Even on a Night of Leisure, Uniforms Just Find Me

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On Monday night a bunch of friends and I went to the Ace Hotel in Manhattan, where our buddy Matt Weingarden was DJing old R&B tunes. At one point Heather disappeared down a hallway and then came back saying, “You have to see […]

A Uni Watch Look at the Tour de France


In Which I Have One of Those Great ‘Aha!’ Moments

Up until a few days ago, if you had asked me what a “head badge” is, I would have guessed something like what you see at right — the badge that police officers often wear on their hats.

But that was before reader Stephen Walker taught me that a head badge is that logo […]

Tout le monde attend l’arrivée du Tour de France

By Phil Hecken

I know as much about bicycling as the next guy, which means nothing. But I do remember watching a bunch of Tour de France’s back when some guy named Armstrong was rewriting all the record books — possibly on PEDs as it turns out — but it definitely brought cycling to […]