Gear up for the 2020 MLB Season with new gear from Nike

The Latest Example of How Uniform Ads Just Cause Problems

I have a new ESPN column today, about Nike and the NFL — check it out here.

Meanwhile: Very interesting storyline from the golf world yesterday, as a group of 81 caddies filed a class-action lawsuit against the PGA because they’re forced to wear bibs featuring the logos of PGA sponsors without being paid. . . . → Read More: The Latest Example of How Uniform Ads Just Cause Problems

Tampa Bay Wearing

By John Ekdahl

Tampa Bay will wear their “fauxbacks” against the Cubs today. At least one sports commentator is not amused:

ESPN’s Keith Olbermann, who is friends with Sternberg, nevertheless named the Rays the “worst persons in the sports world” for “denying their Tampa Bay Devil Rays history” and putting “Rays” on the fauxbacks. . . . → Read More: Tampa Bay Wearing “Fauxbacks” Today Against Cubs

The Third Sunday in June

By Phil Hecken

Every third Sunday in June, for the past two-plus decades, I spent watching the U.S. Open with my pop. When the U.S. Open came to Long Island (1986, 1995, 2002, 2004, 2009), I was either AT the Open with him (1995, 2004), working it with him (2002), or watching it at . . . → Read More: The Third Sunday in June

Logo a No-Go

The guy carrying the ball in the photo shown above is David Pocock, captain of the Western Force, a Super Rugby team based in Perth, Australia. Notice anything unusual about him? No logo creep on his shoes! Reader Eric Bangeman explains why:

Pocock is only 23 but is arguably one of Australia’s best players . . . → Read More: Logo a No-Go