-related detail regarding an NHL player — a detail I had never noticed or even thought about before. Charles broke everything down in such a brilliantly obsessive manner that I’ve decided to make it the focus of today’s entry.

The […]

The Series When the White Sox Wore White Socks (mostly)

There are certain uniform variations and peculiarities that have become standard knowledge among the uni-scenti over the years. By now we all know that the Cowboys wore red, white, and blue helmet striping in 1976. We all know the A’s managers and coaches wore white caps in the late 1960s and early ’70s. And […]

A Look Back at the Lakers’ 2007 Throwback Short Shorts

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When it was announced that the Lakers would be wearing late-’80s throwbacks for last Friday night’s game against Golden State, several people felt obliged to quip, “Are they gonna wear the short shorts, too?” (As you can see above, the answer to that question turned out to […]

Scenes from the Iowa State Baseball Tourney

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Each year reader Jesse Gavin covers the Iowa State Baseball Tournament, which is currently taking place in Des Moines, and spots all sorts of uni-notable items. “If this week is any indication, the future is bright for baseball players’ hosiery stylings,” he says. “Lots of striped stirrups.” […]