So This Zebra Walks into a Bar onto a Lacrosse Field

Got two interesting notes over the weekend, both of which call for reader input. The first came from Ryan Burns, as follows:

I’m going to be president of my local lacrosse officials’ association next year. One of the common complaints is about our uniform. The uniform is black shoes, white socks with black tops […]

Birthday Boy Blog

Exactly one year ago today, I uploaded this entry, thereby launching the site you’re now reading. At the time, I had two primary concerns: (1) Would anyone notice? (2) What the hell would I write about the next day, and the day after that, and the day after that? (Confession: I intentionally launched the […]

Saturday Recap

Like a lot of Americans, I don’t really follow horse racing but still get a kick out of the Kentucky Derby, mainly because it’s a good excuse for a party. So on Saturday I baked a derby pie, put Uni Watch designated raceday tomato Amanda Madden on my arm, and headed over to Watch […]

Mr. Ed Says: A Ten-Spot on Bluegrass Cat to Win

With the Belmont Stakes taking place tomorrow, Gretchen Atwood checked in a few days ago and asked if Uni Watch planned any coverage of New York State’s “odd rules for jockey silks.” When Uni Watch confessed a deep and abiding ignorance of the subject, Atwood pointed Uni Watch toward this page, which includes the […]