Royals and Indians Wear Negro League Throwbacks

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The Royals held one of their Negro League throwback promotions yesterday (they do a fair amount of those, because the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum is in Kansas City), dressing up as the Kansas City Monarchs, while the visiting Indians dressed up as the Cleveland Buckeyes. Let’s take a […]

Our Long National Nightmare Is Over (except maybe in Cleveland)

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As the NFL prepares for tonight’s draft, assorted teaser photos are showing various teams’ jerseys rendered in Nike’s latest tailoring template (the one with the painfully cringe-worthy name, so I won’t be saying it out loud), which means they’re blissfully, gloriously free of the […]

Cowboys Already in Midseason Form

Paul here, making another doubly rare August-weekend appearance.

Remember last year when the Nikelace on some Cowboys jerseys appeared to be tinted blue? The party line at the time — and I got this from ESPN’s Cowboys beat reporter, who got it from the team — was that it was due to blue dye from […]