And Look, There’s a Young Marge Schott in the Front Row

A couple of Sunday nights ago at about 10 p.m., someone posted a comment that read, “Women’s Nazi Hockey Team.” It linked to the photo shown at right (here’s a larger view). Since Sunday night is a low-traffic period for the site, nobody responded and the whole thing passed unnoticed.

Coupla things here: First […]

PING… Ping… ping… [THUD]

[Editor’s Note: Just learned that this week’s ESPN column, which was originally slated to run on Thursday, is instead running today — here’s the link. Meanwhile, today’s blog entry is written by Uni Watch intern Vince Grzegorek.]

I recently came across this photo of a House of David baseball team from 1933. Nothing completely […]

‘How Are They Gonna Know I’m a Hurricane?!’

As many of you have heard by now, Miami will have new football uniforms next season. Naturally, it’s premature to judge a set simply on the basis of an illustration schematic, but that’s never stopped us before, so let’s take a look:

• Jerseys: The uni numbers are supposedly wider, although it’s hard to […]

Chain Letter

I don’t know what the record is for most mentions of chain-stitching in a week, but I think we’re about to break it.

As you may recall, the topic first came up on Monday in my latest ESPN column, when I reported that the Cardinals were the only remaining MLB to chain-stitch their insignia […]